99 Problems Faced by International Students in Australia

99 Problems Faced by International Students in Australia

99 Problems Faced by International Students in Australia

Home to some of the finest institutes of the world, Australia is a famous destination for both tourists and international students. The fine quality of education that the universities here bestow on their students attracts thousands of students from all around the world every year. But is it that easy when it comes to spending time as a student in Australia? Like any other country, there are different issues that moving to Australia may present before a student. Knowing all this beforehand is the smart thing to do and can help you prepare for what is about to come. There are many international students who want to travel and gain higher education in Australia but they do not find it that easy. There are different issues that usually come up. After all, the life of an international student is never too easy.

Here, we present to you 99 problems that are faced by international students studying in Australia:

  1. Financial problems

 Financial problems are the biggest problem that students face. There are many students who want to study in Australia but it’s always a good idea to assess the financial condition against the demands that moving there can pose.

  1. Currency difference

The currency of Australia is the Australian Dollar which is stronger than many, especially that of many Asian countries. This difference in currency strengths further adds to the financial strain.

  1. Lack of Support

It’s a common problem for international students to not get enough support from their friends and families or at least feel so. This is especially true for students who arrive from far ends of the world.

  1. High cost of education

Although this can be subjective and vary from student to student, studying in Australia can be highly costly, especially for someone who does not come from a well-off background. For such students, many problems can arise.

  1. The fear of being too far

Australia is situated in the southern hemisphere and also in a fairly exclusive part of the world. This can make it difficult for students to adapt to the country quickly.

  1. Costly travel

As Australia is far, the most preferred way of travel would be through airplanes and less probably it will be through the sea. The cost of flights can also add to the financial troubles of a student looking to study in Australia.

  1. Monthly expenses

Monthly expenses constitute one of the biggest problems faced by students as in every activity they do, they have to handle costly expenses of Australia if they have to live comfortably.

  1. High education fees

People go to Australia to study as the quality of education is great but the price of education is costly as a good university will charge around 20,000 AUD per year for the education, which is huge for someone from Asia.

  1. Food habits

At times, when you are staying alone far away from your home, you can encounter situations where you need to cook. If you’re missing this life skill, your stay can be a bit difficult. If you are staying with a friend, it could be fun but not when alone. Also, there are different types of food in Australia that would be new for an international student anyway.

  1. Expensive dining joints and eateries

 If students don’t want to cook, that’s also understandable, only if they can handle the expensive prices of everyday food. The minimum cost of food in Australia is around 100 AUD per week which can go to around 400 AUD.

  1. Hotels are costly

Students may need to find a hotel if they have to stay in Australia at the starting of their arrival. It costs around 300-500 AUD to rent a one-bedroom flat which is costly for many students.

  1. Difficult to find a flat to stay

 Finding a place to reside is difficult. Students just can’t stay in hotels for a long time if they are not offered accommodation by their institute. So they have to find their personal accommodation. But like hotels, flats are also costly. It is also difficult to find a flat which is safe and good to reside in.

  1. Commuting issues

If you don’t have a vehicle in Australia, it will be difficult for you to travel as there are many places where we have to travel through metros, trams, trains, buses, etc. Although comfortable, this can add to your monthly expenses quite a bit.

  1. Problems in house chores

Since you won’t own the place where you live, you’ll have to clean it on a daily basis which can be very difficult for students as most students are busy with studies and part-time jobs. So they don’t find the time to do these chores and it becomes a big problem.

  1. Time-Management problem

There are many international students who start doing different part-time jobs in their free time so that they can handle the expenses. Due to this, they get busy and have very little free time and that is the reason they always face problems in time management.

  1. Difference in the education system

Moving to another country will obviously bring changes. Adapting to a new educations system can be quite a challenge.

  1. Different degree system

 Like in different countries, you get a degree after four years in most of the courses. However, in Australia, you get a degree after just three years. The best approach would be to plan accordingly.

  1. Different patterns of study

As for every country, there is a specific pattern of study. If you’re used to something specific, adjusting to something new can be quite a challenge.

  1. Divided courses

 In Australia, maximum courses are divided into weeks and hours, which could be new and confusing at the start for a lot of students.

  1. Fast pace of education

 As for an outsider, it can be difficult to keep up with the pace of the study and give rise to several issues.

  1. Vast syllabus

As the education system is one of the best, the syllabus of the courses is usually vast and extensive, which can be too much for many students to handle.

  1. Expensive Study materials

As the syllabus is vast, so there would be a lot of books that a student has to buy for the studies. The books would be costly if the student is studying in a good college.

