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SITXHRM003 Lead and manage people Observation



Lead and manage people

Assessment Tool 3 of 3: Observation

Resources supplied by your assessor



Physical resources

A team whose overall performance is the responsibility of the individual, whereby the individuals who participate in role plays or simulated activities, set up for the purpose of assessment, in a simulated industry environment operated within a training organisation.

What you must do to achieve Satisfactory for this Assessment Tool

This Assessment Tool is the third of 3 assessments for this Unit of Competency. You must achieve a Satisfactory result for each of the 3 Assessment Tools to achieve an overall mark of Competent of this Unit of Competency.

You are permitted 3 attempts at this assessment.


  1. Make a copy of this document. Name it SITXHRM003_[Your Name]_AT 3 of 3_submission1 (if your first attempt, submission2 if your second etc.)
  2. Complete the cover sheet. Your submission will be rejected unless this is properly completed. Rejection may mean a delay in your submission and the imposition of a late fee which must be paid before your work will be marked.
  3. Your assessor will observer you in one (1) role play (one (1) service period).
  4. Do not write anything in Part 3. This is for your assessor to complete.
  5. Once you have completed Part 2 you need to upload the document to Moodle by clicking on the link named SITXHRM003_AT 3 of 3_Submission link.
  6. You MUST keep the original of this document somewhere safe.

Part 1 – Delegate tasks and meet with your team


Culinary Food Competition for Star Casino

You are the team leader and part of three (3) member team whom have to compete in an annual Hotel competition at Star Casino.

The competition takes place every year and this year it’s your turn to compete, as this showcases the skills and talent in our Kitchens and as part of professional development, we encourage staff and team members to participate.

As contestants In the Competition (Chef’s), you will demonstrate your skills in a rich mixture of flavours, colours, textures and aromas that has a distinct character and is as unique as Queensland meats, produce and seafood. the various destinations the Region comprehends. Culinary competitions constitute a perfect vehicle to foster the evolution of the food and beverage sector. They also represent a unique opportunity to learn from other countries and colleagues. More importantly, these competitions contribute to showcase cuisine as a vehicle to promote the Hospitality and Culinary industry better understanding of domestic and international tourists and visitors.

It will take place in 12 weeks starting from today and is going to be held at the Sunshine Coast Arts and Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Your team for the competition

  • Team Leader (you) Head Chef
  • Team member 1 (Jane) Deputy Chef
  • Team member 2 (Bobby) Junior Chef
  • Team member 3 (Maria) Junior Chef


The first round of the competition has arrived. Your team and you have arrived on site at Star Casino. As the team leader, you need to meet with your team prior to the competition starting to go through the team plan (shift schedule at was development in AT2 of 2_Case Study, Part 2 – Develop a team plan) in order to discuss the delegation of tasks, providing them with information with how you have planned and organised the work for this round of the competition.

This will require to be a positive role model when interacting with your team in a positive and positive manner, and show commitment and support to the organisational plan or objectives that you established in AT2 of 2_Case Study, Part 1 – Develop team commitment and cooperation.

Policy for Competition

All candidates must follow the Rules for the competition, if anyone is not following the rules they may-be disqualified from competing.

Procedures of the Competition

Registration must be completed and all paperwork submitted prior to competition starting.

Rules of the Competition:

  • Correct Uniform must be worn at, all time’s
  • Team leaders must demonstrate communication with all team members
  • Considers work flow timing and follow up
  • Chemical and SDS must be used correctly
  • Considers exactness, quality, creativity, quantity, consistency, uniformity, portion size.
  • Creativity, knowledge of culinary skills, and fundamentals, uniformity, knife skills, proper use of ingredients, display of various techniques.
  • Food safety must be followed at all time
  • Correct temperature control is required
  • Correct method of cookery must be used
  • Flavour, texture, ingredient compatibility, nutritional balance, right temperature internal Hot food hot Cold food cold.

Chef(s) Equipment:

Will have access to station/kitchen. Stations can have two three 3mtr. tables covered with waterproof cover.

  • 1 set of HACCP Colour cutting boards
  • 4 burner stoves
  • Combi oven
  • Mixer
  • Fridges/coolroom/freezer
  • 2 trash containers one for trash, one for food surplus.

