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Systematic Literature Review Writing Help

Get writing help for systematic literature review

Systematic Literature Review Writing Help

Most doctorate students are expected to write well-researched and compelling literature reviews. These literature reviews are the foundation of conducting academic inquiries. With the lack of strong systematic reviews, knowledge advancement of the existing work would get hindered. Therefore, summarizing, analyzing, and synthesizing some specific hypotheses related to literature and developing new theories are necessary. By conducting a systematic literature review, the quality and validity of the existing work are evaluated against a criterion.

This helps in unfolding the weaknesses, inconsistencies, and contradictions. But in order to write a compelling literature review, the student must follow the correct methodology. However, the working process can be very difficult for a PhD student with all the research they would go through. Thus, they can take systematic literature review writing help from professional writing services such as Urgenthomework.com.

Whether the student has to complete the literature review as a stand-alone project or as a part of the dissertation, it won’t be an easy task. Writing a systematic review can be time-consuming if the student is not aware of the skills put into producing a literature review. Therefore, let’s get to know how the review is written.

What is a systematic review?

Systematic review attempts at gathering all the existing studies on a specific topic so the review would be able to provide some valid answers to specific research questions. The students are to create criteria where they include or exclude evidence before they could start systematic reviews.

The systematic literature review methodology should be absolutely non-biased and only clearly state objectives with explicit. It should identify all the studies based on research that could meet the eligibility criteria with a detailed strategy. Since a systematic literature review can be more comprehensive than a non-systematic one, the student must follow the right methodology for conducting a literature review.

What is the methodology for writing a systematic review?

  • Developing research question

While writing literature reviews, most students are expected to review only those subject areas, which are only relevant to them. Thus, before starting on the assignment, you must verify whether someone has already written one on that specific topic. Completing a systematic review might take more than a year if you don’t have enough time and resources.

You can get in with a team to conduct the research, which can reduce the inclusion of biased opinions. To start with the systematic literature review methodology, you have to make some relevant and reasonable clinical question framework and put your topic into it. Developing a research question involves a system known as PICO.

The ‘P’ stands for population or problem, ‘I’ stands for Intervention, exposure, ‘C’ stands for comparison or control, and ‘O’ stands for Outcome, or result, etc. There is also an optional element, ‘T,’ that stands for the timeframe. The research questions should be developed on the basis of the type of elemental question and type of study. This will give complete clarity to the student about what the review is seeking to achieve.

  • Formulating research protocol

Formulating a research protocol involves producing a detailed plan which develops an understanding of the methodology. The student has to decide whether they would like to include factual results concerning their topic. It helps the student to make sure all the contents involved in the review are accurate and completely relevant to their topic.

The research protocol includes the objective of the project, any specific methods and processes which will be used, developing eligibility criteria for individual studies, how the data will be extracted from individual studies and how the analyses will be conducted.

  • Conducting literature search and evaluation

The third step involves the process of retrieving the literature you need to review. Here the goal is to find all the relevant studies regarding the topic of your choice to prepare a thorough systematic literature review. This process can be very daunting if you would not find help from relevant databases.

This step includes mentioning years of database covered, dates when the first searches were run, strategies used, search terms, and a number of obtained results. You can solve this issue by taking systematic literature review writing help from affordable writing services.

  • Data extraction and analysis

After determining whether the searched studies meet the protocol criteria, the student has to create a data extraction form. They can use several systematic literature review Systematic Literature Review Writing Helps to adapt their projects for data analysis. The reviewers have to organize the data according to the topic they have chosen, which might involve some combination of charts, tables, and textual descriptions.

Reporting standards of every study review might differ from one another. While the meta-analysis will show result tables of the analysis, meta-summery will show the effect of the review. This step also includes having a framework synthesis to produce a conceptual model.

How can a writing service help you?

A literature review can be the most challenging part of academic writing for degree students. To produce an effective and potent systematic literature review, you have to research academic sources, evaluate and analyze all the studies, form conclusions, and determine the knowledge gaps, which can take more than several days or weeks to complete. The writing services such as Urgenthomework.com can help you with completing your assignments within the time period while you focus on other studies. Here are some factors regarding how the custom literature review writing service can help you.

  • Conduct a traditional or narrative review

The writing services conduct their work with a large team of professional expert writers and editors, who specialize in all kinds of academic disciplines. Thus, for any kind of task or assignment they were given to write, there would be an experienced writer and editor present who has the necessary academic qualifications required to work on your project.

In the case of literature review writing, the writing service provides the clients systematic literature review example paper first, so the client can review their work beforehand to hire them for their project. Not only systematic reviews but also narrative reviews can be done. Although this review style does not require any clear methodological approach, this review involves a broad overview of the entire research topic that can be time-consuming.

This review can be subjective towards the context. Therefore it includes writing a subjective summary that you have extracted from the context as a theoretical point of view. So the writer might ask for your opinion or criticism regarding the topic, so they could deliver your assignment according to your point of view.

  • Meta-analysis

You can check through the systematic literature review example paper for meta-analysis provided by the writing service. Meta-analysis mostly uses statistical methods, which can summarise the outcomes of the quantitative or qualitative systematic literature review.

The student can make it irrelevant with no prior knowledge on how to go about it since meta-analysis review requires thorough and comprehensive research on a large body. The quantitative review has to be objective with the inclusion of statistical analysis, whereas the qualitative can be subjective. The writing service can help you with this effortlessly while staying in touch with you in the data extraction and developing process.

  • Systematic literature review

If you are wondering how to write a systematic literature review, the writing services you hire can provide you with a systematic literature review Systematic Literature Review Writing Help for your reference. With this type of review, the writing service helps you identify and conduct all the critical analyses and synthesizes through multiple sources using an explicit methodological approach. This service involves providing a complete summary regarding the contemporary studies relevant to your research question.

  • Meta-Synthesis

The meta-synthesis process entails integrating all the results found through systematic literature review methodology, i.e., related to qualitative studies. Unlike meta-analysis, the meta-synthesis technique works on interpreting the review contents rather than aggregating them. All these complex techniques can be very daunting for you without any prior experience. Hence you can just give your project to professional paper writing services to complete your assignment, from which you can learn efficiently while gaining good grades in your academics.

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