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ACC202-Recent Business Intelligence Tools-Free-Samples


List and briefly illustrate at least 3 features of commonly used Business Intelligence Tools that can support decision-making.



Business intelligence tools in the process and the technology or kind of application software which is designed mainly to retrieve the data, analyse the raw information and transform the information into the business intelligence software. The applications generally read the data which have been stored previously at different locations. These locations are also called the data warehouse or the data mart (Pydynowski and Larson, Capital One Financial Corporation, 2018). The examples included by the business intelligence tool

to retrieve the data are books, documents, emails, journals, images and other business sources.

Typically used for the querying and the reporting the business intelligence tools can amalgamate the set of data analysis and the applications which are inclusive of the ad hoc analysis. There are numerous business intelligence tools being developed every year (Wu Chen and Olson, 2014). Few of them which have been recently introduced are Dundas BI, yellow Fin, Looker and a lot more. Commonly utilized for the questioning and the announcing the business insight software which can amalgamate the arrangement of information examination and the applications which are comprehensive of the specially appointed investigation (Bernardino and Tereso, 2013).

(Source: Finance online, 2018)


Looker is business intelligence software that utilises the cloud based settings to majorly explore the data and have an in-depth analysis of the same. The Looker solution helps the businesses to capture and retrieve the data from the multiple sources and helps the business to take the decisions quickly. Looker form the teams to scrutinise supply chains, digitalise the market transactions, interpret the behaviour of the general customer and to evaluate the processes of the business (Software advice, 2015). The Looker arrangement encourages the organizations to catch and recover the information from the various sources and causes the business to take the choices rapidly.

Features of Looker
  • The solution helps to benefit the organization by having handy visualisation
  • It has the strong collaboration features and the application is accessible on any browser.
  • Looker is a data discovery and the people can use easy language calle LOOKML to create further mini applications (Finance online, 2018). 

Dundas BI

Dundas BI is the business intelligence tool used by the enterprises and the organizations which helps the business to monitor and measure the performance and business in the real time. The tool helps to visualise the data on the dashboard and helps to grasp the insight of the valuable and the accurate decisions. The dashboard of the Dundas BI allows the user to filter and sort the data (Dundas, 2017).

Features of Dundas BI
  • The Dundas BI provides the easy, smart and the drop design tool to make the dashboards more attractive
  • The ease to customize and create personal dashboards is the main key driver of the Dundas BI intelligence software (Dundas, 2017).
  • The users can calculate advanced equations with the help of the calculative interface.

Recommendations and Conclusion

The above analysis gave an insight of the business intelligence tool and helps to gain knowledge of the recent business intelligence tools. The Business intelligence tools make the life of an individual as well as the organisation easy and with its numerous features the business intelligence tool caters the need very well. The tool acts in different versions and facilitates the movement of the data on any browser and also in the small locations. It makes the work easy and secure and therefore it can be concluded that the business intelligence tool are the necessity in today’s digital world. Henceforth, it is recommended that every organisation shall install according to their budget to have an edge over the competitors. 



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