4 hours preparation will be available, and the end of which the first course must be served. 20 minutes after the first course, the second course will be served.  20 minutes after the desserts will be served. The time will be checked at the beginning of the service time.  At the end of service, a further 15 minutes will be available for cleaning and final kitchen judge’s inspection.




Menu Presentation and Execution        


Organisation and Leadership                   

Organisation and Support                        

Service expedience                                     

Service support                                            


Use of specified ingredients                    

Professional skills                                      

Taste and texture                                      

Time to complete the dishes                    








Observation requirements

For this part, you will need to be observed leading and managing a team in a simulated environment conducted onsite at Queensford Restaurant, participating in a Culinary Food Competition for Star Casino. As you are leading and managing a team, your assessor will assign groups of four (4) for this observation. You are to role the play of the team leader, the other three (3) participants are to play the role of your team, similar to the team members’ roles that you assigned in AT2 of 2_Case Study, Part 2 – Develop a team plan.

The allocated time for the role play is four (4-5) hours. Your team will need to prepare an entrée, main and dessert course.

Your assessor will arrange a time with you to observe you completing the following:

  • Delegating tasks to a team
  • Appropriate decision-making through the discussion on the team plan
  • Providing information to your team about the task that you have delegated to them, including how you have planned and organised tasks for the first round of the competition
  • Seeking and responding to feedback from your team around:
    • The allocation of work with the team plan
    • The effectiveness of your communication has within the team
    • Any efficiencies or deficiency in the way you have planned and organised for the first round of the competition
  • Acting as a positive role, interacting with your team in a positive and professional manner
  • Showing support and commitment for team and the organisation
  • Showing open and supportive communication with your team
  • Represented the team and their interest at the competition
  • Providing coaching and mentoring to your team in order to complete the tasks for the first round of the competition
  • Overcome any communication barriers with communicating with your team in order to ensure you were effectively supporting and motivating them.

Part 2 – Evaluate and monitor your performance

The first round of the competition has finished and your team and you performed well throughout the first round of the competition.

You now need to evaluate and monitor your performance.

For this activity, you will need to complete a Personal Performance Self Evaluation which is outlined below.

It is important that your responses reflect an honest review of your current leadership skills and you establish both areas of achievement and improvement.  When completing the self – evaluation you must address each question in detail. Include examples where possible as this will support your evaluation.

Delegation of tasks, planning and organising and decision-marking (Written Assessment and Role Play Observation Assessment (this is referring to the above role play))

How do you address barriers you face when delegating tasks planning and organising for the first round of the competition, including the decisions that you made? What steps do you take to ensure that a mutually agreed outcome is achieved?

Assessor Feedback



Feedback (MUST be provided if NS is selected)

Information provision and feedback (Written Assessment and Observation Assessment)

From the information that you provided to your team, regarding allocation of work, provide examples on how you will use this feedback from team members to improve your performance.

Assessor Feedback



Feedback (MUST be provided if NS is selected)

Part 3 Observation

Student Name:

Date of assessment

Marking criteria – this table is to be completed by assessor ONLY

Skill, behaviour or task to be observed to industry standard

Did the student …

Date of service


Not Satisfactory

Assessor Comment

If any column is marked NS, a comment is mandatory and detailed explanation of what was observed must be given.


Delegated and explained tasks/goals to a team as per team plan.


Used reasoning through looking at the facts and figures in front of them (decision-making skills) to help make decisions when discussing the plan with the team


Provided information to the team about the tasks that have been delegated to them, including how they have planned and organised tasks for the first round of the competition (based on the structure/rounds of the competition)


Sought and responded to feedback from the team around


Acted as a positive role model when interacting with the team in a positive and professional manner that encourages innovation from team mates.


Showed support and commitment for team and organisation by ensuring the team where aware of the structure of the competition (rounds) and scoring requirements and expectations of the industry


Showed open and supportive communication with their team through listening to others and taking their feedback/input on board when discussing the tasks that were delegated to each team member


Provided coaching and mentoring and motivation to the team in order to complete the tasks for the first round of the competition


Represented the team and their interest at the competition by ensuring appropriate tasks were delegated to them accordingly.


Overcome any communication barriers by providing clear instructions/plans and delegated clear work instruction to the team

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