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History is one those subjects which cannot be studied unless a person had deep interest in it and also it is quite difficult to build this interest. Because it does not relate to the modern day happenings a lot of students find it difficult to relate to it and thus find it boring and do not like it. Answers to homework questions for History is quite difficult to find is one do not have the aptitude for it. Homework Help is easily available in all the subjects but only a few places can provide you with History Homework Help and urgenthomework is one of them. Homework Helpers here keep in mind the considerations whether is College Homework Help or School Homework Help and accordingly provide the Homework Help that is needed by the students. Homework Help For History can be beneficial only if your Homework Helper makes you comfortable with the subject and the Homework Helpers here make sure that they do this. Though American history homework help and world history homework help are very difficult to find but at urgenthomework.com you not only get your Homework Answers but also get the best answers.

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Here you can get free History Assignment Help and thus for no cost you get answers to your Homework Questions. You are taught here how to do your Assignments, Homework in much better way, a way that would not only help you complete your Assignments, Homework but also teach how rich your History is. It is difficult to remember all the dates and events in History and so this website and its Homework Helpers guide you how to remember all these in the best way. They make all of this a cake walk for the Students with the only motive of improving your grades. Whether you have to do a research or generally need help in learning, this website will make it easy for you and in no time you would master this vast and difficult subject. The entire concept of free Online Homework Help has changed the scenario in which studies are taken now. Students have begun to regard the Homework Helpers as their guides and now studying is no more a pain for them.

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  • The civil war was inevitable and compulsory as there were the anti-slavery northerners and also the pro-slavery southerners existed in the country. Slavery must have been banned because all of the human beings were eventually created and shall be treated with quality.
  • The civil war was basically caused because of the slavery and other numerous conflicts in between North and south and also the main secession of the 11states majorly that caused due to the election of 1860.
  • Although, the civil war of 1861 eventually plays an important role in building up the stronger nation because it eventually gave the freedom to the country and the outer conflicts in between the North and southern states that were concluded by the Union’s victory.

The American civil war was basically a turning point in the entire history of North America. It was basically a conflict that actually pitted the northern states of the American Union opposing the Southern states. This war was basically raged for around four years and was marked by some of the military campaigns in the entire modern history in particular.

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As the events of the French revolution were taking place women have always been the active members of it. They believed that the French revolution would bring significant changes to their life too and their involvement in the events of revolution would pressurize the revolutionary government.

Most of the women working at that time belonged to the third estate. Under the pressure of running a living, they had to work as laundresses or sell flowers, fruits, vegetables at the market many of them were also employed as domestic servants in the houses of prosperous people. It was very unfortunate for working women because they had to come back home and do the work of household like cook, fetch water, queue up for bread and look after the children too. Moreover, their salaries or wages were low as compared to men.

Most women were uneducated. The access of literacy was only given to the daughters of nobles or wealthier members of the third estate who use to go for studying to a convent. And then their families used to marry them. 

Due to the deteriorated situation of women, they together grouped and began their political clubs and newspapers too. Near about sixty women’s clubs were formed in various French cities.  The most prominent figures from this were the society of revolutionary and republican women. Their demands included political rights the same as men. Women were highly dissatisfied with being passive citizens according to the constitution of 1791. They wanted the right to vote, to be elected to the assembly and to hold political office.

In the early years, there were some laws presented by the revolutionary government which somehow improved the lives of women. The creation of state schools schooling became compulsory for all the girls. Moreover, the families of girls could ‘not force them into marriage without their own will .as marriage was now a contract which could be recorded in free will only. Moreover, divorce was now legal, and it could be approached by both the genders, men and women.

Why is studying historical events difficult?

Studying revolutions like this equal to studying history. Students on various levels of grades find it difficult to study history as a subject because of the major rule of memorizing dates. You can find in the article above the author has mentioned dates with every incident. This is what completes a history work. But it can be difficult for a student to learn the dates if he is not a fan of rote learning. One must pay utmost attention to each event which has happened in the world. Moreover, one must link every event with another so that better understanding can develop.

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Sample History Assignment Help Done by Urgenthomework Experts

          HIST115 – Global History
          Research Essay (1,700 words)

Description: One of the key skills in studying history is the ability to locate, identify, analyze and synthesize a wide range of evidence. Primary sources provide historians with direct accounts or testimony about the past. They are “first hand” evidence, created in immediate association to historical events or within specific contexts. Such evidence can range from personal letters and diaries, contemporary accounts or journalism, photography, sound (such as music), material culture (such artifacts and buildings) to autobiographies and oral histories. Professional historians in a range of areas – including research and education, museums and heritage, conservation and policy areas – have to make informed judgments about the value of such evidence and its meanings.

Your second assignment is a 1,700-word research essay. For this assignment, you are required to select and analyze the historical value of a primary source and its significance to the key themes of global history.

What you need to do: Choose one primary source and use it as an avenue to research key themes in global history. We will discuss how to select a source in more detail in Week 5. You will need to research not only the text/object you have selected but also how it explains, connects to, or illuminates three key themes in global history. This means you will have to use secondary sources (no less than 10), such as books and journal articles, to research the context and themes of global history to which your primary source relates. When selecting your primary source you should think about what major themes in global history relates to and how you will use it to explore these. Your essay will be marked on how well you use the primary source to explore three key themes inglobal history. You are encouraged to think independently, creatively, and critically in selecting your source.

You will need to footnote your essay and provide a bibliography of your sources using the Chicago referencing style.

When locating and selecting your primary source you should think critically about how the text/object historically ties to or links the processes of human convergence. You should consider how your chosen primary source brings peoples, places, ideas, and movements, together across time and space. You should also think about the following questions:

  1. What do I need to know to assess the significance of the primary source and to place it within the most appropriate global context?
  2. What does the source most help us to understand about global history?

Themes you might like to think about (but are not limited to):

  • Movement of people (such as diaspora and migration)
  • Movement of commodities (such as trade, economy, capitalism)
  • Movement of ideologies (such as technology, religion, science)
  • Movement of disease (such as world health)
  • Nodes of encounter (such as oceans, cities)
  • Global conflict (such as war, genocide, and violence)
  • Empires and colonialism
  • Nationalism and the nation-state
  • The environment and ecology
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Globalization
  • Global histories from below
  • The limits of global history

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