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ABORIG 1001 Indigenous People | Face Challenge in Relation to Health

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The topic 'The cost of being different ' regarding the Indigenous people. 


'The cost of being different " regarding the Indigenous people.

Indigenous people are considered as native peoples. These people are the original inhabitants of a given region. These people face various challenges in the present situation. It has been analyzed that indigenous people face the issue in claiming the land ownership. Not only the cases related to courts are expensive but also it takes lot of time. These people face problem in giving proof and data which is difficult to achieve. The laws related to land are different in every state but in case of indigenous people they have to proof themselves many times. It is important for them to give evidence of ancestral customs and traditions (p.43). These records are very difficult to be proofed as these people do not have written records which can be considered in the form of evidence.

Challenges faced after colonization

 In Australia there are indigenous people also who are living in remote areas.  These people have to face challenge in relation to health. In remote areas people are not able to trust them and there are social attitudes which is one of the major reasons which is evaluated in relation to the poor health of people. So, in this case it is important for the government to consider the problems and try to assist indigenous people so that they can get good health. The major challenge which is faced by these is related with health and this should be minimized so that they can live in a proper manner (pp.179-185).

Education is also considered as one of the major challenges which is faced by the indigenous people. Education is the major factor that should be considered so that challenge can be reduced. In the recent case, the major issue with the indigenous people are related with low retention rate and high absentees.  These people are not able to get proper education which can also lead to unemployment (pp.1274-1275). When people do not get proper information then they suffer to get jobs. So, these people face the issue in context to unemployment. In this case, it is essential for the government to focus on financial assistance so that importance of education can be created and people can gain knowledge in indigenous society. It is essential to give knowledge in relation to skills and social attitudes so that they can be altered and can get a job (pp.1-11).

Social attitudes are also one of the major challenges which is faced by indigenous people. They face the negative attitude and there is no proper understanding with other people. Reconciliation is essential in enhancing understanding of indigenous people culture and also to create proper relations with the entire community (pp. 175-188).

It has also been analyzed that Australian federal and state government agencies removed stolen generations from their families. Stolen generations were the children of Australian aboriginal. The children were forcefully taken from their families because it is believed by the government that they will be better, if raise with the white families (p.51).

Racism is also one of the factors faces by the indigenous people. It has been seen that racism is felt by many aboriginals not only in the workplace but also in schools, universities and in restaurants. Approximately 60 % of indigenous people also faced the issue in the public transports (pp.113-153).


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