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AJU 5405 : Security and Fraud Prevention : Specific Lock Prevention Pl

You are the APAC Security Director of a Multi-National event organizer. Your company is proposing to organize a 5-days high end jewellery / watch / diamond / exhibition in Singapore. This event is sponsored by the International Jewellery / Watch / Diamond Association. Items to be displayed in this exhibition would cost more than UDS200 million. This exhibition will be held in Singapore EXPO in 8 months’ time. More than 50 retailers from all over the world will have booths in this event. No physical sales of items are done during the exhibition. Customers who wish to purchase displayed items will transact for the items with the respective retailer who will make further sales arrangements with the individual customer. In this case, none of the displayed items should leave the premises. Your company’s initial proposal has been accepted by the sponsor who request for a specific loss prevention plan. As the APAC Security Director, you are asked to draft a “Loss Prevention Plan” for the event for the sponsor to consider. Your plans need to be cost effective, practical, logical and rational.


Specific Lock Prevention Plan:

It is evident that jewelry stores displays diamond and gemstone jewelry including effective customer services in order to ease the process of purchase. Specific store operation procedures and lock prevention plans will help to minimize the underlying risks in conducting jewelry exhibition in Singapore, which will be organized for 5days. As this is a high-end exhibition, for a specific lock prevention plan, a well-planned inventory control system will prove to be beneficial in interfacing the accounting and sale systems of the stores. However, the features of the program may vary according to the prices. These inventory software will enable the store manager to profile the customers in regard to their purchasing power, satisfaction and taste and preferences. For educating the stuffs about the working of the lock systems, workshops and training will be held.

External and Internal Threats:

As more than 50 retailers will take part from all over the world, this jewelry exhibitions is concerned with various internal and external threats as well. It is worthwhile to emphasize this matter in regard to a security perspective. Firstly, unsecured display cases poses as a major threat. However, these can be considered as simplest issues to combat. It is known to all that, jewelry is the most common shoplifted items. Unsecured display cases may lead to theft and damages in most of the cases. In spite of having secured display cases, much emphasis can be laid upon low staff accountability which is really important; otherwise one cannot have proper idea regarding the shortage of security processes and could be held responsible for the future losses.

Crisis Situation:

It is noteworthy to mention here that, so far as economic experts are concerned, the present situation of recession is usually avoided. Economic experts mainly rely upon the facts indicating the percentage of the growth reflectors. As a security director, much emphasis has to be laid upon situation crisis and financial crisis management that has been affecting the business operations of the jewelry industry to the large possible extent (Collins, Ricks & Van Meter, 2015). The stuffs shall undergo one or more seminar to make them able to control the critical situations.

Staff Training

Jewelry exhibitions are associated with various risk maximizing factors which creates unfavorable effect on the security system. Therefore as a security director, it is important to educate the staffs regarding the security measures prior to the increase of customer traffic. It should be checked that they are able to perform their duty to the best level during this 5 days. There would be proper training material and education given to them by relevant workshop and conference. They would go through practical tests to improve their ability. Lot of new techniques could be involved for the purpose of securing the displaying the jewelry pieces during the exhibition. In order to proceed with this, it is equally important to educate the staff effectively and efficiently regarding the upcoming challenges. Staffs should be educated regarding the importance of meeting each customer. The prevention of grab and run thefts can be done by displaying only one item at a time. The security and controlling access to the contents of the jewelry exhibition should be properly showcased. Prior to all these, it is essential that the employees are familiarized with the security system of the jewelry stores. In this regard, there must be in-person review of the existing security procedures in order to help them gaining more knowledge regarding the upcoming threats. Therefore, staff meetings plays significant role in such cases. The principles of selling with security should be made readily available to the staffs for the purpose of educating them. Staffs should be trained properly in order to manage the flow of customer traffic for the purpose of preventing distractions. Identifying and sharing information regarding suspicious activity is equally essential.

Access Control System:

It is worth mentioning that, both safety and security management is a collective responsibility. However, the participation of all the individuals working for Access Control System members will be appreciated. Access Control Systems needs to be implemented for the purpose of ensuring security and fraud prevention. However, the security measures are dependent on each and every staff. Therefore, it is important for each and every staff of the jewelry exhibition to be aware regarding various security risks that could arise. The staffs should keep them updated regarding the day to day security procedures for the purpose of promoting the security measures of the other staffs. Access Control Systems may vary in regard to their functioning and accessibility i.e. from both residential and commercial uses. The advantages of Access Control Systems are that it allows control over multiple doors installed with automatic locks or key fobs for specific time period. These Access Control Systems involves easy activation procedures and deactivation of users as well (Marina, 2017). It helps to control commercial buildings in regard to the security issues. Several strategies can be taken in order to implement access control system, such as biometric identification of clients and physical device to ensure the identity of a person.

Displaying Jewelry:

The jewelry should be displayed keeping into consideration the advanced technology. It is important to protect the display cases, safes and vaults. There must be protection of glass materials for the purpose of deterring smash and grab incidents. The inventory techniques need to be protected as a part of the display protection. It is important to mount holdup switches for countering inconspicuous operations. All the jewelry should not be displayed. The expensive and the precious ones must be kept under proper security and should be displayed on prior approval. The display glass should have proper protection so that it could be broken easily. The replica of the precious jewelry should be displayed in order to ensure more protection.

Installation of CCTV:

From the very beginning, jewelry stores have been a target for the criminals and are more prone to activities involving robbery and theft. Therefore, security directors must suggest installation of CCTV cameras for the purpose of investigating security measures. The installation of CCTV cameras would prove to be beneficial in detecting the functioning of the staff members in serving the consumers. Whether any consumer has entered the exhibition with criminal intention can be easily detected from the CCTV footage. With the new pace of digital age, the security directors are at the authority to transform the video recordings into surveillance footage.  The cameras must be of high resolution and should be able to detect facial recognition easily. Internal protocol cameras would also be beneficial in such cases. It is worth noting that, with pace of time, the concept of surveillance is emerging as a most effective and powerful tool which is important for the efficient management of store operations. It is noteworthy to mention here that, various privacy concerns are associated with the implementation of CCTV cameras. In such cases, the security director must remain prepared to deal with the confidentiality of the consumers and other legitimate patrons.

As a part of the backup plan various measures should be taken into account. Firstly, showcase displays includes plate or annealed glass (Costin, 2016). However, these could be broken easily without applying much force. Therefore laminated glass applications are highly suggested. The glass and the laminate material must be thicker as possible in order to protect the showcase from grab and smash attack. Secondly, the showcase must be built with sensors for the purpose of detecting movement, light, temperature, humidity and pressure. With the help of such applications, the jeweler shall be potentially alerted regarding the suspicious activity of the crime. Thirdly, the exhibition must install an effective alarm system. Fourthly, safes and vaults must be installed. Fifthly, the utilization of Graphene is also encouraged. Grapheme comprises of single molecule sheet of carbon atoms which possesses highest possible strength and possibility. With the application of graphenes in making vaults and safes; it can act as a substitute of steel and help to protect from any damage. As a result of these factors, it creates huge impact on the security of a jewelry exhibition.


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