99 Reasons to Choose Australia as your Study Abroad Destination

99 Reasons to Choose Australia as your Study Abroad Destination

Australia is a well-known country for the quality of education that it offers to all the students who land on its shores. It is one of the most sought-after study abroad destinations in the entire world. With world-class institutions and universities that transform students into reliable professionals, Australia has always been at the top of aspiring international students’ wish lists.

Although, there are many reasons for making Australia your study abroad destination, here are the 99 most important reasons.

  1. A globally renowned hub of education

Australia is one of the most famous countries in the world when it comes to prestigious colleges and universities. Anyone would be lucky to get a shot at studying in one of these world-class institutes.

  1. A Vast country

Australia, besides being a famous country, is also a vast country, offering abundant options for positive detours that students need during their college lives.

  1. Various options for studying

As the country is vast and there are many places to study, the number of prestigious universities is pretty high, giving students a wide range of options.

  1. Various degrees

With various study options, there are many degrees a student can achieve in Australia, across different fields of study.

  1. Degrees in fewer years

Also, with various degrees, there is a big advantage for students that the basic degree they want to achieve can be completed in 3 years, which is not possible in many other countries.

  1. World-Class Universities

In Australia, there are many universities and most of them are world-class research-oriented institutes, that have been producing quality professionals for many years.

  1. Abundant Options

There are as many as 43 world-class universities in Australia for the students to choose from. Out of these, 41 are Australian and 2 are international Universities.

  1. Scholarship Options

The scholarship options form a considerable advantage for students, which attracts most of the students who want to study in Australia.

  1. Six universities in the top 100 universities in the world

This is an amazing fact that from the top 100 universities in the world, there are six universities of Australia in the group.

  1. Best quality of study

Australia provides one of the best qualities of education in the world which attracts many students.

  1. A comfortable pattern of study

Study in Australia is divided into several patterns that are built on hours and weeks.

  1. Less burden on students

 Due to the study pattern, students have less burden as the study is divided into hours and weeks.

  1. Good quality study material

It is pretty easy for students to access the best study material and hence complete all of their tasks on time.

  1. Friendly professors

In the universities, the professors are very much friendly, making them approachable whenever the students are in trouble.

  1. Support system for international students

The government of Australia, as well as the colleges, provide various kinds of support for international students.

  1. 22% of students are international in universities

Almost 22% of students in the universities are international which shows that the country is a traditional home for students from all around the world.

  1. High-quality teaching

Teaching in Australia follows practical pedagogies across institutes, which makes the teaching of the best level, offering a big advantage to the students.

  1. Part-time jobs allowed for international students

 Students who are non-native can do part-time jobs while studying so that they can handle their expenses in Australia.

  1. 200 million AUD per year for scholarships

Many universities across the country provide scholarships to students. These scholarships can go up to 200 million AUD.

  1. Financial aids

Many universities in Australia provide financial aid like discounts for students who are not financially stable.

  1. Increase in employability chances

After getting an Australian degree from any course, a student’s employability chances increase which is a big reason for students to choose Australia as their study abroad destination.

  1. Reputed Universities

One of the reasons for Australia to be a leading study destination is the reputation that the universities and colleges command.

  1. Student-friendly atmosphere

In the universities, an atmosphere is created which is student-friendly so that the students don’t feel uncomfortable on the campus.

  1. High technology

The universities run programs and courses that offer access to world-class modern technology and equipment to the students.

  1. Best 4 cities located in Australia

In Australia, although every city is good for students; however, the country is also home to the 4 best cities for students in the world.

  1. One of the safest countries

 Safety is also a priority for students who are far away from their homes, and Australia is one of the safest countries in the world.

  1. Especially safe for students

Although Australia is safe for every citizen, it has turned out to be particularly safe when it comes to the students. Students who are international feel safe in the country.

  1. Strict police force

To make Australia a safe country, there is a strict police force that maintains the law and order which is good for the students.

  1. Safe commute

Commuting can be a huge part of the life of a student. Traveling within cities in Australia is quite safe at all times of the day.

  1. Good transport system

Students always need to travel from one place to another for various reasons. For an advantage point, Australia has a good transport system from buses to taxis, which are both available in the urban and the rural region.

