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Annual Performance Management Plan

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Case analysis

1. As a leader of the organization, please select which you think are the six most appropriate to be included in an annual performance management plan? Explain why?

Being a leader of the organization, the roadmap of further working points would be as follow and these must be added into the annual performance management plan.

The first one is to redesign the goals of the organization effectively. The first thing is that the goals must be written excellently and clearly as per the objectives of the organization, and these goals must be actionable.

The second point is to redesign the performance appraisal with the help of previous performance appraisal because I observed that there are some issues in the last performance appraisal, like there is no accountability of absentees of employees.

The third one is to create an ongoing process like the setting of goals, performance monitoring, performance appraisals, feedback, and coaching. This must be a continuous process because it will take employees active.

Fourth is to collect information from different sources like on-job and off-job training of employees. Sometimes short survey forms could also be used for this purpose.

The fifth is to train your managers because managers are the critical elements of our stores. We must have to design a comprehensive training program for managers. Then the Manager will do so for their juniors.

The last one is to ensure that all the participants will take an active part in this system. Some rewards and recognition could be used to create attractiveness.

  1. If you are the CEO, what is the first issue that the newly appointed Manager should be prioritized and kindly justify your answer.

Being the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization, my priority would be to manage the financial position of the organization. Finance is the fuel of business, and without finance, the company cannot be survived. As it is stated above that the lease of the organization is going to end in July and it has to arrange some other place as soon as possible. For this purpose, the organization must have to arrange finance for a new business place. As well as the mobility of labor from the old site to a new location is also be done through it. It is also mentioned that another rival has come into the community due to which the sale of our organization ran short. So, for this purpose, we need a comprehensive advertising campaign to gain the attention of customers towards our organization. So, to manage all these things, we cannot deny the importance of finance.

  1. If you are the superior of the newly appointed Manager, what is your first step to do to improve the performance of the company? Justify your answer

Being a supervisor of the newly appointed Manager, the first step that I will take is to enhance the training of employees. Training is an essential element of any organization. When any person joins the organization he has no idea about the organization and how to work. No doubt, that the concerned employee has experience of number of years in his or her field but it is a fact that the working environment of all the organizations is different. This is the training through which a newly hired employee understands regarding working environment. Moreover, employee morale can also be increased by the training program. If I am the supervisor then I will address the Manager to arrange an on-job and off-job training program so the productivity of employees could be increased. I hope that through the proper implementation of this training program, not only the program of employees but also the progress of the company would be raised.  

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