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Academic Communication Skills: Trust and Societal

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Discuss about the Academic Communication Skills for Trust and Societal.



Starting from academic work until the innovation by a company, the work should be original. In a country like Australia, copying ideas can is considered wrong and punishable by law. A student as well as a business owner should present his or her own idea while presenting it to the teachers or to the customers respectively. Copying the ideas will give rise to various issues like ethical, trust, societal, academic and legal. The various issues that might arise due to copying have been discussed in the following essay.

Ethics and Integrity

Copying the work that has been done by someone else is against the ethics. The previous author has done some rigorous research and study to get the solution of the work (Osman, Salim & Abuobieda, 2012). If another person claims the work to be his or her own then it will be against the ethics. One person can take the idea from another work but should properly reference to give either person acknowledgement.

Trust Issues

If one copies the ideas of another author, it is breaching the trust of another person. When a person is submitting the work in any university or at a company, the organization is trusting the person by considering it as the original work. If the person is copying the work from some place, then it will be an act of fraud where not only the trust of the organization but also the trust of the previous authors will be broken (Bonnell et al., 2012)

Academic Issues

Proper referencing should be used not only to give the authors acknowledgement but for the student who are using the material will be able to refer to the material if needed (Osman, Salim & Abuobieda, 2012). If a person copies the idea of another author, the readers will baffled as they will not be able to understand the original author of the information

Societal Issues

A person does extensive study to enhance the knowledge and help the society gain knowledge about a certain subject (Bonnell et al., 2012). If one person is copying the idea from another person then the next generation will not be able to learn anything from the work. Thus, it will give rise to societal issues as well.

Legal Issues

If any person is copying the ideas and work could be held under the copyright act of 1968 is Australia (Austlii.edu.au, 1968). A person could be punished for claiming the intellectual property of someone else as his own.

If any individual is found to be copying the ideas, then he or she can complain under the trademark act of 1995 (Austlii.edu.au, 1995). A company should create a trademark to prevent the work being copied by other entities.


Copying the idea of another person can be considered wrong at various aspects. Copying not only breaks the trust of another individual but also can destroy the future of another individual. The person or an organization will can be held under the copyright act and the trademark act for such issues.


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