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Discuss about the English Language and Linguistics, The play incites joy, relief, excitement, imagination, creativity and inherent interest among people who are the part of play.


Hans-Peter Becker: "Why Adults Need Playtime Too"

I believe that the process of learning should be full of enjoyment and fun. Hence, I got intrigued by the works of other experts who implement playfulness in the learning process.

Stuart Brown is one of the most experienced experts in this field. He founded The National Institute of Play. At present, he acts as a president of the company. Brown has vigorously studied the importance of playfulness in business people, prisoners, artists and even Nobel laureates. Brown’s study was instrumental in discovering many unknown positives of playfulness in life. In his lifetime, Brown has interviewed numerous people for his research. Brown interviewed people of all classes and fields or profession in order to get a holistic view about the impact of play in human life. His research advocated the fact that the play is integrally related to merriment and positive results. According to Brown, the adult should also involve in the play in order to construct a better community, to sharpen their mind. It also helps the men and women to prosper in a relationship. However, the play can also be used in assessing the significant aspects of criminal behaviour among adults.

It is to understand that the play has played a major role in the developing years of us. It has improved and enhanced our adaptability, imagination, creative output, intelligence and problem-solving abilities. A predecessor of Brown, Brian Sutton-Smith stated that play is nothing but the opposite of depression. Brown supports this statement through his research. The play incites joy, relief, excitement, imagination, creativity and inherent interest among people who are the part of play.

Brown states in his book that the importance of play in our lives is not less than that of oxygen. However, it is only noticeable when it lacks in our lives. To understand Brown’s research it is important to know the components of play. The concept of play includes movies, books, art, flirting, comedy and imagination in Brown. Along with all this Brown also includes music as one of the main components of play.

Define play? Once, Brown was asked to define the play. However, Brown stated that one should get involved in a play for no other reason but for it. Brown describes Play as something which is not mandatory but extremely joyous, engaging but very good for passing time.  The process of the play is more significant than the result it produces. Play is a process of achieving discipline and a lot more rewards. Play has many added prospects for the player. The play leads to confidence, creativity, patience, skill and most importantly better health (from the website of The National Institute for Play).

Why is it important to give time for play?  In the present age, our lives are very busy and hectic. It is often observed that our work commitments affect our life badly. We live hectic lives - our work and responsibilities can overwhelm us. It is an inherent feeling that a lot of social pressure in our lives makes us busy and gives us limited scope and time for fun. As we grow up we lose our involvements in the play and loose our fun in life. Moreover, whenever, we found the time we instigate it into the electronic devices like laptops, DVD Players and desktops. We waste our time in these kind of useless electronic gadgets rather than being playful. In which time period only work and no play became the part of the trend?

It is to be noted that play can be incorporated into our lives in any part of our lives. It is necessary to be playful in every part of our lives. Being playful has nothing to do with young, matured or old age. It has everything to do with will, well-being and happiness. We should try to relish our lives by taking part in the play. Actually, play can be defined as having fun with the peer groups, playing soccer, to assist your child in making costumes for occasions like Halloween, trying to cook something new and innovative with one’s life partner.  The time one will be able to enjoy life through play, he will be able to feel and achieve a sense of satisfaction.

In life when you will become older or an adult, you will feel that the age of play and fun has gone. One should not think like this. You should make yourself understand then that play is important for healthy living and thinking. As a person, I enjoy going mountain biking with my peers the most.  The matter of the fact is, even now when I am sitting with my laptop, I am feeling like calling my peers for a ride in the Los Angeles Mountains   

Comments: Brown’s fictional work “Hans-Peter Becker” states the necessity of the play in the lives of the grownups. Brown is the founding member and the current president of the National Institute for Play. Brown describes the fact that we cannot learn without enjoying. The researcher got interested in the topic to know the different perspectives and methods used by different experts in this field. Brown has researched the subject from different professional perspectives. Brown realized that there is an inherent link between the play and merriment in life through his study. His study and research clarify the essence of play. The different positives of play are an enhancement of social skills, ability to adjust, increase in intelligence, ability to create and problem-solving abilities. Brown states in his work that play is optional in life something to enjoy. Brown also clarifies that play shouldn’t be a part of life because of any particular reason but for the play itself. Each and every one of us has various reservations in life. We are busy with our laptops and other electronic devices in our free time. However, it is important to enjoy our time by laughing with our friends, by playing soccer, assisting children in making Halloween costumes and by trying to cook something new along with the life partner of life.

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