10 Golden rules for writing a winning abstract for your research paper

An abstract for a research paper is analogous to a short teaser. It provides a brief glance into the idea of the impending research, helps the major focus primary points to pop out at the reader so he can grasp the gist of the full paper and then, identify if the paper would be worth […]

10 Tips for Writing Best Personal Reflection Essays

Reflective essays are known to be the easiest kind of essays one would be expected to write. There are various reasons for this kind of a rumour. However, many people still find these essays to be difficult to churn out owing to the fact that they do not know the right method or I may […]

How to Stay Relaxed yet Raise Motivation: Simple Hacks During Self-Isolation

  This new situation got the entire world in a sort of a pickle. However, the group of people that seems to be struggling the most currently are definitely students. For this group of people, stress is no stranger as is. But when you add to that the current pandemic and everything else regarding it, […]