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Aboriginals Tradition and Policy

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Discuss about the Aboriginals Tradition and Policy.


Jennifer Story

As per the case study of Jennifer story, I have observed that indigenous people have to face innumerable difficulties in order to survive effectively in the society. A sad portraiture of Rebecca has been depicted in the case study. While leaving with the tribal people Rebecca had to face immense difficulties to get all the benefits and facilities from the society people. As she was pretty to look at, the religious people intended to dominate and manipulate this woman inhumanly. After Rebecca gave a birth to a child, this particular child had to face immense difficulties in order to survive amidst the society people. The indigenous people had been granted as one of the most neglected communities where they do not get any scope to express their point of views. I have personally experienced that indigenous people are more decent and disciplined than the normal society people. As per my point of view, a person should never be judged as per their skill and competency, not as per their cultural background. (Bringing them Home, Jennifer Story)  

Brief History of Indigenous Australian at War

I have gone through a brief history of Australian Indigenous at the time of war. I have analyzed it critically that indigenous people had left a major contribution towards the Australian conflict. While maintaining internal peace and reputation, Australian had to struggle immensely at the time of First World War.  Indigenous group of Australian had left immense contribution at the time of Australian conflict. At that particular time, those aboriginals had to face reckless deprivation from the society while fighting for rendering peace and solace for their own country. Racism occurred between a white and a black skin. I have founded that colonial militaries and the police units had not co-operated the indigenous group of people who had devoted themselves for the sake of their own country. Those aboriginals had been tagged as ‘black trackers’. At the time of campaign held by the warriors at the time of war, indigenous people took an active participation. They have tried hard to motivate and involve people in the war. In addition, most of the indigenous soldiers become anonymous when they tend to fight for their country. Therefore, as per my point of view, soldiers must get their recognition and respect whether they belong to an indigenous group or a normal society people. (A Brief History of Australians at War, John Moremon)  

Aboriginal Missions Stations and Reserves in Victoria

This particular article has focused to discuss on how the Australian government has taken a major initiative in order to save the population of aboriginals. As per my point of view, the population of indigenous people has been decreased massively at a time. As a result, public pressure and the local colonial expansion had been raised rapidly. In this kind of situation, government had taken some effective measures.  The number of four churches have been established such as Ebenezer at Lake Hindmarsh in the Wimmera, Ramahyuck at Lake Willington, Lake Tyers in East Gippsland an Lake Candah in the Western District. As per the Aborigines Protection Act published n the year 1869, Government has showed a special care and affection about indigenous children as well as their family. With the help of this particular act a large number of indigenous group had been given respect and dignity at the time of their education as well as their other extra-curricular activities.

Segregation of Indigenous People in Nineteenth Century

From this particular article, I have observed a pathetic vista of the-then indigenous group. Children at that time were not allowed to spend their span of childhood with the family members. Rather indigenous children were imposed to be separated forcibly from their family members. They had been involved as a child labor and been tortured recklessly for doing laborious deeds that a child can face immense challenges to do it. Most frequently, in the northern areas of Australia, the number of child labor has been observed massively. In this kind of situation, those backward people do not get better scope to use their skills and talents. In order to overcome this kind of situation, government missionaries have decided to look into the factor seriously. Their primary mission is to convince the parents of those children so that they allow their child for maintaining studies and extra-curricular activities that would be provided by the missionaries completely. I personally think that this kind of initiative taken by government missionaries had been worked out for some days. The government had not maintained their plans and policies for a long time. After the initiatives taken by the government, the indigenous people had felt the ray of hope. They were able to rescue their children from kidnapping. At the same time, it is also undeniable that this particular plans initiated by the government could not sustain for a long.

Paul Story

After analyzing the Paul’s story, I have evaluated that some of the government policies and strategies are still there that intensely helped the indigenous people for adjusting themselves in the wave of society. After falling ill, Paul and his mother had been admitted in a hospital. At that particular time, the department of royal children’s hospital had advised the mother of Paul to board Paul at St. Gabriel’s Babies home so that can be taken care properly. As per the economic condition of Paul’s family, his mother would never be able to carry Paul’s’ education and lifestyle properly. As a result, he would have to be involved in a labor factory like other indigenous children. In this situation, Paul had been offered to be boarded in Gabriel’s Babies home so that he can get the scope to build his career properly. (Bringing them home, Paul story)

