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9470 Introduction to Events and Tourism Management

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Thinking about your home town as a tourism destination, and in essay form, answer the following questions:

  • Describe your home town as a tourism destination.  Where does it stand in the tourism system?
  • How important are tourism and events in the economy of your home town?
  • What tourism products does your home town offer?  Does it have potential (or existing plans) to further develop it's tourism potential?
  • What part do events play in your home town tourism offering?  Is there potential (or plans) to further develop these?
  • How would you summarise your home town as a tourism / event destination now and in the future?  Use your answers to the above questions to prepare your answer to this part of the topic



According to reports, (Haq and Bretherton, 2005) there has been a rise in the number of people preferring to visit Pakistan as one of the best tourist destination around the world. Many people who visit Pakistan do so because of the different types of historical sites that exist. The historical sites play a bigger role in depicting the rich history of Pakistan. The Pakistan government has been on the forefront in promoting its tourism sector to the world with the main aim of presenting the country as the best place to tour and travel. There is no doubt that these campaigns have yielded results as the country was ranked among the best tourism destination to many people around the world.

The country has managed to be ranked as one of the best tourist attraction sites together with the other regions in the world. It is because of the various attraction activities that are in the place that makes these people come to my hometown consistently (Baloch, 2007). The country has also been trying to improve its tourism sector by making various changes that will enable it to be able to make more people come to the country. The transformations have made Pakistan to be ranked as one of the best nations for tourism. Pakistan is trying to compete with other nations around the world.

Importance of the tourism

Tourism in Pakistan has always played a significant role in the economic sector and others. The country has considered tourism to be the most precious thing. Tourism has provided the country with a great opportunity of improving its economy and at the same time uplifting the lives of many Pakistani’s lives. Some of the importance of the tourism in the economy of Pakistan includes the following;

  • Creation of employment: There are several places in my hometown where tourism thrives. It has made the city to be able to have some people that will be able to assist the foreign individuals who are attracted to a particular thing or event (Baloch, 2007). Tourism has enabled various people that come from Pakistan to be employed in the various tourist sites. They provide the necessary assistance to the different visitors as they need to get the information. It has made the economy of the people to be at a level where each and every one is favored.
  • Earning of foreign exchange: The various individuals who are always coming to the different places in my hometown are always charged some small amount for them to get the necessary assist that they expected. Tourism has enabled Pakistan to improve its economy due to the foreign exchange earned from tourism (Haq and Bretherton, 2005).  The currency is used by Pakistan to improve the different economic sector and also promote tourism.
  • Increased developments: There have been various developments that have been taking place in the country that help to improve the economy of Pakistan. The exchange that the state gets is used it for the improvement of the various business activities thus will assist the economy of the town to improve.

Tourism products

There are many activities that the Pakistan government is undertaking to help it to improve the tourism sector in the region. These activities have been able to assist the town to make a step in the various areas that is concern making it improve. Some of the tourism products include the following;

  • Hotels: There are many people from around the world that always come for a different purpose in the country. The good hotels in Pakistan have made people come for more activities in the town since they prefer these hotels (Khalil, kakar and Malik, 2007).
  • The weather: Pakistan has a warm weather that enables it to attract many visitors who are coming from the regions where they experience cold weather.
  • Historical sites: The country is believed to be old, and this has made it have many historical types of scenery hence attracting many people from around the world due to their interest in knowing the Pakistan history (Malik, et al., 2010). The country has greater elaborate plans for improving the tourism sector: The country is aiming at improving its various attraction activities thus to increase the number of tourists that will boost their developments in different areas.

Role of the events

Several events are always organized in each and every place that an individual exists in. These events are held by various personnel because of various reasons. Pakistan has been able to hold several events that are always held yearly. The main aim of organizing the events is to enable Pakistan to improve the number of tourists that come in the region. The country holds these events to make many people across the globe to come and visit the country and explore the different sceneries (Raza and Jawaid, 2013). The unique attractions will make the tourists to come back and explore more. Some of the events that are usually held include sports competitions, conferences and innovation events. The events attract many people to come to the town. Therefore the events play a significant role in attracting more tourists. The town has been able to display the various plan that it has that will enable it to develop. The country has planned to increase the number of events that normally takes place in the nation (Richter, 1999). The plans will make the country to improve in the various sectors with the growth in the number of tourist visits.


Tourism in the country has enabled it to improve many economic sectors and also put the country on the world map as one of the best tourism destination places. The number of visitors to Pakistan has dramatically increased and has significantly helped many people regarding improving their livelihood and also enhanced the development of the country. Pakistan is also planning to expand the tourism sector in future with the aim of bringing in positive result to the country. Pakistan will now be able to compete well with the other countries concerning tourism.


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