  1. Language barriers

 This problem is one of the biggest problems, especially for students who do not speak the native tongue fluently.

  1. Difficulty in studies

 If students can’t understand English even a little bit, it can obviously lead to gaps in their understanding of concepts and they won’t be able to grasp things that are taught.

  1. Difficulty in regular communication

 If some students are not able to understand and speak fluently, then there will obviously be barriers in daily communication as well.

  1. Difficulty in getting jobs due to language barriers

If there will be miscommunication in a student’s daily life, then it will lead to a high chance of not getting a job in Australia.

  1. English being the common language of Australia

 English is the most spoken language in Australia which leads to a problem if you come from a nation that does not share this language. If you don’t have a clear understanding of English, then it will be very difficult to communicate with the natives.

  1. Costly for Outsiders

It is not uncommon for native shopkeepers and vendors to leverage international students’ unawareness and charge unreasonable prices.

  1. Difficult to find places

As Australia is a vast country it will take time for students to adjust to their whereabouts and be comfortable.

  1. Encountering new cuisines

There will be a lot of differences in food for the students and they will have to eventually develop new eating habits.

  1. Fighting Loneliness

Moving to a new country will obviously require the students to deal with loneliness at times.

  1. Inability to feel safe

Australia is a safe country but still, the unfamiliar surroundings can lead to the students not feeling at home and safe.

  1. Finding friends

 Finding friends in a faraway place is an important thing but the students often encounter problems in getting to know new people.

  1. Finding the right groups

 Unfamiliar customs and surroundings can lead to international students being unable to find the right groups of people around them.

  1. Handling responsibilities

As students are far away from their homes, there are many responsibilities that arise which take up a chunk of their time.

  1. Having a good lifestyle

Since international students have to live under financial constraints, having a good lifestyle or maintaining the one that they already had can become difficult at times.

  1. Finding a way to earn

There are many ways to earn but students are always confused about the path that they should choose.

  1. Finding a Job

Finding a job in an unknown country is obviously a little more difficult as compared to your native one. There are different challenges that one encounters.

  1. Starting a Business

 If the student wants to start a business, it would be difficult as it is literally an unknown territory to them.

  1. Learning the new Accent

 Every country has its own accent for the language. Learning it to feel at home can be another challenge.

  1. Understanding the Australian English

 Australian accent is famous for being a bit difficult to pick up quickly. People in Australia speak English faster which can cause the students to take a long time to get used to it.||

  1. Getting a PR in Australia

 If students want to stay in the country for work, it takes time to apply for a PR and is also difficult.

  1. Spiders can be a problem

Australia is also famous for Spiders but they can also trouble the students.

  1. Dust issues

As Australia is a sandy place, and hence, dust can be a daily-life problem.

  1. Heating Summer

 Students often encounter extremely sweaty summers and find it difficult to adjust at first.

  1. Cold Winters

 Like sweaty summers, winters are equally freezing and chilling.

  1. Clothes- another expense

 For winter students would need heavy warm jackets, which could add to the expenses for somebody living in Australia.

  1. Glasses – always for summers

As Australia heats so much, glasses should be worn when outside, which can be a bit unusual for some students.

  1. Heavy rainfall monsoon

If you’re planning to study in Australia, pack an umbrella. Although subjective, such a rainy season can be a problem for many students.

  1. Snowfall

 As it is a freezing winter, snowfall is most time falling on the lands of Australia.

  1. Spider webs in winter

 In winters, students are most likely to find spider webs outside their houses every day

  1. Changing weather

 The weather in Australia is always changing, which is something that can take time to adjust to.

  1. Illnesses in changing weather

Because of the unforeseeable and quick changes in the weather, catching a cold every now and then can be common.

  1. Sandflies in Autumn

 Sandflies or biting midges is another thing that students may have to encounter in this country.

  1. Retail outlets close at 5 or 6 pm

Unlike many countries, shops in Australia close around 5-6 pm in many areas. So, if you’re someone who likes to run errands late at night, you’ll have to change.

  1. Doctors charge extra after 6 pm

 Doctors in Australia charge extra if you are late.

  1. Speed limit 40km/h in the city

For many students, this speed limit can come as a surprise, especially for the ones coming from Asia.

  1. Risky sunburn

The clear skies can be appealing but can also give you sunburns if you’re not cautious.

  1. Having a social conversation with strangers

To better understand the country social conversation is important, but it can be difficult to initiate it with unknown pedestrians on the street.

  1. Having good relations with neighbors

This is also an important task for a student who is living on their own, but can be quite a challenge for introverted students.

