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ICT50515 Diploma of Database Design and Development

Teaching Section: Information Technology
Qualification Number and Name: ICT40215 Certificate IV in Information Technology Support
ICT50515 Diploma of Database Design and Development
Units of Competency
Number and Name:
ICTPRG425 Use structured query language
ICTDBS412 Build a database
Assessment Task: Research Assignment 2


  1. This is an open book assessment. You may use online help, manuals and/or handouts to complete the tasks in this paper.
  2. Complete and sign the Assessment Cover Sheet – Out of Class. This is to be submitted with your assessment.
  3. Follow WH&S standards for safe use of computer equipment and the workstation all at times.
  4. Your response to this assessment task should be submitted as a report with appropriate response to the given task, in a Word document as well as an SQL query file. The Word document should have the Cover page, Table of contents, Introduction, responses to the Task, References and a Write-up.


To obtain a satisfactory assessment outcome, students must show evidence of the ability to:

  • write a simple, structured query language (SQL) statement to retrieve and sort data
  • write an SQL statement that selectively retrieves data
  • write SQL statements that:
    • use functions and operators
    • use aggregation and filtering
    • retrieve data from multiple tables
    • write and execute SQL sub-queries
    • create and manipulate tables to meet specific requirements
    • create and use views that satisfy information requirements
    • create and use stored procedures.


  • identify client data management and security requirements
  • produce a prototype data base
  • populate and perform tests
  • discuss results with client for approval
  • implement the data base with the client.


You are to design and develop a simple database system for a training institute. You can make valid assumptions about the entities found in such a domain. At a bare minimum, you have to have at least three entities, which are the most important ones. Essentially, you are to do the following:

  • Draw (Word or Visio) an ERD showing Entity names and their properties.
  • Identify and show the relationships between these entities.
  • Create a database with appropriate name and create relevant tables with Primary and Foreign keys.
  • Write SQL queries to perform the following operations:
    • Insertion of one row in a given table.
    • Insertion of multiple rows in a given table.
    • Update of an existing record.
    • Deletion of an existing record.
    • Reading data from one table.
    • Reading data from two tables.
    • Reading data from three tables.
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