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7207ENG Engineering Management | Building Information Modeling

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is considered as a process of documentation related to the different project phases such as construction, planning, operations and facility management. This documentation process is beneficial for the visualization of the operations and the construction application that includes scheduling, estimating and design coordination. BIM application helps in identifying the conflicts among the building systems and establishing visual coordination of systems. With the help of detecting the conflicts, the problem can be effective resolved even before the construction. This eventually can help in saving time and money (Kumar & Mukherjee, 2009).   .


Building Information Modeling (BMI) is specifically a process that is used in the construction in the construction industry for improving the coordination, visualization, reducing waste and cost and improving monitoring.

The Literature Review

Importance of virtual project teams for organizations

Building Information Modeling (BMI) is an approach that helps in improving the coordination between the different disciplines included in various phases of the project. The construction cycle can be improved with the help of it and also help in identifying and eliminating the errors. With the help of BIM, 3D visuals can be generated which helps in providing with the clarity of the product to the different stakeholders. The coordination issues can be resolved and the requirements of the material can also be predicted accurately which can help in reducing cost and wastage during the construction process. BIM can also help in improving the monitoring through keeping check upon the project progress during all the phases of construction. BIM is highly important as it helps in delivering refined end product (The Constructor, 2018).

Key concepts of BIM

The key concepts of Building Information Modeling are: use of database in place of drawings, distributed model concept and value addition to the BIM. First: The database is used for developing the designs which serves as central repository of all the characteristics of the product. Intelligent objects are used for the representation of the elements of projects. It includes important information about the associated object. Second: two types of tools of BIM are authoring and analysis tools. BIM adopts distributed approach for combining authoring tools’ value with power of analysis tools. In this approach, separate models for construction, cost, design, scheduling, operations, and fabrication are authored and after that analysis functions are performed. Third: Value of BIM is in models produced, modeling tools as well as in utilization of the power of modeling for helping in collaborative decision making. Integrated project delivery (IPD) helps in bringing expertise of traders, suppliers, construction management, fabrication, and product manufacturer with the owner and design professionals to produce good quality of design. It also helps in resolving the conflicts and enhancing collaborative process which add value to BIM (Kumanayake & Bandara, 2012).

Challenges in BIM 

BIM is helpful in the construction industry and the technology is available even though the adoption of BIM is slower. The reasons behind it include the technical and the management challenges that are faced by the construction industry. The technical reasons includes – it demands for well-defined process of transactional construction for the purpose to eliminate the issues of data interoperability, needs for computable digital design data and development of strategies that are practical for integration and exchange of information among the components of BIM which is a challenge for construction industry.  The management challenges arise due to the inability to use and implement BIM.  There is no such clear consensus related to implementation of it (Azhar, 2011).


BIM provides with the opportunity to establishing competitive advantage and helps in designing in an efficient manner. The managers can manage the construction process in an easier manner and can also save the time and money.


The benefits of BIM are:

  1. Save cost and time
  2. Helps in visualization
  3. Ease of information exchange
  4. Improve the quality and decision making
  5. Improve customer satisfaction


  • Lack of the technical ability
  • Lack of standards for BIM’s implementation and use

Avenues for research

The themes for the future research that are identified include: identifying the challenges in implementing BIM, other concepts related to BIM and usefulness of BIM.


BIM is a tool that can help in designing, exchanging information and effective decision making. It provides the ability to the construction industry to improve the quality of the end product. The challenges are faced by construction industry to implement and use BIM because of the technical and management issues.


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