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Social Media Informational Report Assignment


The report aims at addressing the problem of the adverse impact of social media among young people. It has become palpable that using social media accounts by people specifically those at the workplace reduces the level of productivity and has an adverse impact on an individual life. The report considers this problem by reviewing and summarizing the video on "Quit social media by Dr. Cal Newport. The main findings of the report are associated with a wide range of arguments and support statements made by Dr. Cal Newport to quit social media. The significance of the findings is that it encourages the people specifically those who are young people at the workplace to avoid using social media given the adverse impacts it has. The findings of the report also include the acknowledgment of Dr. Cal Newport that using social media in life can minimize the ability among the people and lower their productivity in personal and professional life. The virtual reality of social media cannot be linked with real-life where one needs to be more focused on the professional goal. The most significant part of the findings is the concept of DEEP WORK introduced by Dr. Cal Newport that instills and sets rules for focused success in a distracted world of social media.


This social media informational report aims at reviewing and summarizing the video by Cal Newport. The title of the video is “Quit social media”. The presentation in this video with respect to quitting social media specifically at workplaces has been made by Dr. Cal Newport. Dr. Cal Newport is an assistant professor of computer science at Georgetown University. In this video, he explained the role of social media and suggested the viewers and audience at TEDx Tysons refrain from using social media specifically at the workplace. Dr. Cal Newport has put his arguments and concepts regarding the use of social media by the young generation. He has also shared his personal experiences and personal lifestyles wherein he has never had a social media account. He has also discussed some of the valuable concepts such as “Deep work” to make people aware of the consequences social media has in life. report will critically review and summarize the video by discussing some of the crucial arguments made by Dr. Cal Newport along with support statements. The assignment will draw the conclusion by reviewing and summarizing the video critically.

Main argument

The main arguments by Dr. Cal Newport in this video assume utmost significance. Dr. Cal Newport is an assistant professor of computer science at Georgetown University as mentioned. There are some of the following crucial arguments which have been made by Cal Newport regarding the use of social media and how the challenges before the young generation can be overcome significantly.

  • To begin with, one of the main arguments made by Dr. Cal Newport is that he has never used social media and he has no social media account. Even if people across the world are very desirous to use social media, Cal Newport has never used social media since his days in his college. He has also argued that an individual with no social media account can live peacefully and can be more focused on his professional goals. Cal Newport has cited his own example as to how he has never been addicted to social media kinds of stuff and how he is okay with this. People who have no social media account are happier, focused, and more successful in professional life.
  • Another very crucial argument made by Dr. Cal Newport is that the level of success he has achieved in his life by never using any of the social media should be undertaken by people and therefore, people should also give up using social media accounts. Dr. Cal Newport wants the people to believe the same (, 2021).
  • He has rejected the objections of some tech-savvy people that one who refrains from using social media can never progress. He used the term “Nonsense” for the arguments made by the people regarding social media that it is the fundamental technology. Cal Newport argued that social media is not a fundamental technology rather he dubbed social media platforms as social entertainment.
  • Setting aside arguments and objections of the people that use social media to help them gain their valuable presence and help them garner more fame and name, Dr. Cal Newport introduced the concept of “Deep work” which sets rules for focused success in a distracted world. Dr. Cal Newport believes that social media has been created in such a way that can make more people addicted. It breaks the concentration of people and debars them to achieve their goal in their both personal and professional life.

Support statements

Cal Newport has also illustrated a wide range of support statements for his arguments against the use of social media platforms in this globalized world. One of the crucial support statements that can be cited with his first message to the people is that using no social media account will enable people to be more focused and more successful (Forsgren and Byström, 2018). It also increased the level of productivities among the people who do not use social media (Serra and Terkan, 2020). The second support statement can be cited with his own position in life. Dr. Cal Newport is an assistant professor of computer science at Georgetown University. Despite having this successful position in his career, Cal Newport has always been refraining from using social media accounts. , people sitting out there should understand the value of life without social media. rationale behind dubbing social media as a platform of entertainment can be cited with the fact that most of the contents in social media are meant to entertain the people and it has been created in such a way that it can easily make people more addicted (Song et al. 2019). Therefore, he is against the claim that social media is the fundamental technology. the concepts of DEEP WORK has some of the significant perspectives. , instead of using social media, people should be more focused on their professional goals and productivity. the sustainable development of an organization, it is apparent to have a high level of productivity among each stakeholder, and hence these concepts of deep work should be more introduced extensively at workplaces (Moqbel and Nah, 2017). strongly argues that the use of social media only serves the purpose of entertainment and therefore fewer people should use social media.


In the light of all discussed above in the main arguments and support statements of this assignment, it can be concluded that unlike Dr. Cal Newport, there are many people who have never used social media accounts and achieved success in their life as they have been more passionate about working with full determination. It can also be acknowledged that the use of social media these days has only become the platform of entertainment and it does not help increase productivity. It also instills physical inactivity among people specifically at a young age. Hence, in order to ramp up the "ability" as used by Dr. Cal Newport, it would be the need of the hour to quit social media at the earliest to make positive changes in life.



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Website, (2021), quit social media by Dr. Cal Newport, available at: [Accessed on: 15.06.2021]

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