  1. Difficult to adjust with weather conditions

Weather is always changing here, so it is difficult to adjust to weather conditions here.

  1. Social Networking can a problem

Social networking is always a problem for international students. In fact, it is perhaps a challenge that stays constant, irrespective of the destination you choose.

  1. Car registration is expensive

It costs around 800 AUD for car registration. So, if you’re looking to own a car, think again.

  1. 4 kinds of weather in a single day.

Sometimes in Australia, students can see 4 kinds of weather in a single day which is a big problem.

  1. Entry-level jobs demand experience

You can encounter advertisements for entry-level jobs that will require you to have experience.

  1. Maintaining your physical health

Physical health for students is important but the change in environment can lead to its deterioration.

  1. Maintaining Mental health

Students have to stay alone, so it is also important to maintain their mental health. If not taken care of, the loneliness can compound into depression.

  1. Assignments and Projects

 Studying in Australia demands a lot out of you. Maintaining pace with the frequency of projects and assignments is no joke.

  1. Doing group works

Finding the right group can be quite a task in itself, especially for international students.

  1. Possible discrimination in Jobs

Not that Australia is known for this, but it’s always a good idea to factor in the possibility of workplace discrimination.

  1. Racial discrimination at different places

 Like jobs, there is a possibility of students getting discriminated against at different places like retail stores which can cause a problem for the students.

  1. Different customs

This is something that students are likely to face, no matter what country they choose to go to.

  1. Different confusing slangs

Australia, like any other country, would pose this challenge for the students. The local language and slangs can be difficult to understand for an international student.

  1. Multicultural society

Australia has a multicultural society and it can become too much to adjust to for somebody who has come from across an ocean.

  1. A diverse population

 This diversity adds to the customs and traditions. Getting used to such a diverse set of customs is not easy.

  1. Food traditions from different countries

Australia has food traditions that come from different. This can pose a delightful but life-changing challenge.

  1. Adjusting to independent learning

Not like many countries, independent learning is supported in Australia. This can be something new for many international students.

  1. Harassment at work

There are many students who come from different countries and are of different colors. At times, it can lead to them facing slight harassment.

  1. A different society

Getting used to the ways of a new society is perhaps the biggest challenge that moving to Australia for education poses.

  1. Homesickness

As many students would be staying alone, facing a problem like homesickness is nothing but expected.

  1. Visa problems

This is something that students usually encounter before moving abroad. However, if you’re not cautious enough of our visa conditions, it can be troublesome for you.

  1. Difficulty in finishing courses due to work

 The projects and assignments can be too much to handle at times. Many students get so much busy at work that they find it difficult to finish their course

  1. Less salary for international students

 You can find differences in the salary paid to international students and native ones for the same job, at times.

  1. No overtime salary

At work, many international students are not paid for the overtime.

  1. Financial stress

 Because of the disparity in salaries, the financial stress can get compounded.

  1. Finding comfort in everyday life

A new society, coupled with assignments and projects, can pose unforeseen challenges for students everyday.

  1. Visa subclass issues

It is necessary that you continue to fulfill all the requirements of your visa. Also, it’s a good idea to apply for renewal at least 3 months before the expiry.

  1. Stress & Anxiety

Common stress is usual for a student but for an international student, the cultural shock coupled with stress can be problematic.

  1. Getting adjusted with study pattern

This is always a big challenge for international students as there are several changes to adjust to.

  1. Problem in engaging in voluntary activities

Many introverted international students can find it extremely difficult to engage in voluntary activities.

  1. Difficulty in getting Internships

International students always find it difficult to get internships and can miss out on opportunities.

  1. Job denials

 Students get many job denials as they are not natives which increases financial problems for them.

  1. Living independently

 Living independently is fun but is also a challenge for non-native students.

  1. Difficulty in exams

As the study pattern is different, students find it difficult to adjust to the exams, especially in the initial days.

  1. Without a residency, no professional job

Without a residency, no one can have a professional job. A condition like this can obviously be a serious challenge.

  1. Getting a well-paying job

Getting a well-paid job to decreases financial stress is difficult as there is a lot of competition.

  1. Admission criteria

Usually, the admission criteria are difficult to pass. Without the correct guidance, the international students may encounter several problems.

  1. Difficulty in English proficiency test

 During the application process, this test can be a serious threat to the admission prospects.

  1. Switching to a different course

It is common among students to switch to another course but is equally difficult for international students.

  1. Documentations

As students need many documents to study in a secure country like Australia, sometimes problems arise when there are fewer documents available to an international student.

So, these are a wide range of problems faced by international students in Australia. There are many more points but these important points may help you prepare for your stay in this country.

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