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What event inspired Francis Scott Key to write The Star-Spangled Banner

Star-Spangled Banner Assignment Help

A Brief Introduction to the Francis Scott Key

Francis Scott Key was a 35-year-old attorney who was not in the military during the period of war in 1812, and he effectively found himself behind the enemy lines that was released in 1814, he watched the British battle to take Fort McHenry, and this fort generally sits at the Baltimore Harbor. Britishers had captured Washington D.C., in 181 while get preparing for the siege of Baltimore and planning to attack Fort McHenry. The key to Francis Scott suggests that both radical patriot and pious from his earliest childhood in the early 1780s until his death in January, and as a young man, he had considered joining the episcopal priesthood but instead. about this, he also chooses the law and the secular life.

The Star-Spangled Banner

The National Anthem and flag of the United States inspired important legacies of the War of 1812, when British forces joined forces to attack Baltimore in September 181, as Francis Scott witnessed all shelling and saw a giant American flag 30 * 2 meters high. The moved garrison features four lyric stanzas that are the popular tune of this song. The flag and anthem of the United States are known as the "Star-spangled Banner".

The United States flag is effectively reflected in the famous lyrics of "Star-spangled Banner" and the red glow of rockets and bombs exploding in the air.

The Star-spangled Banner has its number two mystery, the first is that no one knows for sure how the poem will end at the Baltimore press the next morning, and second, we don't know what the words will be after. how to find them as well as their effective means. on the track for the song is the theme song of the Anacreontic Society in England to sing songs.

An incident that leads to the involvement of Key’s

The best story of the involvement of Key’s generally get involves as while get beginning with the march as through the Marlborough Maryland as mainly with approaching to D.C. The upper Marlborough was nearly deserted as since when the American had gone through the flight. General Robert Ross was serving as the headquarter of British, and he also tended to have any of the sick, and the wounded British soldiers. At once, General Ross has ordered that the Americans are responsible for being get seized, and so, at immediately he released the other two gentlemen who personally get betrayed as through the Beane’s as to be a British sympathizer.

Poem distributed to the public

The brother-in-law of Key’s read the poem “The Star-spangled Banner”, and he liked also its printed form Nicholson effectively arranged the handed over of the Baltimore, and Nicholson effectively suggested the relevant words that are set to use the tune for a song which was “To Anacreon in Heaven” which was a popular song in America at that particular time. In October 1814, a Baltimore actor effectively sang a song at the local tavern, and he effectively called the song “The Star-spangled Banner” which was an immediate success for him. The song “The Star-spangled Banner” was effectively adopted by congress as the national anthem of the United States in 1931. Today, king Francis Scott was getting buried in the Mount Olivet Cemetery, in Maryland which was the hometown at that time as there is status at the cemetery and plaques throughout the town which effectively explains the life of Key’s Frederick.

The Flag

The war of 1812, generally elevated the American flag as its status iconic, and before the war takes place, the people of America rarely used their flag to express patriotism, but the flag effectively appear over Fort McHenry during the time of the Battle of Baltimore, and the poem of Francis Scott Key that is “ The Star-spangled Banner” which inspired the people more, and after the war of 1812 takes place, the flag which was often get displayed as the best symbol of national pride, and unity.

The National Anthem

The war of 1812, effectively produced the national anthem of the United States of America, and with this, Francis Scott was effectively writing the poem named “The Star-spangled Banner” after watching Fort McHenry while surviving the British Bombardment. The new lyrics of Key’s were a popular tune after the war of Baltimore.

The Star-spangled Banner is famous for its patriotic song of the United States of America, and this poem has four stanzas. The Star-Spangled Banner was recognized by the United States for official use in the Navy in 1889, and it was effectively made the national anthem by a March 3 congressional resolution issued by the President. President of the United States appointed Herbert Hoover signed. In September, US soldiers hoisted a giant US flag to commemorate a significant and effective victory over British forces in the War of 1812.

Francis Scott did indeed follow. watched the battle for the British to capture Fort McHenry, which, like the fortress is often the mouth of Baltimore Harbor, and the flag produced by Fort McHenry, is now named the Star-spangled Banner.

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