Personal Letter Formats, Writing and Templates for A Good Letter

Letter Writing Guide Letter writing was one of the most important ways of communication in the past and yet it can be still seen in most of the official communication channels. Letter writing is one of the most important soft skills required to succeed in any field, Though letter writing is taught to students from […]

10 Things to Expect in the first year of your Dental Studies in Australia

Congratulations on making it through and getting into the field of dentistry. I can assure you, it is not going to be just about smiles. There will be tears, sweat, saliva and blood involved at some point in time. But your journey will be worth every ounce of it. Your battles do not end at […]

How to ace critical review writing assignments

All of us encounter critical review writing assignments during higher education. This type of assignment is one of the major ways in which our education system makes us develop an opinion of ourselves. Writing a critical review assignment is not easy at all. It is no secret that a lot of students and learned individuals […]