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The Success Of The French Revolution History Essay Help

The Success of the French Revolution

The French Revolution came to success in acquiring power for the lower community people by creating a strong constitution, giving the Third Estate great control over the population, gaining power and rights, limiting the monarchial power, and gaining power for the lower community people of France. The main reason that became the main cause of the failure of the French Revolution was they were not able to create a stable government after defeating the king. The major part regarding the revolution is the replacement process of an old, unsuccessful government with a better and more efficient one. King Louis XVI unfairly put the taxation system to the people of 3rdEstate whereas the rich people were not asked to pay any kind of tax. Due to the limitation in the monarchial system, people got split into different factions and then nothing can be changed further. After the control was taken by Jacobins, many people started began to execute plans for left and right for becoming suspected of treason. Anybody who was against the person was executed at the immediate level. Another problem that became the obstacle in the success of the French Revolution leading to its failure was the inability in solving the problems. The national assembly fought over the latest constitution designated for France for almost two years. The constitution finally got over in 1791, and the assembly of the nation couldn't solve the problems in line.

The Failure

Many issues went through France in the 17th century, which was said to be a complete failure. Many were executed, many were questioned, and charged. Fair trials were not practiced despite murdered many people who tried to question and reciprocate. The act which includes stamping out of enemies in the political system was not even a step forward from a monarchial system. To let the third estate, build their government the revolution was carried out without knowing the outcome. At the end of the revolution was a situation of loss on both sides because many people lost their lives. The arguments and fighting which took place eventually got separated into factions that are, Conservatives, Radicals, and Moderates. The factions involved in the French Revolution bear a striking resemblance to the parties in politics in the United States and got set up for the same way in the assembly of the nation.

The success

Between 1789-1799 the French Revolution was quite successful in attempting to achieve the goals for the lower community people of France. The revolutionists who were involved were successful in obtaining power for the 3rd Estate to involve in the breakage of the absolutism of the monarchial system running in France and break the aristocracy, introduction of a constitution to limit the strength and power of the rich class people in decision making for the lower community people and country to gain more freedom and power in the government and lives of the people on in regular basis. A few years in the start of the French revolution the power was acquired and distributed only amongst the rich community people. The revolution by the lower class become a force to notice. The French revolution achieved in extracting strength for the lower community people was widely focused.

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The building of a Nation-State

A nation-state is a territory that is a bounded polity of sovereignty. This means that a nation-state is a state which is ruled and inhabited by the citizens who identified themselves as a citizen of a community with same values and culture. These citizens inhabit the land and treat it as a homeland. They also include people practicing their religion to be a part of their land and start living here. Many philosophers have defined and described the origins of the nation-state. The nation has evolved gradually for a long period and is in a continuous process. The recent studies say the states in the nation have evolved fairly in recent times. For example; the nation-state in Europe have not been evolved before the 1500s, where most of the individuals did not consider themselves as a part of the nation; very few of them left their villages and had very little knowledge about the world outside. Some small states seem to have come together into the regional aggregations whereas, many tried to fall apart which pulled them against the aggregation. The rulings and government of all states have raised the question on behalf of globalization in trade and finance. Due to this reason, this review paper will take you to develop more clarity and deep understanding of the origins and the process of development of the modern state to bring some light in its future and developing new logics of the organization which may be emerging and the state displacement might take place. The paper will discuss more on the part of emergence and development of the states into a modern world, which will demonstrate some comparative analysis on security, economy, and approaches by the institutions.

Establishment of Constitution

The western culture-based states were transparent of fundamental importance in giving the legislative and political working frame for the emergence of both capitalist and modern nation-state. The agricultural sector played a very key role in the development of industrialization in different states which in a way contributed to the exploration of new places and introduced globalization. Communication also played a very important role in developing these nations by combining states based on a language called linguistic states. To deliver a good speech and understand it in a similar way a good communication and writing skills play a very important role. Effective communication always helps in creating a very good impression in your academic and professional field. The definition of communication says it's a process of exchanging and taking information between other people. It helps in developing other skills and personality development of an individual which contributes to achieving his/her long-term goals in a professional career. Continuous growth is observed for a person who has an effective communication delivery system. Effective communication is the process where you share clear information that is well understood by the listener. Soft skills development also helps in different aspects of life starting from the professional field to personal gatherings and others. Poor communication puts a very bad impression and demotivates you to carry further discussion which is not a good sign to get a good career in your professional field because it creates misunderstandings and confusion in a content. It's a process of delivering a proper message effectively. Therefore, effective communication helped in bringing citizens together to form a single nation based on language. The geography of the states contributed to merge with the neighboring states.

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