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BSBMKG607 Staffing support plan Assessment Task 2

Assessment Task 2

Case Study Analysis- Staffing support plan

1. Strategies

To start a good work is necessary that the team is prepared to work together. That is for everyone in the group. Therefore, mentors and coaches must be professional who know how important to provide some trainers, motivate activities and educations for the team work on the project with productivity.

Because of that the strategy of Houzit is include setting goals, gratifying and recognising staffs according with their productivity in the project. 

To be organized and to understand what everyone is working on, weekly meeting have to be provide. In this meeting will be possible to evaluate what each one is doing and also to give the feedback about their work.

The goals have to be reminded in every meeting and if is necessary to create new. The goals are important to keep the team focused.

Although is important to keep the goals SMART, in other words, with understandable meaning and deadline. The team have to know why the goals are important and how in the end they will make all the difference for the company.

2. Resources

Marketing outcome model: ROI – Return on investment

Marketing Mix- 7Ps

Nowadays the marketing mix has 7 Ps, which are Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence. They are essential for the Marketing plan because must be strategic and measurable. Probably Houzit already has this information, but is great to have this clarify to start the work.


Who are the competitors that Houzit has in the market. How much are they charging the same product? How are the reviews about the product?

To understand the competitors are important to the marketing plan because will help the company to know with who are they competing and how it is possible to make the new product better.

Customer Lifetime Value

In this concept is possible to understand what the customers are worth, based on the actual value of future attributed to the relationship between the customer and the product. The website is a great source to understand the customers and what they are looking for. In addition the website might help in another researches as “how much time the customers spent in each page?” “if they sign the newsletters or if they just want to see the products?”.


Consistent feedback is always the best way to learn and understand if the team is in the right way. Therefore, feedback provided from the coaches and mentors will help in the success of the project with Houzit. 

For the feedback is important plan formal weekly meetings as was mentioned before. Those will be essential to a company's success in order to provide an opportunity for leaders to share opinions and objectives. Also will be possible to discuss the results produced from the accounting information system and their individual reports.

One of the model that must be useful to provide the feedback for the staffs is the Star model, which consist in:

ST – Situation or Task. What was the problem, opportunity, challenge or task? Example: “Thanks for completing the worksheet on resource allocation I requested.”

A – Action. What was said or done to handle the situation or task? Here is important remember to provide developmental feedback and areas for improvement. Example: “You provided all of the data I asked for and got it to me on time.”

R – Result. What was the impact of the employee’s struggles, and how did their actions influence the end result? Example: “I was able to bring the data to a planning meeting with our director, where we used it to create a strong resource plan for next term.”

4. Performance

Because of the Lombards Consulting to perform the consulting services, it might be necessary for Houzit to provide Lombards Consulting with Confidential Information regarding Houzit’s business and products. That is referred to the Intellectual property, part of the polices of the company when is sharing any kind of information that may be important. 

Houzit will trust heavily upon Lombards Consulting’s honesty and prudent judgment to use this information only in the best interests of Houzit.

In accomplishment consulting services below this Agreement, Lombards Consulting may be exposed to and will be required to use convinced “Confidential Information” of the Houzit. Lombards

Consulting agrees that Lombards Consulting will not and Lombards Consulting’s employees, agents, or representatives will not use, directly or indirectly, such Confidential Information for the benefit of any person, entity, or organization other than the Houzit, or disclose such Confidential Information without the written authorization of the President of the Houzit, either during or after the term of this Agreement, for as long as such information retains the characteristics of Confidential Information.

Intellectual property

As a material condition to which Lombards Consulting agrees in argument for the opportunity to provide the services. Lombards Consulting certainly acknowledges and agrees that all reports, documents, developments, discoveries, creations, processes, designs, plans, and trade secrets, if a technical nature or not, made or developed by Lombards Consulting or in conjunction with any other company or entity while providing the services or developed by the Lombards Consulting during the course of or ascending out of his previous work, the company still not sharing information about any of this docs belong to Houzit.

