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7000LBSMGT Management: Foster and Maintain Business Relationships

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Foster And Maintain Business Relationships

Individually create a professionally written proposal or business case about how you are going to foster and maintain the relationship.

Ensure your proposal/business case identifies:

  1. How you will proactively seek, review and act upon information needed to maintain sound business relationships.
  2. The methods of regular contact you will use to nurture the relationship.
  3. What interpersonal and communication styles you will use and how you will ensure that they will be effective.

Where applicable provide examples of the communication materials or methods that you are going to use to assist you with building and nurturing the business relationships.


Foster and Maintain Business Relationships

1. How to proactively seek, review and act upon information needed to maintain sound business relationships 

In order to maintain effective business relationship business executive should make proper communication with both internal as well as external stakeholder (Pearson 2017). Before making cordial relationship with the internal stakeholder I as a responsible business executive need to seek detailed information about employee profile, their qualification and academic backgrounds, their previous experiences and so on. Based on the qualifications of the employees I would like to communicate with them in accordingly. After reviewing on the employee profile I get to know which form of communication method I should follow while interacting with that individual employee.

In addition, I would like to collect detailed information about the customers’ as well before making effective relationship with them. Customers are from different cultural backgrounds and attitudes. Therefore, I would like to seek proper information about the customer profile so that I can communicate with them properly. Customers having language barriers may have to face challenges in using business services (Mikkelson, York and Arritola 2015). In order to foster effective relationship I would like to use both verbal and non-verbal communication. As a result, customers who have language barrier can easily communicate with me by using written communication or other methods of non-verbal communication.

2. The methods of regular contact should be used to nurture the relationship

Maintaining good business relationship is not the only way of rendering business success. In order to nurture the relationship and make regular the business experts would have to focus on using proper methods of communication (Men 2014). I as a business entrepreneur would like to follow two methods of communication for nurturing business relationship. I will prefer to contact through social media platform with external stakeholders. Social media is the most effective platforms of communicating with the customers appropriately and collecting positive or negative feedback from them. If the feedback is negative I would get the scope to gather from the customers about their reasons of refusing this our products and services. Based on that feedback I can focus on forming new product strategy as well. Consequently, I would be able to make a good rapport with the customers. The service users would show their interest in maintaining good relationship with the business experts.

In case of maintaining regular contact with the employees I would like to prefer using email method as well as telephonic communication. While distributing any information to all the employees of my business organization I would like to prefer using email communication. A formal mail can be distributed with the help of which information can be equally distributed to the employees (Christensen 2014). On the other hand, in order to maintain personal communication with an individual employee I would like to choose telephonic communication method. With the help of telephonic communication I can directly interact with the concerned person for resolving the issue. Both email and telephonic communication is effective enough in maintaining effective business relationship.   

3. Communication style that should be used for maintaining relationship 

While maintaining proper business relationship two types of communication style can be used in accordingly. Interpersonal communication is the systematic method of maintaining face to face conversation (Berger and Meng 2014). With the help of an effective interpersonal communication style I can directly talk to the concerned person or stakeholder. As a result, that individual does not have to face challenges in sharing personal issues facing at the workplace. I as a business leader would be able to give proper solution to this individual so that the person gets motivation in performing well towards the services. Interpersonal communication is very much helpful for customers as well. With the help of an effective interpersonal communication I can resolve personal issues faced by the customers that reflect on relationship.

Apart from maintaining interpersonal communication style I can use group communication style as well for involving the entire stakeholder in a particular discussion. Interpersonal communication style is not very effective in making collective decision (Mikkelson, York and Arritola 2015). In addition, in a group communication stakeholders can exchange their views and thoughts with each other. As a result, they can maintain an effective relationship with each other. This kind of binding ultimately reflects on their performances (Tata and Prasad 2015). Effective group work and collaborative decision ultimately enhances the performance level of the employees based on which the organization can easily reach the peak of success.


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