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Skill Development Plan

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Target Skill #1: Communication


I am a good listener

I pay close attention to detail

I have been told I give good advice

I have good problem-solving skills

Areas of Improvement:

Although my problem-solving skills are good, they could improve

Non-verbal communication

Not letting my emotions get in the way

Think before I speak

Speak foreign languages

Desired Outcome:

I want to be able to be a conversation starter without the fear of stumbling over my words.

I want to build confidence in the way I communicate with people I don’t know.

I want to be able to speak to large crowds

Goal Statement:

During my time at Strayer, I want to learn at least one foreign language.

I want to be able to give a speech in front of a large crowd with comfort

Practices for Growth:

When I have free time, I could use different platforms to learn another language.

I will practice speeches in front of my coworkers and work my way up to a larger crowd with hopes of getting a hold of my stage fright.

I can practice roles with friends and coworkers to come up with better ways of addressing topics that could cause my emotions to get in the way.

Action Steps:

● Step 1: I will set up times to learn a foreign language through online classes.

● Step 2: Talk with my manager about leading the staff meetings and have them rate me on things I may need to improve.

● Step 3: Practice uncomfortable conversations to find better ways to approach certain subjects.

● Brainstorm topics to come up with ways to approach and possible outcomes.

Potential Obstacles and Challenges:

Finding the time between work and school

Not being able to take some of the constructive criticism.

Making good relationships with coworkers bad.

Not being able to find the time to practice the foreign language.

Not being able to get over my stage fright.

Key Supporters:

● Supporter 1: My dad who has done numerous speaking events as well as singing in front of a crowd. He has always wanted me to speak well in front of crowds and to build confidence to sing in front of a crowd.

● Supporter 2: My fiance’ who is a manager and has to have a lot of odd conversations with coworkers. He can help me to find ways to address certain situations.

● Supporter 3: My friend Shamieka. She is always so well spoken and has done a speech in front of our graduating class. She stated she was nervous before going to the stage so I am sure she can help me in building my confidence as well as share some secrets on how she does it.

Supporting University Resources:

Career Center Resources:

Career Communities: This is where I can find people and groups that work in the industry that I will be going to that can help me with strategies to get me where I am trying to go.

Other Strayer Resources:

Strayer Technical Support: This is where I have the opportunity to meet people that will be able to give me insight and offer their expertise on things I need help with like finding resources to help me with learning foreign languages.

Benefits From Change and Connections to Personal, Academic, and Career Goals:

I want to have the knowledge of another language because I feel this helps me to be more diverse. Being that I am already attending classes online, this will help me when I am searching for a platform to use when learning a new language. There are so many resources out there now that there is no way I can be held back from excelling to where I want to be. With doing the online classes, this also allows me time to focus on career development and my public speaking.


Target Skill #1:



I am a fast learner

I love to learn new things

I am very intuitive.

Areas of Improvement:

My mind is not as sharp as it used to be so I need to find ways to improve that.

I have a temper that is caused by emotions.

I get distracted which slows me down

Desired Outcome:

I want to be able to do multiple things without losing my place or others that I am speaking to.

I want to find a way to be more focused

I want to learn how to remove emotions without it seeming as if I have lost interest

Goal Statement:

I want to be a better me than where I started. I want to have confidence in all that I do and I want it to show without coming off as arrogant.

Practices for Growth: Describe 2–3 specific strategies that can be used to develop this skill.

Action Steps:

● Step 1: Find a place where I can go to work on temper management.

● Step 2: Try getting a session with one of the counselors to see if they would have suggestions on things that I can do as far as choosing a career.

● Step 3: Try some exercises they will help to sharpen my mind.

Potential Obstacles and Challenges:

Balancing between schoolwork and other sessions.

Changing my schedule to fit in the new changes

Key Supporters:

Identify 1–2 individuals you can check in with, who will provide feedback along the way and act as trusted supporters. Explain how these supporters will help you meet your goal.

● Supporter 1: My friend Vanessa who is an anger management coach can help with ways to manage my temper.

● Supporter 2: My manager Gloria is a great person to help me because she always tell me I remind her so much of herself. She is the person that holds me accountable for my actions.

Supporting University Resources:

Career Center Resources:

LinkedIn Learning. Through this platform, I get to access all the resources I need, especially books on anger management.

Other Strayer Resources:

Strayer mobile. It is a platform I can get connected with my counselors and other mentors and this can all be done from my mobile phone.

Benefits From Change and Connections to Personal, Academic, and Career Goals:

When I begin my career in Human Resources, controlling my temper and speaking to others in a respectable manner will be mandatory. Anger management, will enable me to increase my productivity. Incorporating this will enable me to develop myself in my career as well as academically.


Target Skill #1: Technology


I am very fluent in with Microsoft applications

I am able to download/install software on my computer

I am “tech savy”

I am able to connect other devices to one another

Areas of Improvement:

Learning all that I need to know about a product that I start using. That includes knowing how to fix the product when it is not working properly.

Desired Outcome:

Knowing how to properly use technology when researching.

Using technology when doing public speaking in front of a large crowd.

Goal Statement:

I want to incorporate technology in delivering speeches to large crowds. This would include visuals and other technological elements that facilitate effective communication.

Practices for Growth: Describe 2–3 specific strategies that can be used to develop this skill.

Action Steps:

● Step 1: Learn all there is to know about projectors and how they can help with speeches.

● Step 2: Because I am very fluent with computer applications, I would be will to help others develop their skills and this may help me to sharpen my skills.

Potential Obstacles and Challenges:

Balancing between schoolwork and work.

Getting a hold of items such as projectors to practice using.

Getting dedicated and willing classmates to motivate me.

Key Supporters:

● Supporter 1: One of the teachers I had at Augusta Tech was head of the IT department and she is always willing to lend a hand in showing me things I may need help with.

● Supporter 2: One of the key people at the university that is head of the counseling department.

Supporting University Resources:

Career Center Resources:

LinkedIn Learning. I can get academic resources from this source

Other Strayer Resources:

SOAR student assistance. I get all the assistance I need to learn about technology usage.

Benefits From Change and Connections to Personal, Academic, and Career Goals:

Learning how to incorporate technology in my speeches will be an opportunity for me to deliver a quality public address on various issues. Technology will enable me to incorporate components like projectors to offer further details on my speeches like visuals, graphs, and statistics. This all will help me in getting over my fear of speaking in public to large crowds.

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