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Academic and Non Academic Writing

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Discuss about the Academic and Non Academic Writing.



The academic writing is organized in a formal order to present an idea which is supported with the help of citations. The structure used in academic writing has an introduction about the topics followed by the content and then the conclusion. The citation or referencing form a very important part of academic writing. It is properly organized and analyzed. Third person point of view is used in academic writing. The rules of grammar and punctuations are followed strictly in it (Janks, 2012). The tone used in it is formal which means no colloquialism, slangs or contractions are used while writing academic articles. The language used is clear and precise. The key features followed in it include structure, development of the idea, analytic approach, use of citations, language, and explicitness. Whereas non-academic writing is more of an informal writing which are mainly used in writing personal journal entries, magazines, newspaper, emails, letters, text messages, etc. The language used while written non-academic writing is informal, simpler, and more conversational and often slang and dialogues are used in it. The sentence structure used in it is also informal. Often creative fiction falls in this category of writing (Leijen and Leontjeva, 2012).

Essay: Exploring the Dark Side of Globalization

The essay “Exploring the Dark Side of Globalization” first gives an introduction to the meaning of globalization which is followed by the content of the essay which describes the causes and impact of globalization. In the later part of the essay both the pros and cons of globalization are discussed. The Para at the end is more like an opinion of the writer rather than a conclusion which talks about the advantages of the globalization rather than the negative effects caused due to it. The language used in the easy is very simple and informal.

Academic Text: Rethinking Global Economic and Social Governance

All the features that are required in an academic writing are present in the “Rethinking Global Economic and Social Governance ”article. The heading of the article and the name of the author is given in the starting. The date when it was published and the name of the journal in which it was published, is mentioned. The structure that is used is as per the requirement of the academic writing that is it starts with an abstract which gives a brief description of the paper and the issues which are discussed in the paper. The keywords that are used in the paper are mentioned in the starting. The body of the paper consist of various headings and subheadings which are related to and discusses each aspect of the topic. Each subheading has an opening sentence and consists of a paragraph at the end which summarizes the argument given in the text. The article is supported by in- text citation throughout to support the investigation and article of the author and at the end, a long list of references which consist of both the non-academic and academic references are given. The language which is used in this paper is very formal as per the requirement of academic writing.  In the end, the conclusion is given which summarizes the whole article (Ocampo, 2010).

Newspaper Article: The Darker side of Globalization

In the newspaper article “The Darker side of Globalization “published in the “The Hindu” in the year 2011 on 10th January, author talks about the dark side of Globalization around the globe. In the starting of the text, the author gives a brief description of the article and the meaning of globalization. Images are used to connect with the readers and to explain the topic in a better way to the readers. The language and the sentence structure used are very basic and informal. The article focuses to explain the importance of globalization in today’s economy and the darker side of globalization by using the examples of various countries. Later in the article, the author has discussed on how to manage the challenges faced due to globalization. The keywords which are relevant to the article are also mentioned at the end of the article (Heine and Thakur, 2011).


Academic writing focuses on academic or specific field category. It has a formal tone and structure, unlike non-academic writing in which informal tone is used while writing. At the starting of an academic writing, there is research object or research background. The process followed in academic writing is rigid and objective. Whereas non-academic writing is based on the general issue of someone’s thinking or idea. It does not have a set standard, and it reflects the author’s personality and style. It does not focus on specific topic or field. Academic writing only talks about the facts whereas non-academic writing uses the tone which is more relax, free- style and flexible. A non-academic writing helps in only telling about the idea or opinion of someone, and it does not contribute towards academic research.


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