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Social and Cultural Effect of Event Management

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social and cultural effect of event management


what effect does social and cultural effect have in event management?These days, social and cultural effect in an event has both the positive and negative effect on the local community. According to Allen, O’Toole, Harris, and McDonnell (2011), all events have a direct social and cultural impact on the society. This affects the wider range of the host community. However, it can be argued that what is the effect that social and cultural impacts display in an event. This essay highlights the positive and negative effects of social and cultural impact on an event. The essay begins with two positive effects of social and cultural impact which improve imagination of peoples. Moreover, they depict the changing history with two popular examples of Australian national sorry days which focuses on the Australian people and the local community (Veal, Darcy & Lynch, 2015). As for changing history, the paper will show the winter Olympic Games in 2018 which is the relationship between North and South Korea. Additionally, it will be explaining the negative effect on the social and cultural effect which was Grand Prix in 1986 in Spain. It is also aware of the correct view. As the result, the paper will be inclined towards sharing about the positive effect that remains much higher than the negative effects.A social and cultural impact has positive effects which improve the people's imagination and is liable to change the history.

The social and cultural effect can bring positive results which include the promoting social, public services and increase tourism in specific regions. The first positive reason is focused on the people’s imagination. The imagination is a kind of attention and interest that can attract the audience, which improves the customer energize for the city. Moreover, according to Allen, O’Toole, Harris, and McDonnell (2011), Events have the power to make follow the people's imagination. It will improve the world peace and cultural exchange. For example, there is an event called national sorry days (Sharing, 2009). This event is focused on the relationship between the local Australian and Aboriginal (Hall, 2008). In this event, it does not have any culture shock and gaps. Customers can bring their children to join the event which can help them to decrease the gaps. As a result, they can make the cultural exchange and mark new interest. This will have a positive influence on security and satisfaction. Another example is Auckland lantern festivals which is the most popular festivals inside the Auckland. It has many traditional Chinese programs, foods and specialities. This festival can give vivid experiences for the local people and international tourists. Also, this will help them to understand the different culture of different regions, diet, and beliefs. This event has the power to make closer to the Chinese and the local peoples.

Another positive effect of social and cultural impact is changing the history. According to Allen, O’Toole, Harris, and McDonnell (2011), “event can also contribute to the political debate and help to change history (pp.62)”. Sometimes, political issues can directly influence the social and cultural impacts. Moreover, the government often use some of the international events for diplomatic establishments. For example, in 2018 the winter Olympic Games was held in Pyeongchang. The Ice hockey team was established by North Korea and South Korea. In spite of the results were not ideal, it was broke for nearly 20 years bad relationships. As for the result, the DPRK and South Korean Presidents met in the military demarcation line. It is a possible signal that it will make world peace.

However, according to Allen, O’Toole, Harris and McDonnell (2011), social and cultural impact has the negative effect also which is focused on the locked real opinions of the local communities. Sometimes, temporary inconveniences and disturbances caused by landmark events in the local community are ignored because they are satisfied with these incidents. However, according to Allen, O’Toole, Harris and McDonnell (2011),” the larger the event its profile, the greater has the potential for things to go wrong thus generating go wrong ”(p. 62). Furthermore, the wrong opinions will influence the quality of the event. According to Arnold et al. (1989), feel good is the greater risk of the things going wrong for the events.

For example, there was an event called Grand Prix in 1986 in Spain. It was the most popular sports event in that time. Nearly 65% of customers were focused. However, the place of this event was beginning inside the city, as a consequence, it had much accident involved in the event. Before the event, the road was locked which made inconvenience for the locals to travel. During the event, this was the reason for the louder noise and rubbish environment outside (Dwyer Forsyth & Spurr, 2005). This definitely has destroyed local lives and environment. Although, this accident was made to annoy with some of the local communities. Furthermore, it made more pollution for the environment which included the air pollution and white pollution. However, this event made many influences for the local community. However, there were more than 80% of customers that ignored the pressure. As for the result, these issues have been happening all the time and the locals had become increasingly dissatisfied

To sum up, this essay has argued the positive and negative effect of the social and cultural impact on an event and its management. Although, there are some problems that would be happening with many negative effects which cannot know the real opinion of peoples. The events have the power of making people imagination which can make pleasure and satisfaction. It also has the power to change historical impact and social reflection. It can help to improve the world peace. As for the result, sometimes social and cultural effect of an event has the negative effects also which can make annoyed and stressful for the local community, as for long-term run, the positive of social and cultural effect will make world peace and improve the people immigrations. As for world peace, it will make a safe and pleasant environment without war. Furthermore, improving the people immigrations will make dynamic for the local community. As for Richards and Palmer (2010), Events' is hosting holiday events to benefit from cultural influence and economy. As for short consequences, it will aid energy for the local community. For the long terms, it will increase the tourism and economic profit in the future. As for the solution, the positive effect can take more energy to make better for the local community.


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