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Strategic Analysis Sample Assignment

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Strategic analysis of H & M corporation:

1. Introduction:

H & M also abbreviated as Hennes and Mauritz AB group is an organization that was established in Switzerland. This is a clothing company; it has retail outlets in nearly 60 countries all over the world. H & M also has an online business through its website. It is the 2nd biggest company in the garments brands. The clothing in H & M are appreciated by all types of people either rich or poor. H & M is famous for its latest designs and styles for garments. It also provides accessories like women jewelry and glasses etc.

Hennes and Mauritz AB (H&M) group is a Swedish organization occupied with planning and Brands within H & M:

The H&M group gives an arrangement of plainly characterized style brands. Each brand has its very own one of a kind character and together they supplement each other well which empower the organization to offer clients a wide range of styles and patterns at various value points. Following are the brands that are associated with H & M:

Strategic Analysis img1


2.1) Industrial overview and analysis:

H&M is fundamentally a clothing industry. It has retail stores in various different places in the world. This industry had a time of steady development Over the time. This is because people don't want to pay too much in clothing brands. It might be due to there are less income and capacity to spend money. however, the rich people who have enough money don't mind spending their money in rich brands. H and M has it product line for nearly all type of customers whether they are rich or poor or even for the middle class. From the year 2008 until 2013 industry made a lot of profit. Whereas, in the past 5 years the slow development has been found in its business.

the development in the business will be determined by an improving economy of the country. So the economists have given huge importance to the business development of H and M.

2.2) H & M industrial cycle and market share concentration:

The industrial position of H & M is in developed stage and its focus is in a medium dimension. H & M makes around 60% of the pie chart in determining the industry patterns in the market.

Strategic Analysis img2

Source: Forbes publishing (2019)

2.3) Factors that determine the industry profitability:

The interest of the business for premium clothing is determined by various factors which includes cash flow per capita income and the mentality of people towards clothing industry. This industry is very delicate about the macroeconomic factors which influence the development of a firm. The principal factor of the utilization implements is usually the discretionary cash flow because only gets improved and the customers start losing their financial plans. These factors affect the ultimate income of the industry.

Clothing is an essential element in a human life. Every person need to buy clothes whether cheap or expensive somehow. over the 5 years the clothing costs have decreased as compared to in the past. Hence, H & is having higher profitability ratio now. It is easy for the company to buy products at cheaper rate and sell them on higher prices.

The attitude of people towards purchasing the products is also an essential factor that ultimately has effect on the overall interest of the business.

2.4) Five force analysis of Porter’s model for H and M:

Strategic Analysis img3

Source: Michael Porter five forces model 1979

Risk of new players in the market:Ø The risk of the emergence of new players in the business world is moderate because the transition limits are not necessarily high to disperse the new market participants.Ø The dive of the company is suitably high thanks to the monopolistic structure of the challenge.Ø In the case of speculation, a new participant is not critical, because he can rent shops, equipment, etc. In a moderate dimension of the company.Ø In a limited dimension, small clothing stores can compete with the appearance of H & M and clothing brands, in light of the fact that there are no interesting expenses for buyers. In fact, even an idea is an aggressive industry, the probability that the new participants are effective in business is moderate. Threat of substitutes: highØ Consumers would also be able to purchase their own family-supplied clothes from the best family clothing manufacturers for purchases from high-quality clothing retailers, such as H & M.Ø There is no exchange of costs for customers for replacements, which increases the risk.Ø However, the leading companies in this industry which includes H and M are clothing manufacturers, the expensive clothing brand within supermarkets, but this threat is still on the sidelines.Buyers' bargaining power: medium to lowØ A lot of buyers are present in this sector and no one is able to apply for a lowering the prices.Ø The prices usually are separated from the database for different buyers, who generally make purchases at small amounts, thus destroying the purchaser’s capacity.Ø Although there is no cost for exchanging items, pioneers in the sector, e.g. H & M items costs in the assessment of the target price.Ø Consumers have moderate reliability in the sale of luxury clothing in the retail sector, because they are ready to pay the higher prices for the expensive and luxurious products particularly important for the highest quality products.Contractual strength of suppliers: low to moderate pressure Ø One important contribution to H & M estimation group of companies is the high quality Arabic clothing and clothing developed in selected districts, which are standard data sources, which makes replacement costs between substitute suppliers relatively low.Ø H & M, thanks to the dimensions, it has the ability to use the suppliers and also had well-established clothing with a fair exchange under its clothing and value program, which provides suppliers with the status of a reasonable association that makes them modest, low-powered.Ø Business suppliers also pose a small risk of meeting H & M with vertical inclusion, which reduces their capabilities.The presence of competition: from high to moderateØ This company hold the monopoly position, and H & M has the largest market offer and competition, which also has a key part of the industry in general, which adds considerable importance to H & M.Ø Consumers have some costs of switching to other rivals, which is very competitive.Ø However, it should be remembered that H & M prevails because it separates articles from premium and administration facilities that cause moderate strength in competition. The company is fully respected.Ø The industry has no restrictions on the ability of opponents to act decently.

