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ACC303 Communication Research Practices - Free Samples to Students

Describe the common standards and policies that both impact and are impacted by using social media resources. Consider the following in your response:
1.Why would a health professional want to use social media as a means to connect clients with community resources?
2.What are the benefits and risks when referring clients to a natural support/community resource?
3.What risk factors are involved in your decision making as it relates to community resource referral?


Reasons for Social media Usage

Era of 21st century can also be seen as an era of rapid globalization, technology revolution, emergence of internet and social media marketing as well as establishing a culture of innovation and creativity. Every organization or industry has felt some or major impact on

their businesses due to this growing euphoria around the internet and social media platforms. The same holds true even for health professionals, even in terms of using social media as a means to connect clients with the community resources. Some of the underlying benefits of the same are:

Reach of the Platform

Social media is one platform which is not specific to any gender, age group or isn’t specific to any industry or professionals. This is the biggest benefit this platform provides to professionals working in any industry. Social media platform gives the kind of reach to the clients which are impossible in any other form of media channel. Clients by getting a good reach have more options to either contribute towards the resources of the community or any other way. Thus, making it beneficial for both the clients and any other benefactors of community resources (Wellman & Gulia, 2018).

Communication during Crisis

Social media platform not only has a great reach, but it also allows for the communication to travel faster and across various channels instantly. This is helpful while communicating with the clients in case of emergency or while making a plea to the clients or community for help.

Risk Associated with Referring Clients

Poor Quality Information

One of the most common risk associated with social media communication these days is the non- reliability or assurance of the information on social media to be true or fake. A lot of industry miscreants and other people are teaming up to dupe people by connecting them with fake people and also putting them in a situation which is not so easy to handle. Thus, the biggest risk is to identify the true source with fake sources and then consume the content on the web.

Patient Security Breach

Another major risk here is the breach or confidentiality agreement between the client and the health professional. Under no circumstances the healthcare professional is supposed to shed light on the health condition of any patient, at least not without his or her written consent. But, with social media, this ceiling gets broken, and client information can also be accessed easily by the other community members, which most definitely is a bigger risk for clients (Wellman, 2018).

Risk Factors in Community resource referral

The biggest risk encountered on social media while making a decision for community service referral is connected with too many fake identity or immoral people who are present on the web just to misuse the community resources. Thus, it is most important to do a good background check on the person before referring him/ her to the community resources. Else, the resources can go into the hands of people who actually don’t require it, thus doing away with the entire purpose of the community service in the first place (Graham, 2017).


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Wellman, B. (2018). Networks in the global village: Life in contemporary communities. Routledge.

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