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Accounting for Management Decision Making

Discuss about the Accounting for Management Decision Making.


What is the share market? How the buying and selling process of the share market work and what is the role of the broker?

The share market is 46.9% (5540.5) of the ASX. The buying and selling process of the share market work well in the market. The brokers exits in the market to facilitate the process of buying and selling shares. They perform a critical role in ensuring that buyers and sellers have adequate information about the shares available, their prices and declines and gains on shares. They also provide information on the listed companies and those whose shares are trending.  

What are the current top 20 shares by value ($ value traded)

The current top 20 shares by values as displayed under the “Top 5 S&P/ASX200 can be shown. At the top mots is the CCP (Creditcorp) with the last price being $15.15 and going up by 13. 06% which is $1.75 rise. The second share by values is GWA Group with the last price being $2.20 and going up by 3.29%

or $0.07 which shows an increase in the share price. The third share by value is the OFX which has a value of $2.51 as the last prices and going up by 2.45% or $0.06 showing a rise in price. The next share by value is BAL with the last price being $12.21 and going up by 1.50% or $0.18 indicating a general increase. The last in the list is AAC with last price being $2.05 and going up by 1.49% or $0.03. As shown above, the current top 20 shares by value indicates a rise in the value from the previous prices.

What is the current number of listed entities on the ASX and what is the percentage increase since 2008?

From the information provided in the ASX website, the current number of the lusted companies can easily be determined. Based on the information, the current number of listed entities on the ASX are 200.  These companies are drawn from different industry sectors. Also from the information availed in this website, the percentage of the listed companies since 2008 to 2016 can be determined.  The percentage increase since 2008 is 0.8%.

Roles of Financial Accounting (FA) and of Management Accounting (MA)

FA and MA provide the Board of Directors (BOD) with valuable accounting information for to make proper management decisions. FA discloses the end results relating to the business as well as the financial position of the firm on a given date which is useful for the Board of Directors. Management Accounting provides critical information that help the Board of Directors to plan, set goals as well as evaluate these goals (Bloomfield, Rennekamp and Kadous 2010). FA provides information that is focused on history and reports on the prior quarter or year is used by Board of Directors to eliminate the weaknesses of the firm.

Managerial accounting information are focused on the present and forecast for the future which helps the Board of Directors to make decisions on the future of the business (McKnight and Hobbs 2013). The FA gives information which is reflective of the entities past information and current position anchored on a set of standards and guidelines. Such information are helpful in decision making processes to improve the performance of the firm (Boulus and Dowding 2014). The MA benefits the business management by producing information that is detailed to control the organization as well as useful in the fulfilment of the strategic aims as well as objectives of the business. MA also undertakes cost accounting to provide information that help monitor and control cost.


Benefits of Incorporation for a Business

Incorporating your business helps protect the personal assets. A corporation has the capacity to own property, incur liabilities, run a business as well as be sued or sue. A corporation exist as a distinct legal entity and hence responsible for its own debts which makes the personal assets of shareholders, officers and directors excluded from claim by creditors. Incorporation presents easier access to capital since raising capital is easier for a corporation by issuing shares of stock (Abbasian et al. 2015). A business will thus grow and develop since corporation has increased accessibility to a range of alternatives for sources of capital via which corporation are able to meet the liabilities. Incorporating will also enhance one’s business credibility since its benefits stretch passed finances (Knauer 2013).

Business associates, suppliers and customers view incorporated businesses as being effectively stable compared to stand-alone firm (Martinez and Martinez 2011). A business with ‘Inc.’ or ‘corp.’ attached to its name displays stability, credibility, and performance hence demonstrates the owner’s determination to the continuing achievement of the business venture. Incorporation also makes your business to have a perpetual existence since corporations remain the most enduring legal business structure. An incorporated business can continue indefinably irrespective of what happens to its individual directors, managers, shareholders and officers. Thus incorporating a business makes the owner to avoid legal entanglements that are common in unincorporated business structure (Dacian, Nicolae and Nadia 2012). 

Ethical Issues, Principles and the Consequences

In the first instance of declaring my interest and stepping of the decision-making process for the tender, some ethical issues exist. For instance, it will enable the firm to know that I am connected to on one of the firm which is ethical. I should not hoard such information to the management (Unegbu 2014). On the second part of stepping of the decision-making process for this particular tender, it would be appropriate to do so since it will remove the conflict of interest making the tender not to be impartial. When I stay of the decision-making process, I will not be viewed as someone with preferred firm and hence I will get the trust and the confidence of the firm. I should not make the decision yet I will be seen as partisan and having a conflict of interest.

In the second option of pronouncing my interest and participating in the process of making decision to complete my endorsement for our business, it would be unethical. By remaining in the decision-making process and subsequently recommending my company, I would have been impartial and biased since I will have a conflict of interest in the tendering process (Parker, Guthrie & Linacre 2011). I would not be seen as impartial when I make preferences to my company since I may award the tender even if my company is not the one that has won the bid.

In the third option of not declaring my interest and continuing to do my job by making a recommendation, it would be a great violation of ethical standards. I would be seen as biased and not impartial by failing to give information on my connection with one of the company. Moreover, advancing my job and subsequently making my decision would not be appropriate ethically since I would be biased and I would be a stumbling block in this processes.

Best course of action and Justification

The best course of action is option (a) that calls for a pronouncement of my interest and moving further to relieve myself off  the process of making a decision for this specific tender. It would be ethical to pronounce my interest and keep off the process of making the decision so as to be impartial (Aisbitt 2002). It would be ridiculous to sit in the decision-making process since it will be obvious that there will be a conflict of interest. For this firm to get the best bidder, I must immediately give the information about my interest and subsequently let the decision to be made without my participation.



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