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4075 Independent Research For Importance of Food Safety


The objectives of your research are to:-
1. Select (or refine) a subject area of interest and relevance to your course specialism,
2. Demonstrate project management skills in developing a research enquiry, supporting strategy and a project management plan,
3. Develop a working relationship with your supervisor,
4. Defend your initial proposal in front of a research panel,
5. Select appropriate philosophical framework and methodologies in order to:
6. Complete a review of the current understanding of the subject area and identify gaps in our understanding, and.
7. Develop a specific objective, hypothesis or research question(s) with supporting strategy for the research paper and carry out your research,
8. Write two papers (6,000 words each) of your subject using the notes for authors of the WRSTSD Journal (Annex 1), and



The food consumption pattern determines the scope for safety in an individual. The present pattern of consumption shows a strong preference for consumer for the foods that are processed. The reason for this is that the processed foods tends to stay for a longer period of time thus saving money of the consumers (Belluco et al., 2013). The food safety measures must be considered by every individual before selecting the food item. The consumption of unsafe food can create huge problem to human health leading to life taking risks. Thus it is very important to maintain a safe and healthy food consumption system in every society. The society must make sure that they are using the best and safe way for consumption of food. The interest for maintaining a safe food consumption in everyone has increased in comparison to the past few years (Amaya-González et al., 2013). A food safety emergency occurs when the company is facing a severe problem regarding their reputation and effects the political and economic consequences. The study will discuss about the role of technology and law in maintenance of food safety. It will compare the law and awareness of food safety with practise in UK. It will elaborate the study with technological innovation, balance the competencies between UK and EU.

Background and context

The process of food processing is a shared responsibility of every individual in the food chain reflecting a safe and quality food. The maintenance of safe and healthy food is required in every sector (Kareem, Brümmer& Martinez-Zarzoso, 2015). The food that is consumed go through various processing’s to assure that the food reaches the consumer in a healthy way.The quality of the food determines how the food was made or produced. The manufacturers have to make sure that they are maintaining the proper standard of the food and are using best quality of transport, storage, ingredients while making the food (Wang et al., 2016).

To ensure a quality food item the suppliers, farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers, transporters have to pay equal tribute and assure that the food quality and safety is at the desirable standard. The responsibility for safe and secured food has to be shared by everyone in the food chain that includes the farmers to transporters (Akhtar, Sarker & Hossain, 2014). Food varies from different standards however it is the responsibility of the consumer to ensure that they are consuming safe food by practising proper food hygiene, safe preparation method, and safe storage.

Technology involvement in food: The trend of pasteurization and canning of food was practised in the early days of life. Canning was considered to be a wider practise for preserving food and keeping them for a long period of time (Sonnino, Moragues Faus, & Maggio, 2014). However, this process is considered to be extremely unhygienic and unhealthy as the method was not clean and safe in the early period. The recent technological innovation has identified different types of pasteurization to preserve a variety of food. According to study it is stated that even after a thorough washing and cleaning of food there are few products that do not wash away. The processing and cleaning methods could never assure a completely germ free food product. After the innovation of irradiation which uses the electron beams, X-rays and gamma rays to kill these bacteria’s without damaging the product (Fleming et al., 2018). This treatment helps to prevent from reproducing the germs thus making sure that they food products are safe and free from the germs permanently. The method assures higher quality of food and safety to the consumer. There are various other methods that include proper maintenance and identification of germs and bacteria in food and kills them to make the food germ free and safe to consume.

The dark side of unhealthy food will be discussed in this paragraph. The food creates a basic structure for everyone to survive and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A misbalance in diet can cause damage to the entire living structure of the individual. An unhealthy eating habit, unsafe food and unhygienic consuming system can create severe diseases that might lead to life time sufferance or death (Fleming et al., 2018). However, there are difference between unhealthy and unsafe food culture. There are various types of food that might be unhealthy causing damage to human health but the unsafe food is the condition when the processing and manufacturing of the food is done in an unhealthy and unsafe manner that includes the presence of bacteria, germs that causes diseases and thus the consumer suffers due to this.

This study will discuss about the approach for technology for maintaining proper healthy method of food consumption in the daily life style of every individual. The research is trying to figure out how the technological innovations will help the food producers to create a better condition for safe food in the market. The study has come up with few research aims and objectives that try to explain the reason for this paper.

