10 Photos you Must Click on your Graduation Day

graduation pictures

The final day of graduation is arriving, when you will be having your degree in your hands and throw your graduation caps high in the air. Everyone is high on enthusiasm and zeal for the day they have been waiting for long. The music, the audience, the decorations all around, the speech by the authority of college- the spirit of graduating and stepping onto the next level of life is clear. From here, you will be working ahead and moving on to become and independent person proving yourself in the corporate sector, industry or market.

It is a great moment for everyone as college life is the time when we live by our choices and enjoy to the fullest. Everyone is nostalgic on this day, as an array of memories flow into our hearts. Those days in the first year, stalking your crush, sleepless nights at the dorm, playing games in the corridor, college trips and so many more memoirs lie in our hearts. And now, the final day has come, when you will graduate and wave hands to your friends, wishing them luck for their lives and moving on.

For such a special day, one must have good photographs to capture the best memories and take them with you. It will be better if you take along a DSLR with you, as the quality of the images will be much better than that of mobile. They will remain with your forever and remind you of those special days. Following are some tips to capture few chosen moments while clicking pictures on the big day.

Throwing off your Graduation Caps high into the air

graduation picture ideas

It is one of the best moments of the graduation day when your whole batch comes together and throws their caps into the air. Get the picture clicked where you are clearly visible in your photograph, jumping high and taking the cap off your head. The tremendous zeal of the moment will make the picture even more special.

Selfie with your classmates

graduation pictures

Not to forget this one! Your classmates are the ones with whom you had the journey of your college life, sharing your good and moments with them. Get all of them together and capture everyone smiling, laughing and enjoying each other’s company for the last time in college. It will be better if you get a selfie stick for this, which is nothing but a stick with a handle to hold and a stand at the other end, to place the phone in it. It gives a bigger view, where everyone can be clearly visible.

Say cheese! With your crush

graduation pictures

Going to miss that cute guy in the class who always helped you with your notes and made you fall for him with his cheeky smile? No worries now because he is going to be in your next picture! Have him right next to you and smile while looking at him. This will make the picture even more interesting.

Stand tall with your faculty

graduation pictures

Get a photograph with all your teachers in a group. They are the ones who have made you stand firm with knowledge, which will establish you as a successful person for the rest of your life. Don’t be scared to ask them guys, they won’t scold you anymore!

Selfie with your besties

graduation photo ideas

That one group with which you always hang out, share your secrets, share laughter rolling on the floor and cherish the company of each other. That one set of people that you will miss the most, get them in your next selfie. Surely, the girls will give the best variety of expressions ever! One can see the duck-faced, the doe, the wide smiley and peace-out signs flying out in the picture. Treasure your last moments in the college, along with sharing the best of the memories you have made together.

A picture with your proud parents

graduation pictures

Your parents will be the happiest people after you on the day of your graduation. They stood with you at each point of time when you needed guidance, cleared your mind when you were confused and celebrated with you when you were happy. All those years of graduation have been a hard time for them too, financing for your studies and other expenses.

Make sure that you thank them for everything on graduation day, and tell them that they are always right for you. Get a picture clicked with them in your graduation robe, smiling and standing proud.

The last peek into your hostel room

graduation photo dorm room

Although it’s a huge mess inside, with the quilt on the floor, books scattered all over the table and dresses bursting out of the closet, yet your dorm room or the place wherever you lived all these years hold a place in your heart. Do something crazy like jumping on the bed for the picture. After all, we all do reckless things in a hostel.

A solo!

graduation photo ideas

Now it’s time for showing your certificate now along with your graduation robe. Stand with your degree certificate rolled in and held in your hands, wearing your graduation robe and hat with a wide grin. It’s for this certificate, for which you sacrificed so many nights of sleep and strained yourself for the hard work. You have earned it, so celebrate it.

A click of your college campus

graduation Photo Ideas

Pick your favorite location of the building or campus of the college. It can be anywhere, from the corridor, sports ground to the cafeteria or the exterior look of the main building. You can also have your friends to come up for it.

A smile with your love

Graduation Pictures

We all have fallen in love with someone, once at least. It’s really incredible if the girl is in the same college! You made a lot of memories with her, shared your secrets, happiness and sorrows with her. Maybe you see a future with each other too. Click a picture with you love inside the campus, looking at each other. Tell each other that they are very special to you and that you won’t let them go, even after the college ends.

While clicking the images, keep in mind that it should be in a bright area, sharp and with a proper focus. We don’t remember days, but memories which we treasure during those days. Although there will be loads of pictures clicked on the day of your graduation, these will remain special, as each of them has deep emotions entwined with them.

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