  1. A healthy lifestyle

Besides the quality of education, Australia also offers students a healthy lifestyle. Many basic things can be enjoyed for minimalistic prices.

  1. Tasty food

Food in Australia is different and of many kinds and most importantly, it is a part of the healthy lifestyles that the country has on offer.

  1. Various food outlets

Food outlets in Australia are available from malls to streets and are frequented by students every now and then.

  1. Interesting flora and fauna

Flora and fauna in Australia are interesting as it is very much different from many countries. There are different animals like kangaroos which are only available in Australia.

  1. A beautiful country

Australia being a good destination for the study is also a good destination for tourism. This ends up becoming a good reason for a number of students to choose this country as their study abroad destination.

  1. Entertainment

Australia also has good sources of entertainment on offer. There are many sports events, many activities on tourist destinations like beaches.

  1. Supportive community

People of Australia are very much kind and supportive to each other, which ends up becoming a helpful factor for the students as well.

  1. Different cuisines

Living in Australia introduces you to a world of different cuisines, allowing you to explore newer eating habits.

  1. Many places to visit

Australia is a vast country due to which there are many places to visit in the country that attract students to come here.

  1. Beautiful beaches

Australia is also famous for its beautiful beaches. Australia is an island country due to which it has many beaches.

  1. English being the common language

English is the common language in Australia which makes it quite easy for students to communicate here.

  1. Cost of education 40-60% less than USA/UK

Education in Australia is expensive but less expensive by 40-60% when compared to the USA/UK.

  1. People from different countries reside here

 People from more than 190 countries reside here which makes the lives of international students quite easy and comfortable.

  1. Best infrastructure

Studying in Australia allows the students to enjoy some of the greatest infrastructure in the world.

  1. Good industries

Because of the industrial setup that the country has all over, the students get access to good workplaces.

  1. Student-friendly policies

The policies by the Australian government and universities are student-friendly and even more so for international students.

  1. Productive country

Australia is a productive country, as most people manage their time and don’t waste their time.

  1. Natural sceneries

The country is home to some of the best natural sights in the world, giving the students a wide range of options for healthy detours.

  1. Several tourist destinations

There is no problem with finding tourist destinations as there are many that can be counted on fingers.

  1. Good quality of living

The quality of living that the students enjoy is highly desirable.

  1. Many Work opportunities

Non-native students have many work opportunities due to an Australian degree which is of great benefit to them.

  1. A growing destination

Australia is a growing destination among tourists and many students and permanent settlers.

  1. Increasing global recognition

Australia is gaining a lot of global recognition which is making it one of the best study abroad destinations.

  1. Students allowed to work for 20 hrs per week

It is a significantly important factor for international students that they are allowed to work up to 20 hrs per week so that they can handle their expenses and can decrease financial problems.

  1. Clean environment

The environment in Australia is green and clean which makes the quality of living better than in many countries.

  1. Nice services

Services in Australia are a lot helpful for people which is also helpful for international students.

  1. Affordable cost of living

The cost of living in Australia is expensive but is quite cheaper than several other popular study abroad destinations across the globe.

  1. Easy Job visas

International students get job visas easily which is a huge benefit for them.

  1. Research opportunities

There are many research opportunities which are provided by various universities. Students in the Research sector enjoy this benefit and more.

  1. High possibility of gaining permanent residence

In Australia, it is much easier for international students to get a permanent residence license than in the US or Canada.

  1. Special rights for international students

To make study much easier for international students, the Australian government has introduced many policies in order to help them.

  1. Student essential services [SES] in Australia

SES is a policy in Australia which helps the students in various kinds of scenarios.

  1. Over 22000 courses

There are over 22000 courses available in the universities of Australia, which is one of the reasons why the country is already home to such an extensive international student population.

  1. Great faculties

In the universities, the instructors are one of the best as they are student-friendly and explain things in a good manner.

  1. Lingual diversity

There are many people from different countries in Australia who speak different languages which makes Australia a country of Lingual Diversity.

  1. Over 200 Languages

There are over 200 languages spoken in Australia which is one of the most in any country in the world.

