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CNA256 Mental Health | Social Work and Human Services Practice


1. Mental health

Identify and explain two key issues in mental health and discuss the potential implications for social work and human services practice.

2. Children, families and young people

Identify and explain two key tensions or challenges within child welfare, discuss the potential implications for social work and human services practice.


1.Mental Health

When talking about mental health, a very crucial aspect of life is under investigation and it is salient to really underscore the mechanism behind our brains, Noviar, Rhebergen & Bakker (2018). Without proper brain functioning, the entire human organism is declared insane since that is the hub of all the issues of life. Each and everything that somebody is engaged in revolves around the working of the mind. Mental health in simple words refers to the state of mind welfare where somebody can be able to engage himself or herself in the normal daily challenges without many complications, Cooney (2018). The normal approach towards these life issues ensures that one is able to meet the challenges as they come without many struggles. At least each and everybody has some mental challenge because of the round of issues that take place in this world. When these things go beyond the normal levels someone gets into a state of impairment because he or she cannot be able to cope up with what challenges posse to his or her life. This state is referred to as a mental illness condition which has been a portion to many people in the world, Torous, Nicholas, Larsen, Firth & Christensen (2018).

Countries like Australia and other parts of the world have been characterized by this abnormality within her citizenshi

p and it is really alarming. There have been many cases that have been noted to cause this condition, some of them are natural and others are artificial factors that have been contributed due to the normal round of life activities. In the event that one member of a certain family had some inherited tendencies towards that direction of mental illness, there is a high likelihood of passing the same attributes to other siblings online, Worden (2018). In some cases, one might have gone through some circumstance that has been a burden to his mind like any type of child abuse. This develops to be a chronic challenge in the latter life. When life becomes so much stress one can give up and the mental bolts becomes loose and hence mental illness.

Keys issues in mental health

Since mental health is the key to each and every success in life, there are so many implications that come along with either positive or negative mental health. In this section, the researcher intends to discuss the negative impacts that the mental health has towards personal life and other aspects of life in general. Therefore, the two key issues lie on the personal and other general aspects of life emanating from the major authors’ discussions, Briggs and Adamson.

The personal impact of mental health

This is a key issue in mental health as it focuses on how the individual person responds in the instance some mental condition has been noted. There are major tenants of life of an individual person that is really affected by the mental disorder. In general terms, the quality and substance of such a person's life are devastated and things are never the same again. There is deterioration to a great scale than ever which demonstrates a deplorable decline in what used to be enjoyed prior, Hirsch et al 2018. With this complication, the individual social growth is retarded since there is some development of fear of interacting with the external environment. Finally, the production that used to be accrued from him is no longer seen again and also the condition presents a great possibility towards the development of other diseases online.

Extra personal implications of mental health

There are viral implications of this condition when it affects one member of a family or the society. From that one person, the effects in a ripple like a form reach to the very heart of the society and there are also serious implications noted. There is a great possibility of escalating poverty levels in the very homes where those individuals issue from since they must care for them hence decreasing any fortune that might have been there, Espelage, Merrin & Hatchel (2018). To the society in general, the net economic declension is observed and additional care to those affected.

The role of social work and human services provision

This is a crucial aspect in mental health that is concerned with the areas and circles of mental health that the medical profession may not be in a position to find out. These dual aspects act as the intermediaries between all the crucial aspects of the structure of dealing with mental complications, while the medics deal with the diagnosis and physical therapy of the mental condition and human sectors deal with issues beyond these mere externals, Hadley & Hatch (2018). With an integrated system of connection finding the root cause of this circumstance including spiritual and emotional ramifications so much positive responses have been arrived at.

2.Child welfare


Children occupy a very special sector in the society. It is from them that the grown-up members of the community come. When all things have been said and done, it remains that proper orientation of the child in the way that he or she should trend on in life has a great bearing on what shall be her or his share in life. Different children are born in diverse families with their special challenges as well, Brown & Bailey-Etta (2018). It is from these backgrounds where they find a compass of life. Some of the children have successfully gone through all the stages of life to maturity without any abnormal interference because of the tender care of the parents and the surrounding environments in their lives, Lawrence-Webb (2018). On the other end, there are children who have been very unfortunate to have been raised up in so poor and distorted family settings with also very discouraging circumstances. Because of these conditions, they have always felt out of place in the face other counter children who are doing well.

These circumstances expose them to other factors that make them very vulnerable to the incidences of abuse. There have been many incidences where parents have molested their children sexually and assaulted them as well when such a kid is in the outside he or she becomes more susceptible to other abuses of nature. Life becomes very hard and challenging to many children because of the injustices that have been done to them in the name of abuses. When some of them have been abused, no one cares for them and he or she carries those wounds through his or her entire life. Child welfare department in any country is concerned with investigations of the abuses that the children have gone and intervention measures to help curb the challenges, Gullies, Edwards & Horley (2018). It coordinates the efforts of the parents and other stakeholders concerned in order to deliver all the services that these victims of circumstances may need to restore sanity and heal the broken hearts. It organizes all the essential aspects to ensure children have had a proper place of retention in safe homes and environments after they have done their services.

Challenges within the Child Welfare

In the process of ensuring that children have got all that they need in order to be secure and stable in life after the abuses, the department must ensure that all the sufficient aspects towards the maintenance of the possible conditions have been met (Worden, 2018). In this part of this response, the author has a purpose to explore two major challenges that the sector faces her implementation plan, Kedell and Katz have spoken on many issues when the author synthesis among the issues of concern are discussed below.


More than expected in this age and period, many children have been abused and they have no place they can find safety after the incidence. Several of the victims have no homes and where they could go their parents are poor or they cannot help reclaim their wretched lives. The department must ensure all the resources in terms of the basic needs have been met and also additional finances to be able to facilitate rehabilitation projects, Smith, Kay & Pressley (2018). All these burdens have had a great impact on the financial state of these departments hence promoting poverty because of the massive incurrence of the costs.


This aspect revolves around getting a way of ensuring that a child has found a place of safety away from their original home. This is major because of the circumstances that had transpired before. In case their homes cannot support them or they have been abused therein, the department must come up with subsidiary means to position them where they would identify as their home, Bakhireva et al 2018. This is challenging because it is not easy to acclimatize to a new home from what the child was used to. It is a fundamental challenge facing the child welfare and must be done still to sort the matter off.

The implication of social worker and human service practice

This sector in terms of child welfare is very critical in ensuring that this department has found its right shape. There are so many areas that the department may fail to underscore and this gives this branch an opportunity to help. There are portentous benefits that they have towards the child welfare. They establish programs beyond the normal welfare settings that are designed to meet the members of the family and the individuals of abuse, Gibson, Samuels & Pryce (2018). Another important aspect that they look into is actually the reason why many children are abused and this acts as a permanent remedy instead of only focusing on the already abused case. Therefore, this sector plays a fundamental function in promoting the real life of the child welfare.


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