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SIC2011 laboratory Practicals Pneumatic Engineers Edge

Fluid flow is relevant to a wide scope of chemical engineering activity.  Pressure differences drive fluid flow; the rate of flow depends on the size of the pressure difference, the physical properties of the fluid, and the geometry of the system.  In chemical engineering applications, fluid flow is frequently in circular pipes.  This laboratory activity introduces students to the measurement of fluid flow and to the relationships between pressure and fluid flow as affected by pipe diameter and flowrate.

The objectives of this lab practical are:

  • to compare fluid flowrates and velocities calculated from measurements of pressure drop over an Orifice Plate, Venturi meter and Pitot tube with measured flowrates;
  • to construct a diagram of friction factor versus Reynolds number for pipes of different diameter and surface roughness.
  • Introduction (including a brief indication of the relevance of the topic to industrial practice and/or the content of a chemical engineering degree programme, a brief indication of new words or concepts the student learned that are relevant to the topic, and a brief overview of the report).
  • Experimental methods (comprising a brief description of what was investigated, referencing the instruction sheet for details of how).
  • Results and discussion (including a comparison with relevant literature).  

Including a reflection on what was learned from doing the practical.

Reports will be marked against intended learning outcomes, as follows:

Obtain a good scope and quality of laboratory results

Present and analyse laboratory results appropriately

Demonstrate understanding of relevant theory

Interpret laboratory results appropriately in the context of chemical engineering and in the light of established knowledge

Demonstrate reflective, thoughtful, insightful learning

Present a professional technical report of a laboratory activity, in terms of structure, content and clarity

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