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ACC00724 Accounting for Managers-Capital Expenditure Budget

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The Sunshine Coast Bank Limited has set monthly key performance indicators (KPIs) for the lending division, as listed below. The bank is pursuing a profitable, internet growth strategy. You must categorise each KPI as strategic or operating AND driver or outcome.
a. Major brand building advertising spend (1)
b. Loan approval times (1)
c. Loan approved (in dollars) (1)
d. Loan applications numbers received online (1)
e. Loans numbers sent for collection due to being 60 days overdue (1)
f. Profitability of the loan book (1)
g. Percentage of loans funded against loans approved (1)

Manufacturers Limited produces two products, A and B, for the fishing market. Below is forecast information for the six months to 31 December.Overheads for the six months are forecast at $250,000, which the company treats as a period cost. Manufacturers Limited uses variable costing.
Prepare the following:
1. Sales budget (2)
2. Production budget (2)
3. Purchases budget for components (2)
4. Purchases budget in dollars (2)
5. Total labour hours and costs for the six months (2)
6. Contribution per unit (2)
7. Profit and Loss forecast for the six months (1)

You are required to:
a. Calculate the break-even point in units and dollars. (2)
b. Produce a Break-even chart based on a) showing:
i. Fixed Costs (1)
ii. Total Costs (1)
iii. Break-even point in units and $ (1)
iv. Areas of loss and profit (1)
c. Calculate the profit for sales of 5,000 units. (1)


Units Fixed Costs  Variable Costs  Total Costs Total Sales Profit (loss)
0 $2,50,000 $0 $2,50,000 $0 -$2,50,000
500 $2,50,000 $92,500 $3,42,500 $1,25,000 -$2,17,500
1000 $2,50,000 $1,85,000 $4,35,000 $2,50,000 -$1,85,000
1500 $2,50,000 $2,77,500 $5,27,500 $3,75,000 -$1,52,500
2000 $2,50,000 $3,70,000 $6,20,000 $5,00,000 -$1,20,000
2500 $2,50,000 $4,62,500 $7,12,500 $6,25,000 -$87,500
3000 $2,50,000 $5,55,000 $8,05,000 $7,50,000 -$55,000
3500 $2,50,000 $6,47,500 $8,97,500 $8,75,000 -$22,500
4000 $2,50,000 $7,40,000 $9,90,000 $10,00,000 $10,000
4500 $2,50,000 $8,32,500 $10,82,500 $11,25,000 $42,500
5000 $2,50,000 $9,25,000 $11,75,000 $12,50,000 $75,000

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