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7314MED | Health | Future Of Health Information Management

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In your journal, reflect on the following:

• Based on the readings, consider generally what the future of health information management might hold. How will advancements in technology affect the field?
• Reflect on one of the concepts you learned in this course. What makes this concept stick out to you?
• Finally, consider how you will apply your new knowledge to your program. What about to your current or future profession?


Future of health information management

Digital revolution is having a widespread impact on the healthcare industry. Healthcare field has been associated with the usage of various kind of technologies ranging from the medical mobile applications to vital-monitoring wearables. It is seen that the smart technology is taking over the healthcare world by the remodeling of the process of delivering care to the patients. HIM or the Health Information Management has been evolving and has been associated with putting an emphasis upon the paper medical records in order to play a key role. This is done so as to ensure the fact that the information related to health is available in order to facilitate the delivery of healthcare on a real time basis along with taking of critical healthcare related decisions (Nguyen, Bellucci & Nguyen, 2014). This field has been associated with centering on the information of the patient but despite of this the precise role has been influenced after the adaptation of the new technologies and the other changes as well which are affecting the entire healthcare system. Evolving of the role played by the HIM professionals is also taking place and besides this in many cases it has been seen that the data kept in paper forms are being eliminated as healthcare organizations are moving towards the usage of the electronic health records or EHR. The growth in the shift toward technology is already being felt across the healthcare industry, and this is happening mainly due to the reason that many of the past roles of HIM was recorded on paper medical records which are now being eliminated and replaced by new roles focused on patient’s electronic health records.


Budgeting is generally considered to be a process associated with the creation of the plan so as to spend the money and this spending plan is generally called the budget and by creation of this spending plan would be associated with allowing the determination of the advances weather there is enough money in order to proceed with the things that have been planned. Budget is generally considered to be the part of healthcare informatics the main things that are to be included in the budgeting includes the resource hours, the cost of the hardware required by the which are associated with the providing of healthcare. Along with the cost of the software are also to be included as well as the cost related to the providing of trainings, cost for providing live support, contingency plan and many more (Rumball-Smith, Shekelle, & Damberg, 2018). After completion of successful identification of budgets, the general calculations would be helping further in making other estimations as well.


Healthcare Management System is associated with providing helps the nurses in the process of providing assistance to the physician. An important role is played by the nurses in the medical practice and they are having their hand in almost each and every aspect of care and are associated with providing an invaluable insight. The selection, implementation and the optimization of the decisions would be very helpful in the process of avoiding the issues related to workflow and would also be encouraging the staffs to embrace the new technology and this would be done by including the nursing staffs in this process (Weaver et al., 2016). The health care informatics is very much essential for the nurses in order to provide care in an effective and efficient way along with monitoring the health of all the patients. The HMS in the future would be helping the nurses to come more efficient and along with identifying the data trends at faster rate (Nelson & Staggers, 2016). The HMS would be increasing the productivity of the nursing staffs as well. This also provides the nurses with an immediate access to the information of the patients which helps a lot in quick prescription refills and also prevents the misfiled charges as well from slowing the work.


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