Research Aims and Objectives 

The aim of the paper is to identify the technology that will be best suited to prepare the best and safe food for consumption. The technology involvement has improved various sectors in society thus this study will show how the technology has and will be improving the standard of safe food in society.

The objectives of the study are as follows:

  • It tried to understand the law that is associated with food and safety and compare it with the various practises that are practised in UK.
  • To research about the laws, technologies and practises to maintain awareness among the consumer centric approach.
  • Identify the block chain technology and find out whether it is the future of this industry or not.

The main objective or target of the paper is to identify whether the technology has any role to play to determine the condition of food safety. The study tries to explain the consumer and the producer of the necessity of healthy food and how they can implement technology in this and create a better scope for food production.

Research Strategy and Methods

The study tries to argue with the topic of implementation of technology for creating healthy and safe food for the consumers and rescue the consumers from getting sick. The contaminated food items that can cause severe damage to the human health must be avoided with major concerns. The mission of the study is to identify and create a safe food using modern technology. The need for safe food is present in every level of life. The crisis for safe food is required to meet the crisis of food with the implementation of HACCP principles. The involvement of technology like Blockchain allows the product to be traced at any time thus preventing the wastage of food. It is very important to imply good practises to avoid cross contamination. The proper governing of food and sustainability in food supply chain has become an important factor for the stakeholders.

The basic intention of this study is to understand the law in food safety and comparing it with the level of awareness practises that are maintained in UK. It will typically discuss the culture of food safety which inspires the health of the individual and how technology will help in the entire process. It will also identify whether Blockchain is the future of food safety or not. It discusses about the fact that how technology helps the improvement the standard of the food quality and safety.


The method that was used to identify the entire process was descriptive that included the entire description of the process for to be used how it influences the use of technology in this system. The study was typically designed to understand the concept of technology involvement in food safety method. The data that were collected were all primary as there is no previous study regarding this. There is few related study about this topic but they were not used for this research paper. Thus the data used was completely primary.


It is expected that the innovation will change the entire structure of the world someday. The condition of the global agriculture, nutrition, health is improved with the implementation of this new technology and innovations. This will not only improve the food condition all over the world but will also improve the health condition of every entity present. The situation will be beneficial to everyone the food determines the health of every individual thus it is necessary to consume proper and healthy food by everyone. It is expected that the technology involvement will make the food processing method much easier and cheaper in nature allowing the manufacturers to keep a strong hold on producing healthy and hygienic food. The reduced expenditure for safe food will encourage the producer, retailer, transporter, farmers to maintain a safe and hygiene food production standard thus resulting to a healthy lifestyle. The study is expecting an outcome that will not only kill the germs in food for a better food production but result into a healthy life for every consumer. The study expects an outcome that will be benefitting the society in producing proper food quality without hampering the food quality in an efficient manner.

Discussion and Conclusion:

The study has concerned about the importance of healthy and safe food consumption in the daily life of human. It tries to identify the risk that can be faced by the consumers if the food is unsafe or unhygienic. The study states that the food safety starts from the manufacturing process and continues till the retailer is selling the product to the customers. This includes the behaviour of the supplier, transporter, wholesaler, and retailer. Their approach for maintenance highly affects the food quality thus resulting whether the food is safe to consume or not. This can be further enhanced if the technology is interfering in the process and making some improved structure for the process. The study has discussed about the importance of safe food in daily and how the food can be processed with the technology involvement. The implementation of technology will uplift the condition of the food safety and thus result to a safe and healthy life for all the consumers. The study has also discussed that how few back dated technologies were harmful or less active compared to the present days technologies that are used to clean the food. Then developing technology is building better scope for the organization to build better opportunity to produce higher standard of food and maintain their safety. The study tends to identify the possible risk and opportunities for consuming unsafe and in hygienic food and how they can cause damage to human health.

Thus it can be concluded with this thought that the research has argues for the betterment of technology and the entire system of food manufacturing and packaging. Food is considered to be one of the important part of human life and it is solely responsible for the well -being of every individual. Hence if there is any gap in this system then it is expected the food will be of low quality including the presence of harmful germs and bacteria that will create a severe damage to human health. Thus the food has to be made of standard ingredients and after it is manufactured it should be maintained with proper hygiene. The study has clearly stated its intention for the research and expects that steps will be taken to uplift the standard of food in the society and reduce the risk related to food consumption. 


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