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SCI 215 Hybrid Car Research


An imperative subject of change in each part of life, extending from economical to industrialization among other global issues, is technology. One of the components of improvement is the tech savvy hybrid vehicles. These are automobiles that have been manufactured in a way that they can utilize more than one source of power to run. Hybrid cars are fabricated with a gas motor, an electric motor, a battery that powers the electric motor, and runs on a blend of gasoline and electricity (Hewitt, Lyons, Suchocki, & Yeh, 2006, p. 492). There are numerous assembling organizations that are making some. The entire matter concerned is majorly the ecological concerns of the near depletion of our fossil fuels as well as the dangerous global warming due to the onset of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels. Another principle purpose behind their production is the issues of fuel expenses, which have escalated in the recent times due to the economic crises that has been felt in the global platform. These autos have distinctive qualities, costs, execution among different focuses used to depict them. Along these lines, it is essential to assess them and think of the best depiction of the same.

Most popular hybrid vehicles

There are different sorts of hybrid vehicles universally. They are not the same as far as their exhibitions and different parts of innovation. Diverse manufactures have come up with hybrid automobiles that have distinctive components. This makes the vehicles ranked in terms of the most popular to the least. The central points that are utilized to examine their prevalence incorporate their velocity, execution, quality, environmental concerns among others.

A standout amongst the most prominent vehicles is the Toyota Prius which was the most astounding sold vehicle in this classification in the year 2014. Its prevalence indicates that there are very critical elements that many love. The Japanese automobile manufacturing company sold 88,452 units this type of model to the consumers, especially in the United States of America (Schaal, 2014). Incredibly, the gap between the quantity of vehicles of the Prius model sold in the same year and the second most sold vehicle is approximately 70,000 units (Schaal, 2014). The company sold more than 51,000 Prius Liftback to its U.S. customers; the number of Prius V. sold was 16,992 units; Prius plug-in model was the third with 7,729 units sold. Likewise, the Prius model has been an exceptional auto in California as far as prominence (Schaal, 2014).

The most exceptional advantage of this type of model is that is affordable and has diverse sorts of models under one classification. This gives the consumer varied options of selecting. If one does not want to purchase a Prius Lightbox model, he or she has the option to purchase the Prius V or Prius Plug-in models. Another factor is the affordable price, which is about $24,000 per unit (, 2015). Finally, the hybrid vehicles are known to be cost effective in terms of fuel consumption (Gorzelany, 2013).

The second vehicle is the Toyota Camry Hybrid vehicle. This is another impressive idea for the Japanese automaker, with the car being in a model like that of a sedan (Schaal, 2014). More than 17,000 Camry hybrid vehicles were sold in the United States especially between the periods of January to May 2014. One vehicle was sold at a cost of $26,330 (Schaal, 2014).

The pricing of the vehicle is the favorable position. It is among the least expensive vehicles in the nation. Its size and shape make it more appealing to the buyers than alternative vehicles of this sort. Therefore, the vehicle has been sold to numerous consumers who have a thought of family option.

The third vehicle is the Fusion hybrid. The vehicle is produced by Ford, an American based automaker. About 17,784 units of this vehicle were sold in the United States in 2014, with the highest sales being apprehended in the month of May (Schaal, 2014).

The major advantage of this type of vehicle is the pricing strategy. Each unit costs approximately $26,270 making it less expensive in comparison to the other hybrid vehicles. It is even less costly as compared to the Fusion SE, another hybrid vehicle from the same company, by $2,265.

Another merit is the measure of power. The vehicle boasts of an engine containing four cylinders and also an electric motor. This provides enough energy for driving consistently and the real point here is that it can rapidly accelerate especially from a stop, something that various vehicles do not have. In addition, the change from gas to electric power is scarcely detectable (, 2015). The disadvantage that many have experienced with the vehicle is that the brakes of the vehicle seem to be touchy and therefore the vehicle loses its poise especially when it is driven hard on a winding road (, 2015). This is delicate as it can cause accidents.

