Top 5 Digital Educational Tools and calculators to try in 2021

In todays ever changing environment one needs to change and upgrade your knowledge and skills accordingly.  It is very necessary to stay strong financially as well as relevant in the working field. 

You must learn to use some digital tools that are going to shape up your current and future assignments and help you achieve new heights in your field.

Following is the list of 5 digital educational tools and calculators to try that will help you function properly and to help you grow

Plagiarism Checker

Now a days trillions of websites are publishing information online but it’s a tough ask to check which provided data is original and which has some copied content in it.

This check ensures the integrity of the website and its provided content and forms the reputation of the website where it is uploaded

Just by reading the content you can’t make sure if it’s and authentic work or is just copy pasted. So in order to ensure that the content is completely free from plagiarism one needs to check it through the plagiarism checker.

There are a lot of Plagiarism checker available on Web but you can’t put in your trust in every plagiarism checker tool to do the job and completely identify theuniqueness or plagiarism in the content.

The plagiarism checker by prepostseo is one of the top ranked plagiarism checker. It has great artificial intelligence algorithms in work to check whether the content that’s put in is 100% unique or is plagiarised.

It gives 1000 words content check for free then you have to get registered for unlimited access. You can put in multiple formats inputs like doc, docx, pdf, txt and provides multiple languages option as well.

It has Google extension tab and guarantees that the content is completely secured from public eye. It also provides you a feature that you can make the plagiarised content unique with just a click of button. It is a widely used by teachers, students and bloggers to check the uniqueness and than using it on the website

Notepad Online

You want to make notes of what you are learning than editpad online works the best. It helps you take notes and save them so that you can use them later for your work. You can copy data and paste into inbox and you will be able to edit text and save for further use.

It gives you the option to input the files from your computer or Google drive. One drive is also under development at the moment.

Adding, deleting, copy and paste are options available in online text pad

Editpad not only gives you a chance to make notes it also gives you word and character counts. You can check for every grammar mistake. Plagiarism can also be detected as it provides this additional process that’s a big plus in editpad for database homework help services.

You don’t have to install any software as it is ready to use. You can easily convert formatted data from word, excel or Google docs and turn it into plain understandable plain text.

Editpad gives you the option to direct share with others that you want. The file creating options are endless. Your files are completely password protected and secured.

Editpad has multiple uses

  1. It allows you to quickly write and edit the text.
  2. Without the need to install text editing software, students and other users can easily write online notes.
  3. Allows you to verify the uniqueness of written text.
  4. Editpad provides paraphrase that can be used by bloggers, writers, and webmasters to reword text and avoid plagiarism.
  5. It allows developers to work on the same file while working on various projects at the same time.

Paraphrasing Tool

One must learn paraphrasing if they want to secure their future in working field and it will help immensely. is a great option for professional paraphrasing.

You can add a simple text and with a click get it Paraphrased By this super fast paraphrasing tool. It uses artificial intelligence rewriter that are based on NLP that is going to help you create fresh content provides you up to 100 words paraphrasing for free with three types of writing options

  • Fluency
  • Standard
  • Creative

You can paraphrase the content according to what your needs are . The out put text will be totally readable and understandable.

You can upload text in any format as you have the open option here for example doc, docx,  PDF or txt. 

You get 1000 word for free paraphrasing and you can paraphrase longer content by getting registered. helps remove plagiarism as it affects the integrity and reputation of your website.  It provides uniqueness to an old content as it gets good as new

Paraphrasing helps refreshing the content but keeping the original meaning and core thought process of the writer intact. helps in following

  • Restructuring and refreshing the old content
  • Making the content plagiarism free
  • Use of artificial intelligence database
  • Use correct synonyms that makes sure the finished data is eligible and make perfect sense
  • Multiple languages are supported

 Sig fig Calculator

Every Numbers have digits that have significance for that number. They are representative of how accurate or useful the number is in its extent.

Example can be tricky

2314 has 4 significant digits in it while if you talk about 0.0350 the significant figures you are going to find are 3 5 and 0 at the end for  my assignment help services

Sigfig calculator provides you the ultimate solution to a lot of your problems. It gets you the significant numbers in a given value.

You can find multiple things with it like

  • Aggregate significant figures
  • Amount of decimal
  • Electronic notation
  • Scientific notation

It works very entering the numbers in the box and scrolling bar to get the complete value and just by clicking calculate you get the rounding significant figures. You can scroll bar again if not satisfied with the assignment help answer

There are some rules that must be followed

  • If its not the digit zero its significant like 546 or 3.15 have 3 significant digits each
  • If the zero is in between non zero digits they are significant. 5001 these zeros have significance
  • If you find a zero on the left side of 1st significant number its not significant like 00135 or 0.00125
  • Significance must be given to trailing zero if they come after Decimal pointlike 32.00
  • If the number is lacking a decimal point than trailing zero are non significant 65000 only 2 significant figures

You can do all this very easily with a sig fig calculator.

Proportion Calculator

Finding the value of “x” has been an ultimate challenge for kids. Proportions are hard to find but with proportion calculator it’s made very easy.


Proportion is the statement that gives you insight into two ratios and tells you that they are equal in measure

:: is proportion sign

= is equal sign


Is an equation that we have to solve by finding the value of x

As you can see they are both equal we can cross multiply them

12×3/4= x/12×12

12×3/4= x


AThis way you can easily solve complex proportion equations

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