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SRM776 Introduction to Construction Management : Strategically Designe

The business is by the name of Watpac Australia Pty Ltd. It is located in Australia and falls in the construction company. The company has several primary objectives that are not limited to improving the company’s corporate image, delivering high standards, environmental sustainability, resource efficiency in its operations, employee and government inclusivity and stakeholder sustainability. The company has emphasized on ensuring that it engages in activities that are environmental friendly having environmental sustainability as one of its primary objectives (Wong et al. 2015). The significance that the company has to its growth is the fact that it can utilize the resources that it has efficiently so that it can reduce its overall cost and improve its overall profit margins. Again the company is moved by the need of being socially responsible and thus it has invested a reasonable amount of funds in sponsoring of community based programs, giving of donations and in charities. The company has partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities to be in a better position to engage in charity programs.



The report primarily is the objective of showcasing a strategically designed business plan for the Watpac Australia construction company. The report will assess the SWOT for the construction company through an in-depth research into the prevailing market and financial dynamic (Kulas, S. 2016). The business plan will be achieved through the evaluation of the current strategies and policies that are in place and coming up with new feasible strategies that will help correct the current situation of the company. The achievement of the business plan will play a significant role in realizing the strategic, operational and tactical objectives of the enterprise.  For Watpac, the business plan is to embrace technology fully to ensure that it maintains the high standards and sustainability that it holds so active in its operations.  


The company began in 1983 when it was identified as Watkins Pacific. I

t engaged in construction and property development. The company was first listed on the Australia Exchange in the year 1985. It is thus an indication that the corporation is a public limited company.  It is thus owned by shareholders and managed by the board of directors. The sole objective of the board of directors is to ensure that the managerial role of directing is achieved amidst creation of value for the shareholders.  The board of directors is individuals who are competent and driven by the core objectives of the company.


Watpac Company serves a large market in the Australia construction industry. The company serves customers that are in need of affordable mining services. Also, it engages in civil works, property and government partnerships.  The company continues to get construction tenders from clients such as the NSW that gave it recently a contract of $ 187. The company   has made sure that its markets are served by workers that have competent skills in the operations that it engages in. The safety requirements and the quality of services are some of the factors that the company makes sure that they are well blended in the rendering of services in the market.

Company structure, Organization, strengths, and weaknesses

Company structure

The company is led by the senior executive team.  The major roles of the GSET are instigating the accomplishment of the operational objectives of the company to make sure that the strategic goals of the company are met. The chair of the GSET who is also the managing director is Martin Monro. He led most of the subsidiaries that the company has. Then there is financial, Mark Baker who plays a significant role in assurance. The next is Russell Hall, the general manager of the civil & mining. His primary responsibilities are to ensure that the strategies that have been formulated appertaining to the civil & mining department are implemented through the utilization of his managerial skills. The other general manager is Nick Saciley.  They are followed by the group human resource manager, Angela Liebke, State managers (Nick Pavlovic, Tim Tape, John Koerner and Drew Brockhurst) and lastly the commercial manager, Chris Woolnough.


The company is organized in terms of teams. Most of its operations are carried out in teams that are majorly led by the managing director. The teams are driven by the values that the company has. The team works together to achieve a shared goal. The organization is driven by the values that it holds so high that is not limited to transparency, trust for each other and profound, hard work (Wilkinson, J. 2013). There is at most independence amongst the corporate teams through them specializing in the different sectors of the organization. The foundations of the management systems are safety, quality of services and excellence in delivering.  The management systems goals are fueled by the professionalism that is exhibited at the company.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The company is motivated by the strengths that it poses in the market that is its capability to deliver quality services through the utilization of its resources. Also, the company can provide services that are sensitive about environmental sustainability. The strengths of the company are a recipe for the reported high-profit margins and the share prices in the stock market (Blismas 2007). The other power appertains to the fact that the company has a solid image as the global leader in the construction of various facilities such as health facilities that are well designed to fit the intended purpose. The major weakness that the company has to contend with is the delays that occur most of the time when it is delivering its services. Most of the shortcomings are logistics that are challenged by the dynamics in the market.  The limitations have seen the company lose up to $22million in a construction project in Sydney 333. The company aims at reduces such instances to restore the confidence of their stakeholders.

Components of the Company


Watpac construction over 30 years has been in the Australian construction industry rendering services that are related to civil works, property, mining services and specialty services to its clients. The company realized the essence that environmental sustainability in business operations and thus it embarked in engaging in activities that were environmentally friendly and those that could give value to the clients (Murphy 2016). The company has thus continued to render quality and environmentally responsible services at reasonable prices. The company has the advantage of being able to acquire the resources that it requires in the production of services.  It is thus able to collaborate with the defense departments that have facilitated continuous coordination amongst the teams.


Consolidated Statement of Profit /loss with other comprehensive income as at 31Decemeber 2016.









Cost of sales




Gross Profit




Other Income




Net Property asset  Income/expense




Property  development holding

Costs expensed




Operating  business unit  and corporate  administration  expenses




Net Finance income




Results  from operating Activities




New business expenditure




Gain on sale  and  land  and  buildings




Impairment expense




Profit/loss before  tax




Income tax benefit/expense




Profit/loss after tax




Other  comprehensive income for the period net of tax




Total  comprehensive  income/Loss for the period




Earnings  per share




Basic earnings per share




Diluted earnings per share




There is an indication of high performance in the case of the company in the year 2016 as compared to the situation in 2015. Profits have been reported, and the share price has received which is an indication that the company is achieving most of its end term goals.  The revenue that was acquired by Watpac in 2017 majorly was from five markets that are Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Specialty services. Queensland gave the highest revenues of 36.88%. Specialty services as a market provided the company with the least revenues at 0.4%. To add on, South Australia is at 4.56%, New South Wales at 25.44% and Victoria at 32.7% (Afzal, F. and Lim, B. 2013). The risks that arise in the market are the inability to maintain the work volumes that come by.


In conclusion, Watpac is a company that has brighter prospects. The prospects that it has been capable of making the company realize the ongoing concern assumption that is looked at by the shareholders. The company can increase its profits as curtailed by its strategic policies and procedures that are blended with the technical skills that its employees have. The company is in a position+ to attain all its stipulated goals, mission and vision to meet the interests of its esteemed shareholders. The continuous inclusion of advanced technologies in its operations will be of the impact of providing quality services that will see the company top the Australian construction industry.



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Wilkinson, J. 2013, Construction Industry in NSW: Background to the Insolvency Inquiry, NSW Parliamentary Research Service.

Wong, P.S., Zapantis, J., Owczarek, A., Spinozzi, J., Kefalianos, Z. and Murison, M. 2015, 'The drivers and strategies of carbon reduction in projects: perceptions of the Australian construction practitioners', International Journal of Project Organisation and Management, vol 7, no. 4, pp. 307-326.

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