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APTE7106 Industry Project: Strategic Approaches for Caffiend Cafe


The purpose of the reflective journal is to provide a place and means for students to think about their project placement and themselves as virtual employees in some depth. This will be done in relation to themselves and their project experience, but also in relation to the academic theory they were exposed to during their formal studies.


You are required to keep a reflective journal of experiences, insights and achievements made in the course of this subject. Specifically the journal must:

Showevidence ofyour critical thinking in examining aspects of your project experience

  • Evaluate critical learningexperiencesthat you experienced while working on the project through the application of theory to a practical environment
  • Indicatestrongevidence of your self-awareness of the issues affecting you as a potential employee – referring to your personal growth, areas for self-development and personal achievements or failures – and how you dealt with it


Organisational Overview

  • Brieflydiscuss theorganisation; location, structure, number of employees, product range and market(s).

Situational Reflection

  • Describe afewsituations which provided “critical learning experiences” for you during your project. Use relevant theories, concepts, models and current industry practice to critically analyse and reflect upon these experiences.

Personal Growth

While you are working on your project, you will have many new experiences, and found new knowledge about the world of business and yourself.  Recall and reflect on your experiences, and show the deeper learning that has occurred for you.

The following documents may aid this process:

It is important in your writing up to make a clear distinction between the reporting of facts and taking the next step of analysis and reflection.


Title: Strategic approaches for increasing the revenue streams for Caffiend, Petone, New Zealand


The purpose of the industry project was to make me familiar with the business practices of cafe bar- Caffiend situated in Wellington, New Zealand. This reflective journal shall help me focus on the project placement and help apply my theoretical knowledge in the business environment. This project has helped me come across

my skills, strengths and weaknesses such as hazard identification, fire safety and others. I obtained constructive feedback from my professor regarding APA referencing.

Host Organisation / Industry Client

Caffiend belonging to the food and beverage industry intends to take care of its customers by providing high quality products and services. The cafe is located at Petone, New Zealand. It is a sole trader that aims to create an environment that brings multiple elements like great food, coffee, ambience, music and art together. My research work focuses on how Oliver started his cafe after gaining experience from his father’s restaurant in Southern Highlands of NSW at the age of nine. My research work was to build a common platform for the researchers and share knowledge among the enthusiasts and scholars of the food and beverage industry.

Situation Reflection

One of my personal favourites industries for research is food and beverage. This section enlists the multiple experiences where I faced difficult situations. Overall, I faced difficulty in conducting survey and interview. Below are the critical experiences as observed during my industry project work.

First Critical Learning Experience

My first critical learning experience was to conduct survey for 150 customers if coffee shops located in Wellington, New Zealand. I was responsible to conduct a survey and found it difficult as it was problematic to construct its questionnaire. I could complete it successfully as I conducted a pilot test for examining the feasibility. As I could not communicate my purpose of research clearly to the research participants, the next time I shall be clear and consistent in communication. I shall explain the purpose of my research study. Therefore, practice of preparing more questionnaires and communication can help me improve my survey skills.

Second Critical Learning Experience

My second critical learning experience through this research study is analysis of data. After collecting data, I began the process of analysis. I changed the method of analysing the data by expanding my knowledge base. The next time I would employ the best method of analysis for quantitative data. I can improve my experience by undergoing training and development of analytical skills.

Third Critical Learning Experience

The third critical learning experience that I have gained through this research study is time management. I submitted by project on time. While I was laid behind schedule, I made up for the lost time by working for extra hours to complete my project. As the time for presenting for final report was limited, I developed time management skills. The next time I shall plan my regular schedule and finish the estimated project work to finish it on time. 

Personal Growth

During my participation in the industry project, I gathered personal and professional experiences. My learning subjects helped me establish successful business plans in New Zealand. The industry project has helped me apply my theoretical knowledge in the practical field.

Reflections on Feedback from Academic Supervisor

My academic supervisor, , helped me in creating a successful research project. I faced difficulty in choosing the topic, APA referencing, searching the literature review, and preparing final project. I was not completely satisfied with my first draft. Firstly, I went to my professor seeking guidance. The professor helped me choose the research field. I was given a brief by the professor to conduct literature review and cite references efficiently.  I conducted a meeting with the tutor to complete the project effectively. I feel confident about my project.

Future Career Direction and Preparation for Future

My experience in my industry project has made it clear to me that I would like to pursue a career as a Business Strategy Consultant. This experience has demonstrated to me that I have strength in analysing businesses and I have a strong interest in marketing. In future, I shall look into the service industry to improve customer service and satisfaction. I also learned that I do not want a career that requires me to spend a lot of time in clerical work.

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