Environmental workplace

To work in a place with good conditions is essential to help the team to be more efficient. Therefore, a clean workplace is important to the workers feel comfortable. Alto Lambards has to provide great accesses to the internet, in computers with good conditions. Breaks are also important to give a rest for the brain and for the worker think more in what have done. So all this essential environmental is essential for high-level staffing needs. 

  1. Conclusion

In conclusion to this staffing support plan is clarified that gratifying work is essential to provide happiness for the staff and also great productivity.

But also is important to keep in touch with the team to verify if everything is working on time and as planning. Always remind the employees about their responsibilities and deadline. A good environmental condition is also that must be provide to help in the high quality work.

The staffing plan specifies how is important to understand the requirements for staffing project and to give them feedback to help in their works.

Scenario 1 – Marie’s mentoring e coaching

In this scenario Marie will be working individually with each person to clarify their thoughts and feeling, helps them to develop ways to reach their goals. This will be developing in confidential and supportive environment. 

This is a familiar and traditional model that will be provide results in short term, because the time to work on the project is shorter.

In this model the mentor and the worker will probably develop a personal relationship that will help the mentor to encourage the worker and to help him to find the solution.

In every situation as a different case, for examples employees sometimes make bad decisions. They shouldn’t be coached, but encouraged. Bad decisions are a learning opportunity for better future decisions. The same happen when an employee makes a decision that is different from one the executive would make, give it time. It might just be a better decision.

In fact, decisions should be made at every level. An effective manager impulses decisions down to direct reports. Mentoring for decision making is a critical piece of making sure that future managers and executives are developed.

The grow model

The GROW Model is a simple framework for structuring your coaching or mentoring sessions. In this case Marie will

· Goal: Improve Marie’s confidence to make decisions through different experiences and provide her with opportunities to further develop skills, especially more knowledge in web design and web marketing.

  • Reality: because of her lack of ‘real world’ experience, Marie probably feels insecure in many aspects and she lacks confidence to make decisions.
  • Options (or Obstacles). One on One mentoring to help Marie overwhelmed her weaknesses. In this traditional model, one mentor is matched with one mentee, and a trained program manager monitors the match’s progress over the course of 9-12 months. This mentoring program will certainly assist in developing self-confidence in Marie.

· Will (or Way Forward). Marie will work on several projects with different topics during the next 6 months in different areas such as web design and web marketing always working and getting advises from the mentor.

Scenario 2- Tony’s performance review and corrective action

Tony’s style to the job is quite different to Marie. He is not interesting to learn of other forms of marketing. He is a quite self-fish and does not want to share his knowledge.

Tony is a professional with a extensive experience in search engines and web designer, his focus on internet marketing which makes him the best in the area. He is continuously presenting new ideas for internet market

Otherwise Tony needs to improve his communication skills, as well as open his mind to learn new marketing ideas which will help to create more complete and realistic internet marketing ideas. Also, his teaching methods are not the proper ones. Tony needs to get an approval of every single new idea by the manager, and under any circumstances he should run a new marketing idea without the approval of the marketing manager.

Suggested steps for developing a performance review discussion plan

Step 1: Before the discussion

Before the performance discussion, use the plan template to record:

  • Your employee’s individual performance goals for this performance cycle, and how you think they’ve performed against their goals.
  • What you think your employee has done well.
  • What you think your employee could do better.

Step 2: During the discussion

During the meeting, use the plan template to record:

  • How your employee thinks they’ve performed against each of their goals.
  • Any feedback or concerns that your employee has.
  • Any discussion about the employee’s career goals or future within your business.
  • Any goals that you and the employee agree on for the next performance cycle, and the support that you’ll provide to help the employee meet their goals (eg. training).

In addition, when you and the employee will next meet to review their performance, as well as any next steps for you and the employee.

Supportive steps

  • Give to Tony a support to develop his new marketing ideas and to improve and get new communication methods.
  • Create a link between Tony and Lambert which will help both to create new material.

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