3. Strategic analysis of internal H & M company:

3.1) H & M main values:

The value of H & M's image is based on the sale of clothing and related articles of the best quality and offers each customer a new "H & M experience", obtained from a pre-eminent, flawless and well maintained customer management reflect the system of networks in which they work, this is how it builds a high degree of customer dedication with a later religion. The other center is its human advantage, the methodology based on the quality of managers for a solid within the company and the outside association with providers who encourages the fruitful shipment of the business system from natural companies to universal markets, also through intelligent acquisitions and partnerships who remain with their main objective are the most observed and considered characters on the planet.

3.2) H & M SWOT Analysis:

Strategic Analysis img4


Strategic Analysis img5

Market position of the company and the brand recognition: H & M holds a wide topographic range of 36.7% of the entire industry in the US and subsidiaries in around 60 countries. H & M is the most popular brand in the clothing sector it has ranking of 91 among the top companies in the world in 2013 (Blake, Martin, 2015). They have achieved the larger portion of economical scale due to which it thanks to the existing allocation channels and supplier connections. The highest quality products: give their objects the most notable importance and do not allow their quality to be institutionalized, despite greater production. Location and aesthetic intrigue of the shops: H & M probably has stores in the most important and important area in the world. They focus on high quality, crowded and observable areas near many institutions, including shopping malls in the center and in the countryside, business locations, high areas and some countries and areas off the highway around the world. This gave them the extraordinary capacity and privileged position to be able to penetrate primary markets and attract customers to convince the factor. Their shops are engaging on the outside and have a "beautiful" factor to reflect the unusual nature of the area in which they serve and warmly ecologically (Stanley, P. 2016). They provide free wireless internet, extraordinary music, extraordinary administration, a warm atmosphere and provide the domain of the network, which constitutes the bigger portion of “H & M experience". The aim of the company is to make their outlets to provide the best shopping experience to the customers. This makes the customers happy and they like to come again and again. Management of human resources: H & M is known about the extraordinary customer services in the stores. These are the basic source for the company and gain amazing benefits, such as investment opportunities, pension after retirement and other funds. This motivating administration of human capital is transformed into extraordinary customer administration. He was ranked 91th in the 100 best Fortune warehouse environment.Goodwill among clients thanks to socially responsible initiatives: their stores are well organized in the network, focusing on re-use and reducing waste. They create altruism in the networks in which they operate.Various product mix: H & M has a wide range of products available to be offered to customers.Using the latest technology: H & M efficiently uses innovation with their "H & M App", a versatile application of both the Apple and Android software, which takes an important interest in the interest of innovation to support their development every year. Customer constancy: H & M buyers have a clique order and they have implemented the H & M award project and a reliability-based project to be trusted in H & M cards. H & M Card is a back card which is providing accommodation and the support increases the visit to the shop visits with card holders and processes them in portable applications (Blake, 2015).


Strategic Analysis img6

Expensive products: while H & M distinguishes between high quality items and the whole 'H & M experience', in the midst of monetary laziness, customers have such different costs for competing items with lower costs and swear to pay a premium. These high costs can likewise constitute a weak point for the victory over the creation of countries. Self-cannibalization due to congestion: powerful expansion and high immersion due to market congestion cause self-cannibalization and a long-term focus of development reduced by H & M. It is was true in the case of United States where H & M holds around 8078 outlets. It advertises an excessive dependence in the United States: According to the self-cannibalization of American showcase of 8078 stores in America, H & M creates a huge level of income in the United States and makes it very sensitive to America's development. Negative framework of substantial cooperation: like any large company, H & M will be subjected to extensive research and resources must be invested in the social obligations of companies and must maintain a rigid power over labor tests (Martin, 2015). The American / European clothing culture is in conflict with that of several countries: The H & M clothing culture may not generally be recognized within the few countries as a feature for the global methodology for expansion.