  1. Cultural diversity

The cultural diversity that the country has on offer makes it more welcoming to the international students.

  1. Land of Nobels

Australia, being a land of good quality education, is also the land of nobels. There are a total of 15 scientists who have received Nobel prizes. This becomes a reassuring factor for students in terms of the quality of education.

  1. Work and life balance

Work and life are balanced here in Australia which increases the quality of living and also increases the happiness index of the country.

  1. Easy communication

Communication here is easy as the common language spoken here is English which is mostly spoken by people around the world.

  1. Australian Qualification Framework [AQF] recognized

The Australian Qualification Framework ensures that the universities as a whole continue to maintain the quality of education that the country is known for.

  1. Pleasant weather

Weather in Australia is always pleasant and is something that anyone, including the students, would enjoy.

  1. Well paid jobs

Jobs in Australia allow the students to get paid well, ensuring that they decrease their financial stress.

  1. Supporting employers

Most employers that you’ll find in Australia are quite supportive and friendly, especially to international students. They support them in every aspect.

  1. All privileges of the modern world available

Australia is one of the most advanced countries and is a modern country in every aspect, from infrastructure to the mindset, etc.

  1. Sports-friendly

International students in Australia who are interested in sports are at the right place as Australia also promotes sports like cricket and several others.

  1. Close to South-East Asia

Australia is close to Southeast Asia which opens a new spot for tourist attractions for people and students.

  1. Well-prepared pedagogies

It is a positive point in universities in Australia that they mainly focus on practical teaching rather than theoretical learning which increases the interest of students in the study.

  1. Affordable courses

Courses here are relatively cheaper than in other countries like the US, UK, Canada, etc.

  1. High Average income

The income per hour in Australia is high which attracts many international students. The average income is 20-30 AUD per hour.

  1. Valuable degrees

Any degree earned from any of the prestigious universities in Australia is of significantly high value and allows the student to pursue great careers.

  1. Great connections to be formed

The university and work culture in Australia allow the students to form great professional connections that yield benefits for life.

  1. Low crime rate

In Australia, the crime rate is very low, which makes it a safer place than other countries.

  1. Famous great barrier reef

The great barrier reef is one of the famous tourist attractions. The country is home to several others.

  1. Internship availability

In Australian universities, internships are available easily which attracts many students to study in Australia.

  1. Vibrant cities

There are many famous cities in Australia and all of them are vibrant ones with many places to visit and enjoy.

  1. Post-study opportunities

The Australian government also provides international students many post-study opportunities which can be availed by students and are of great importance as many countries do not provide these opportunities.

  1. Doorway to better future

Studying in Australia gives students a doorway to a world of better opportunities and transforms them into great professionals.

  1. Gaining valuable experiences

Also with study, students also gain different experiences in a different country by working, visiting places, etc.

  1. Better employability prospects

Degrees of Australia are valuable. It will benefit an international student as an employer will prefer an Australian degree. That is, it increases employability chances.

  1. Famous for countryside

Australia is also famous for its countryside, which is an attractive tourist destination and a good place to spend some time for students.

  1. Academic Excellence

Australia’s colleges and universities offer academic excellence to all its students and allow them to become the best professional versions of themselves.

  1. Promoting research sector

The Australian government and Australian Universities are promoting research practices among the students and are also highly helpful for the students who are in the research sector.

  1. Meeting people from around the world

Apart from other things, students also get the chance to meet people from different parts of the world and make friends with them as it also enriches the experience of the student and helps them better understand the world.

  1. Easy to change courses

It is common among students in Australian universities to change their courses due to the difficulty level. This flexibility of the system makes the life of students quite easy.

  1. Advantage of technology

Non-native students also have the advantage of the technology and equipment in the universities in Australia, which increases the success rate of the student in the course.

  1. Assured study quality

Australian universities also give assured quality of the study. This is also possible as the universities have to maintain their prestige.

  1. Availability of support unit at every university

For the help of students, especially the international ones, there is a special support unit at every university in Australia that helps the students with a wide range of problems and issues.

  1. Simple visa formalities

Australia has simple visa formalities for the students. It makes it one of the most recommended destinations for education.

So here were the most important 99 reasons to choose Australia as your study abroad destination.

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