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101644 Bachelor of Social Work for Disability Organization


1. Compare and contrast the Board (‘governance’) and/or Management (‘approach’) of any three (3) already existing Community Service Organisations (small-medium
in size) of your choice (within the Typology).
2. Essential Elements: a) Within the Typology the student is required to compile data that assesses what knowledge/gaps can be located/not located about these organisations.
b) The use of a “typology” (or grid) as a clear and concise visual summary of 3-5 characteristics which allows for compare/contrast between the differences and similarities in the Board (‘governance’) and/or Management (‘approach) of each organisation. The number of aspects must not exceed 5 so as to avoid overly complex and unwieldy analyses.
c) A critical discussion of the material summarised in the typology/grid (via reference to essential literature and other appropriate resources), as well as;
d) A discussion of how each organisation seeks to demonstrate their “effectiveness” in each of the supplied characteristics (via reference to the essential literature and other appropriate resources).


In Australia, the Community Service Organizations are known to be one of the most important sectors for the countries development. These sectors have different methods through which they can be defined, these include the organization type, the legal status, the entire structure, the service provision and whether it is an online, referral of a direct approach. However, the most important aspects of these organizations are the functions by which they provide within a community (Hudson and Rogan 2009). For example, if a large company were to provide various functions within that community, it would have a community with different activities and groups. There are many similar organizations in Australia however; this discussions focus on three of such community services Achieve Australia, Australian Federation of disability organization (AFDO) and the People With Disability Organization (PWDA). The first organization is Achieve Australia which works in skill building if the disabled community so the

y can work better in life. Both the organizations Australian Federation of disability organization (AFDO) and the People With Disability Organization (PWDA), works towards the empowerment of the disabled people and giving them equal rights. The Australian Federation of Disability Organization is a government formed organization whereas the People With Disability Organization is mainly by private initiative.

From the perspective governance of these organizations, it is known that the nonprofit boards normally serve the increase the accessibility in professional networks that leads to influencing the regular method of employment. There are people within networks those who can affect the services in various ways (Almog-Bar and Schmid 2014).  The board of directors expands their skill set according to their requirements. This can be for marketing, governance, financing, branding, recruitment or even interaction. The board takes the initiatives to know all the factors that help in shaping an organization’s vision so that it can be a source of satisfaction towards the community.  The organizations consider their actions as an opportunity to learn and know more about the causes and the effects caused and the members in the community those who support them. By making deeper connections with the involved community, the board offers various services towards the disables, the children and contemporary art services (Carnochan et al. 2014). There are many who offer unique services and center of intelligence. The directors give opportunity so that their personal connections to help the entire community by bringing in like-minded people together. The connections can serve in different perspectives that points towards many factors that needs severe attention.

Independent Community Living Australia is one of the famous not for profit organizations in the country and mainly aimed at the people with disabilities and deformities. The process in which the organization does this is by ensuring that the skills of the people are upgraded and they have better life management skills. Accommodation is provided to the people who need the same and how the people will gain various skills in order to survive and earn. The leadership of this particular organization “Their passion and enthusiasm is supported by our dedicated and committed administration and management teams. Our Executive Leadership Team draws on a wealth of experience and expertise to steer us in the right direction, along with the unwavering support of our Board of Directors”. The organization takes care that the people associated within the organization are all experts and well versed in dealing with the people with disabilities. The Chief Executive Officer is the person responsible for all the activities, under whom there is an executive team which is the larger responsible body of the organization.

The Australian Federation of the Disability organization mainly deals with the philosophy and mission of establishing equal rights for the disabled community in Australia. The people with disability for the most of the time are always discriminated and made victims of various social stigmas. This organization is mainly dealing with these discriminations and is working towards a more inclusive and socially relevant position of the discussed community so they can equally influence the electoral process and various other administrative responsibilities. The organization is governed by a board of directors and the Chief Executive Officer is the head of all the responsibilities. “Members of our Board of Directors are elected from nominees within not-for-profit disability organizations that are full members of AFDO”. It is stated that the members must be presently or in past have faced disability.

People With Disability Australia is a national organization that works for rights of the people in the community of disability. The official website of the organization states “We have a vision of a socially just, accessible and inclusive community, in which the human rights, belonging, contribution, potential and diversity of all people with disability are recognised, respected and celebrated with pride.  This organization is also of similar nature like the previous one, working for the social rights of the people in the disabled community.

Therefore, from the above discussion it can be concluded that a community service is a non-profit society that associated itself with activities beneficial for the overall community. To work out all the systems of the community accordingly, it can be said that the community is altruistic. This states that the organizations are well established and operates for the improvement of people. This can involve justice towards peace, association of playgroups, community service and more. These organizations seek the common interest of people and they are not altruistic and therefore cannot be directed towards community service.

Criteria of Comparison

Independent Community Living Australia

Australian Federation of disability organization

People With Disability Organization


The main source of funding is from the donors who donate for the cause.

The organization receives its funds mainly from charities and government funds.

Just like the previous two organizations this also receives its funding from charities and the government. Government funding is huge.


The organization has the most expert faculty in order to assist the disabled people in learning the life skills to live their life in the most meaningful and productive way.   

The volunteers in this organization are also from the community of disable people because it is believed that they are the best who would understand the problems of similar people and raise their voice against any discrimination.

The volunteers in this organization are also from the community of disable people because it is believed that they are the best who would understand the problems of similar people and raise their voice against any discrimination.

Mission Statement

The mission statement is to create a community where the disable people are given maximum skills training.

Using the strength of our membership-based organizations to harness the collective power of uniting people with disability to change society into a community where everyone is equal.

We have a vision of a socially just, accessible and inclusive community, in which the human rights, belonging, contribution, potential and diversity of all people with disability are recognized, respected and celebrated with pride.


References and Bibliography

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