Strategic Analysis img7

Rising Expanded Market: More Critical H & M has taken a big step forward in many countries, and India has joined Rundown. H & M has an incredible budding and creative market. They are able to create the size, commitment and other financial skills in the new for the new market share. Expanding products and contributions: H & M has recently expanded its range of items with the wandering of clothing for men and women and introducing children's clothing with a brilliant procurement strategy. This offers enormous possibilities to H & M.Expansion of retail sales: H & M now sells its clothing and merchandising items through major retailers. The potential of this current market has yet to be fully recognized and this gives H & M incredible possibilities for the future to adapt to its image in the future.Technological advancements: H & M uses a mobile application for H & M applications. This is a method for customers. Customer loyalty through the Payroll program It is a growing power of innovation. New channels of dispersion: the new business ideas of H & M show an incredible door to open in the future with the expansion of their final results and diffusion of them into the frameworks that can generate more revenue for them, if they are used successfully. Expansion of the company structure: H & M transmits an extraordinary image of the brand and can use it to extend the level lines of its activity and also adventure in the expansion of objects with the brand that weakens the danger of weakening (Stanley, 2016).


Strategic Analysis img8

Greater number of competitors : it is the major danger which H & M faces when the market is organized by an adult, there is more weight on H & M from its rivals such as Clothing Brands, Zara, Next and many others. The clothing brands had the main danger in the US showcase following H & M with an offer of 24.6%.Price volatility in the global clothing market: there are critical ups and downs in the market costs of the fantastic clothes, which H & M cannot control.Saturation of the developed countries market: H & M deduces many of its revenues from market improvement and there is currently an expanded market immersion.The economies of developed countries: in a world undoubtedly stuck in a monetary environment, the financial crisis, as in 2008, can have a negative impact on markets created for creative markets. This risk would harm H & M's profits, as buyers distance themselves from the premium mix to stay on the agenda for expenses related to monetary problems.Changing consumer tastes and lifestyle decisions: moving customers to progressively solid articles and the danger that the clothing culture is just a trend risks making H & M enter what's to come.

3.3) H & M Key Strategies:

One of the key techniques that H & M has pursued from the beginning is the separation of objects that offers differentiators, such as premium items, areas, clothing and a pre-eminent client administration that meant structuring an exorbitantly expensive premium brand to copy for the competitors. Similarly, H & M has pursued an acute methodology of vital union and shrewd acquisitions. H & M has not pursued a diversification model and has worked in the organization of stores and joint efforts in global markets. The informational supplement provides a complete overview of the joint efforts, vital unions and acquisitions of H & M. Another critical methodology for the development of H & M was its global methodology of venturing into key markets created and on the way to geological development, and has been profoundly effective with a task that spans 60 nations. Each of these techniques has given H & M a significant advantage over its rivals.

3.4) H & M Financial Performance Analysis:

Retracing the proportion and the development exam of H & M's financial stocks from 2008 to 2013 we see the organization growing income has registered a drop of -5.9% amid the subsidence of 2008/09 from that moment on, H & M recorded a solid income growth from the 2010 fiscal year to 2012 fiscal year with an extraordinary development of 13.7% in fiscal year 2012 and at this time it registered revenue for $ 14.9 billion for fiscal 2012. Labor wage margins have increased generously from 4.9% in fiscal 2008 to a maximum of 15% in 2012. These charges are treated as an exceptional opportunity along these lines should be limited by the operational execution of H & M. H & M ROE and ROA in general, which were exceptional with 29.2% and 17.8% separately for the fiscal year 2012. However, it is very important to understand that the organization's cash change cycle has increased to 54.7% in FY2013, which is where H & M should focus to decrease to achieve greater competence (www.forbes .com). H & M flaunts great monetary well-being with low bond / influence with a bond / value proportion of 0.29 for FY2013 and maintains respectable present and snappy proportions.

4) Conclusion:

The largest development of H & M is worldwide in the global market. Markets are developing in the countries like China, Brazil, India and South Africa with a growing population of economically active people are continually offering unusual offers for integrating more outlets for serving greater number of customers. H & M did make huge strides in market in China. However, still there is a large development potential that has not yet been discovered in these industries. H & M needs growth in the developing countries who are still growing their markets. H & M has to be valid for development in these business sectors for customers, and its supervisors must be able to work as part of their overall structure regarding store design, current items and the value of their neighbors. Is value for requirements, lifestyle and tastes, or for each individual market / network.


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