Indigenous Studies and Race Relation

Australian government has taken an initiative by giving equal opportunities to indigenous people for progressing further in the sports studies. I have observed that at a time “Blacks” did not get the scope for entering into the sports industry as a normal candidate could. A large number of indigenous people are having enough skill and competency in sports. Due to the lack of opportunities, these people are getting deprived of showing their talents and skills. As a result, Australian society was becoming bias day by day.  In this kind of situation, Australian government had decided to take an immediate step in this regard. I have even observed that at the time of Australian football league, a black skinned player had to become a major victim. One spectator from the gallery threw banana towards a player. This particular incident had left a remark on the image of AFL organizers. However, based on that particular incident Australian government had to initiate Anti-discrimination policy on sports industry based on which not a single person should be allowed to ignore the talent and skill of indigenous people. Sports being an art should provide more priority on talent rather than race and cultural background. After evaluating this particular journal, I have experience that Australian government has implemented some relevant rules and regulations for providing equal respect and dignity to the aboriginals. Still a major question has been raised about the implementation and utilization of this particular acts and regulations (Hallinan & Judd 2012).    

Indigenous Participation in Intercultural Education

This particular article has provided an in-depth understanding the about the importance of intercultural education for a particular learners. The author has stated that intercultural education enables a person to get an in-depth experience on how to take a unanimous decision amidst spending the time with the people of different psychologies. In addition, the author has also stated that indigenous people are often neglected in order to continue their learning process like a normal child. In this kind of situation, these kinds of people tend to keep themselves aloof from the society. However, based on this particular study, it can be stated that inter-cultural study is highly important especially for evaluating the mind and psychology of a particular human being. As per my point of view, education is the best healer to develop the society. Therefore, people in general need to be educated first. Indigenous people especially need equal opportunity to for further education. However, in order to break the bridge of discrimination between white and black, Australian universities have initiated distance education curse. People who are unable to maintain their regular courses, would get the opportunity to continue their further learning process through distance education (Burford et al. 2012). 

Affirmative Action Australian Style for Indigenous People

This particular article has provided a deep insight on how the indigenous people have to face immense deprivation and hatred from different business organization. A large number of business organizations like to maintain cultural diversity and racism within the organization. Human resource managers at the time of recruiting a particular employee at their workplace tend to maintain racism. People of indigenous group do not get immense opportunity for entering into the professional business field. In order to overcome this kind of situation, National Australia Bank has implemented an effective Affirmative Action Program based on which this particular organization has stretched their hands for indigenous people. I have observed that after the initiative taken by National Australia Bank, some other business organizations have showed their interest for recruiting aboriginal people as a part of their company. As a result, indigenous people do not have to face immense challenges for getting a perfect job for them. The people who have already placed the position of a designated and dignified position, become the inspiration for their backwards society. The parents do not hesitate to encourage their children for higher education. As a result, education has widely spread after this initiative to the society of indigenous group (Daly, Gebremedhin and Sayem 2013).   

De-Colonial Goals and Pedagogies for Indigenous Group of People 

This particular article has provided a deep insight about the impact of de-colonial priorities in the indigenous studies. The author in this particular article has pointed out that indigenous group at a time had been inhumanly neglected from the society. They had to keep themselves aloof from the society. Most of the children were not allowed to be nurtured by their parents. Rather at the very stage of their infant children had been kidnapped. As a result, most of the indigenous children were intensely associated with labor firm for being tortured strenuously and mercilessly. In order to overcome this particular situation, the Australian government has decided to take an effective initiative. The entrance of de-colonialism has rendered a major change in the mind of society. Indigenous people are no more treated in a neglected manner. Rather the people from this kind of community are getting equal priority and response for continuing their study. Educational centers are strictly instructed to provide equal priority and response to the people of various cultures and races. However, according to my point of view, society has not still expanded their hands for dealing with indigenous people with equal response and dignity (Nakata et al. 2012).

Intercultural Early Education in Australia

This particular study has focused to deal with multicultural discourse in the education system of Australia. The Author has pointed out that Australian educational center at a time did not intend to allow multicultural students within the educational centers due to several reasons. The factors that highly affect multicultural discourse include linguistic barriers, psychological barriers, cultural barriers and so many.  Due to the linguistic barriers, the students cannot interact with each other properly. As a result, rhythmic progress of teaching learning process had been affected seriously. As a result, a large section of people had been deprived intensely for continuing their education process properly. As per the analysis, I have evaluated that this kind of static situation has not been restricted for a long time. The government has implemented a new education plan and policy where people from multicultural backgrounds got equal priority and response from the education center head. With the help of both verbal as well as non-verbal communication method, the educational facilitators intended to communicate with the students effectively (Miller and Petriwskyj 2013). 

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