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Tesla Manufacturing Plant Project

Tesla manufacturing plant project

The organization selected in the analysis is Tesla, Inc., the company manufactures electric cars, solar panels & clean energy storage. Tesla's mission is to “fast-track global transition into the use of sustainable energy such as solar power, electric cars.” The company location-based in Palo Alto, California, United States, and operates several manufacturing facilities in the United States, China, and is in the process of constructing the European factory in Germany. The Tesla Factory in Fremont is the automobile manufacturing plant and currently used in the manufacture of several products, namely Model 3, Model S, and Model X (Tesla. (n.d.).

Elon musk is undoubtedly in the company Leadership. Elon is Tesla Motors' head and is considered the head of the firm, mostly in the electric vehicles section. Musk is not alone and relies on the help of Tesla's executive management to continue pushing the company into greater heights and help it achieve the mass marketing objective. The company has other divisions such as the head of the manufacture, which is headed by other leaders who work toward the same goal. Tesla's financial goal is long-term oriented. Tesla has recorded annual financial growth for the last ten years, from 2009 to 2019. From 2016, the company has recorded an increase from $11.759B to $24.578B in 2019 (Macro Trends, n.d.). That is a significant increase in terms of revenues. Generally, the company has seen growth in terms of gross profit from $2.223B in 2016 to $4.069B (Macro Trends, n.d).

Tesla cyber truck project

Tesla's company goal is to expand its production capacity by building new factories in American and other different parts of the continent. The focus project in this is the construction of a production facility meant for the manufacture of tesla’s Cybertruck project in Texas. The need to build another factory for the cyber truck is because of the main factory in Fremont in full and no space for another project. Therefore having a new factory will provide more space to ensure it has a space to host the production. While the clear objective is not only to build the vehicle in the state but also to create more jobs in the state and increase the competitive edge.

Tesla project aims to position the firm on the gold east coast, manufacture more sedan models, and make the company competitive. According to the article, Musk argued that the firm is looking for more locations to facilitate the electric pickup and, in addition, manufacture the Model Y in the company. The benefit is that the company will increase its competitiveness in the East Coast and also help trigger state-by-state competition for the company product. Other products that are likely to be done in the company are the Tesla Roadster and Semi models (Chuwiruch, 2020). The project will also gain from the executive incentive, where the company program earns an estimated $1.3 billion.

The timeline of the new Giga factory will run for two years from 2022, and the completion period will come before the end of 2022. However, the proposed timeline can either go before he proposed time or before based on various factors such as funding and the availability of material for the construction. The specific date for the proposal is expected to begin by September 1st, 2020 and be completed by May of 2022. The proposal is massive, and it starts by acquiring the needed permit for the construction of the main facility and installation of necessary instruments to the beginning of the manufacturing the first vehicle (Chuwiruch, 2020). The milestones are structured from 30 months is the first production, 48 months is expected full completion, and 60 the company is likely to operate in full capacity.

Project Closure Plans

Project Closure Plans



Formulating the closing procedures

The first process in the closure of the project is to formulate the process of how the project will be closed. This helps guide the management of how the full process will unfold until the handling of the project derivatives.

Complete Contract closures

This project will entail the closure of different contracts by different contractors. This will need to be done at different times because each contract will be handled differently. The project will be not be closed without first having to close deals.

Verify the project scope requirements

This is the essential step where the contractor's work will be evaluated against the project objectives to see whether it has met all the requirements.

Seek formal approval of the project acceptance from the key stakeholders.

The project is then presented to the main stakeholders for analysis and official approval of the deliverables.

Submitting the final performance reporting

This phase of the project is crucial because it entails the documentation of the test results, and this is essential because it verifies the product.

Conduct post-project or phase-end review

Index and Archive all relevant project documents

The indexing process is very relevant to the project because it includes incorporating the project documents I the Management Information System (PMIS) for historical analysis in the future.

Final meeting with all stakeholders

Before the handoff of the project, the final meeting is critical and also includes the handling process to the stakeholder.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

This is the final step that would be sent to the client of the project to be evaluated to attest to the satisfaction of the ultimate objectives and how it has been executed.

Handoff completed product to the customer or stakeholder.

This stage is the final step toward the finalization of the project.

Customer survey questions

The customer survey seeks to understand how Tesla Company was satisfied with the project we delivered for them.

1. How would Tesla rate the quality and derivatives of Longan construction?

  • Excellent
  • High
  • Good
  • Low quality

2. How does Tesla feel our company met your expectations based on the agreed objectives?

  • Met the expectations
  • Satisfied
  • Not satisfied with the work

3. Did you feel that our company was responsive to any request and questions?

  • Excellent
  • Very prompt
  • Good
  • Slow

4. How does Tesla feel we delivered as a team?

  • Excellent
  • Very good
  • Satisfactory
  • Need some improvement

5. Did we meet the Plant handover expectations based on agreed timelines?

  • Extremely well
  • Very well
  • Was delivered on-time
  • Some areas for improvement

6. Do you feel that we were of value to the company project?

  • Very much so
  • Demonstrated good commitment
  • Met my expectation
  • Not enough

7. How do you feel we compare to other construction companies?

  • Significantly better
  • Much better
  • About the same
  • Could improve

8. What is your overall satisfaction with the whole Construction project?

9. How are you to use the services of Logan Construction again and make a recommendation to others?

  • Highly likely
  • Likely
  • Not likely


Chuwiruch, N. (2020, April 25). Musk Says Texas Still in Contention for Tesla Plant. Retrieved April 25, 2020, from

Macro Trends. (n.d.). Tesla Gross Profit 2009-2019: TSLA. Retrieved April 25, 2020, from

Tesla. (n.d.). About Tesla: Tesla. Retrieved April 25, 2020, from

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