Get the Most Out of Your Study Time

Get the Most Out of Your Study Time

The exam period is near, and you have started with your studying late, yet again. You need to make peace with the fact that you will not get more time than that, so try to make the most out of what you have. Panicking and stressing out about it will not help, so sit down, breathe, make a plan, and stick to it.

Time to Get Up

Pulling an all-nighter might seem like a good idea the moment you plan it, but the next morning when you wake up all swollen and tired, you realize that it was not that productive after all. That is why it is always better to go to bed earlier, get enough sleep and use Upskilled tips and start your day right, rested, with the first rays of sunshine. This way you will have time to even go jogging, get rid of the negativity, and even have a breakfast that is the most important meal in a day. Make yourself some eggs with vegetables, and if you do all this before that first cup of coffee, you are bound to have more energy to do all the things you have planned for that day.

Make a Plan

First and most important thing is to get all the subject material that you need before even starting with some serious work. Then calculate how many days you have until the exam, how many books, chapters and pages are there to be learned and memorized, lead with ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. Always try to do more so that you would have more time to revise before the actual exam, but remember one important thing: be realistic, meaning that you should not try to change your working habits. For example, if you have never studied at night, do not count on it now, as if you have never managed to concentrate late in the evening, you will not manage to do it now.

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Make Yourself Comfortable

Next, you need to think about the environment you are going to study in. Decide whether you need silence or not, because if you can not study with the background noises and your house is full, you should plan on going to the library. On the other hand, you might be uncomfortable sitting at the desk reading, but better off on a couch with the music in the background. In that case, the comfort of your own home, studying in your own room is the best option. Which place, or which method you choose is not important, as long as it works well for you. You also need to think about how much space you need, whether you only have one book, or like an architect, you need to spread your plans and graphs all over the place. This will also affect greatly the choice of the study environment.

Take a Break

Even though you do not have that much time left, you should not skip on rest. So as soon as you notice that your concentration is bailing on you, step away from the book, play some music, dance around the room, or simply take a walk to clear your head.

Plan everything in advance, do not let anything surprise you, and most importantly – relax and breathe. Panicking will do you no good. Do not forget to rest whenever you need to, but at the same time stick to your schedule as close as you can, and you are bound to perform well on your upcoming exams.

Tell us: How are you bracing yourself for the upcoming exam season?

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