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The PUA60919 Advanced Diploma of Public Safety

The PUA60919 Advanced Diploma of Public Safety

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Fire investigation refers to finding the original cause and analysis of fire-related incidents. When the fire is washed off by the fire extinguishers, there is a case has been set to find out the actual cause and reason behind the fire and explosion. Investigation requires a set of rules and tactics to be put while finding the root cause of the fire. And there is a course to determine the reason for it which requires a systemic approach and knowledge of fire science.

Usually, the cause of the fire is a defective instrument /tool or it is done purposely because fire tends to vansi9h all the essential proof regarding many other cases. There are factories which require the need of fire to produce various raw material and manufactured tool and due to carelessness, fire tends to cause or due to defective instrument. For example, the damaged and old car sometimes causes fire due to faulty fuel lines. The role of the fire extinguisher is to look after the debris and the leftover of the fire and collect all the information and make out a storyline of the cause. The most challenging part of the fire extinguisher job is that there are multiple causes of the fire and it is complex to find out the exact cause behind the fire. There can be a possibility that the future could be raised from the fervour things such as match stick, fuels, the explosion of any bomb, mishappening with the flammable instrument. Incidents have been seen in the gas factory, due to carelessness and the leakage of the gases has caused great harm to the factory with fire. Fire extinguishers or the investigator is required to search for the source of the fire. An investigator must be aware of the techniques that should be implemented during the investigation. It is normal to ask for help from the forensic depart such as forensic engineers and forensic electrical engineers while examining fire devasted places such as household wires or any other factories which use electricity as the major source to sustain.


Reach the location

Look after the area

Make boundaries around the areas

Start the investigation

Look after for the outside evidence

Look after the internal pieces of evidence

Find out the starting point of the fire /explosion

Write down after evidence and important points that can be used to determine the source of fire

Take the evidence

Take pictures or sketch the scene

Get pictures of every corner of the incident

Make a conclusion

Make a report

Interview the locals for more evidence

Investigators require specific qualifications to performs each step and find a conclusion. And there are various courses and diploma that allows the candidate to explore and learn various tricks and techniques and the scientific method to find out the source of the fire. when the fire is made out purposely to hide up all the pieces of evidence, usually they use the accelerated fire to speed up. And for such fire. forensic scientists use the burnt material and with the help of technology find out various conclusions.


Management of the complicated task associated with the incident


Process and understand the sample resulted collected from the lab results and tests


Investigate the case and conclude


Collect the evidence and report


Understand the usage of all the technical and forensic use of instruments


Go to the locals and ask for the scenario before the incident


Try to know the actual source of flame


Implement all the tricks and techniques to know the root cause of the fire.


The PUA60919 Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Fire Investigation) is specially designed for the individuals who are involved in fire extinguishing task and those are involved in the investigation. There are many investigations are being generated after the incident to know the exact cause and to prevent future fire emergencies. Fire investigators are in charge to know the root reason by using various technologies and basic science and skills that are taught in this program. The major task of the fire investigator is to predict whether the fire has been caused spontaneously or has been done purposely. This includes all the basic tasks such as taking pictures of the place, noting down all the internal and external factors that might have caused the fire, interviewing, and asking the locals to know more about the incident.


There are no basic requirements for enrolment in this specific role but before the course, a candidate is required to complete 12 core units, out of which three are elective.


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