The fourth is the Tesla Model S. this is one of the most astounding esteemed green vehicles in the United States market. It has been reported that the number of the Model S sold per month is roughly 2000 vehicles (Schaal, 2014). As a matter of fact, the units sold between January and May 2014 was estimated to be 10,761 (Schaal, 2014).

The benefit of the vehicle is its class. The machine can be thought to be of high class and is made for the sole purpose of going out for the sake of fun. The vehicle is more of sporty in nature and its profile makes it all the more engaging to the rich. This makes it sell more in spite of the fact that its costs are super high. The challenge met by this model in the market is the pricing. One of them costs approximately $71,070, making it one of the most expensive models (Schaal, 2014). Numerous are still able to purchase it, despite the fact that the valuing makes it a tad bit more troublesome in contending with different vehicles like the Ford's Fusion which is very nearly a third the cost of this model.

The fifth model in this ranking is the Leaf hybrid, fabricated by Nissan. The electric vehicle has a moderately smaller body when contrasted with the other hybrid vehicles. The automaker sold an equivalent 3,117 units of Leaf hybrids in May 2014 in the United States alone, which was a 46% increase against the 2013 sales (Schaal, 2014). Between January and May that year, the company had already sold 10,389 units (Schaal, 2014).

One of the advantages of the hybrid vehicles is the pricing. It is slightly above the Fusion Hybrid at $28,980 per unit. This makes it more affordable and available for the middle-income class who are a bigger base in the United States. The significant disadvantage of this vehicle is the size. It cannot be utilized as a family vehicle since it can only accommodate no more than four individuals.

The Best Choice of Model

From the five models that have been depicted, it is vital to specifically choose the best vehicle as indicated by the family needs. In this case, the best vehicle choice is the Fusion hybrid. The reason for this decision is the pricing of the vehicle, which is among the least expensive vehicles of this class. Furthermore, it is an average sized vehicle, which is a decent size for the family. This is leverage that Nissan Leaf hybrid lacks. Another vital variable is its ability to accelerate in a quick way especially from a stop. This helps when taking a family on a trip and more importantly, when a person is late for work or children are late for school.

Relations between US and Oil producing countries

Since hybrid vehicles have a negative effect on the utilization of oil, a great deal is expected as far as the relations between the United States and oil-creating nations, for example, Iran, Iraq and Nigeria. Exchange between the nations regarding oil products is reduced. This is on the grounds that the U.S. is doing its best to guarantee there is insignificant utilization of oil because of its environmental awareness program (Feldstein, 2003). Therefore, the supply of oil to the country has reduced in some levels. Along these lines, the supply of oil to the nation has decreased in a few levels. Then again, the reduction is unimportant, as these oil creating nations have concocted methods for coming up with clean energy (Feldstein, 2003). One such instance is the BP Company; that focuses on producing gasoline used for the hybrid vehicles. The focus is shifting from oil production and supply of gas.

Impact on the US Economy

The economy of the nation is thriving because of the creation of hybrid vehicles. The principal effect is the production of environmental friendly vehicles. The vehicles do not produce energy that causes pollution. Another impact is on production; numerous nations are longing for these vehicles and yet they are highly produced in the United States. This boosts the economy of the country through trade. Most of the automakers producing this category of vehicles are U.S. based, such as Ford and General Motors. An outstanding impact is the reduction of oil imports and use in the country. According to Feldstein (2003), the country depends on approximately 60 percent of oil from the foreign market, although the government is doing its best to minimize the use; one of them is the use of hybrid vehicles.

Impact of technology in world politics

This type of technology will influence the political landscape of the globe. One of them is the gap between the oil producing countries especially those in the Middle East and the West (Luft, 2005). America has been on the forefront fighting for limitations regarding the production of oil and oil products due to the environmental concerns. This creates a huge rift among the countries, taking note that the East and the West have had cold war in the recent past, with countries such as Iran, Russia, China, Japan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria among other Eastern nations having stringent relations with the United States of America.


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