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COIT 20248 Information Systems Analysis and Design-System Development

Approaches to Systems Development

  • How would ASCISgo about developing its information systems? Which approach would ASCIS take
  • Justify your choice of your selected approach/ methodology to systems development. 

Systems Requirements

  • List all the critical primary functional requirements for the system in the case study. 
  • List all the non-functional requirements for the system in the case study and justify why would you like to have these non-functional requirements.

Project Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Discuss your Project Cost Benefit Analysis. 
  • Provide an excel spread sheet with details in a Project Cost Benefit Analysis.

Project Schedule

  • Show a work breakdown structure which follows your choice of approach/ methodology and a project schedule as a Gantt Chart. Briefly explain both of them and discuss how they relate to each other. 
  • Given the system goals, requirements, and scope as they are currently understood, is the project schedule reasonable Why or why not

System Information Requirement Investigation Techniques

  • Who are the stakeholders involved
  • Explain your choice of the 3 most useful investigation techniques.
  • Justify the usefulness of these 3 investigation techniques.


The report on Allsports Sports Club primarily aims at investigating the system requirements of for the global business. Allsports Sports Club (ASC) offers national membership which is currently sighted at more than 1000 members subscribing to a wide range of sporting activities. The club has experienced a couple of hard times with the software that operates the informational processes mainly relating to the weekly newsletter requirements in the organization. As the selected information system specialist, I have drafted this report as a prelude to the development of a new ASCIS that will handle the current informational tasks effectively through automation, reduce the costs of running the club, and subsequently increase profits by $3000.

Existing System of Allsports Sports Club

The Allsports Sports Club is involved in the publishing of newsletter on a weekly basis and uses the word processor and spread sheet programs to support the performance of these tasks (Ziyu, 2017). The newsletters have 10 articles and 5 advertisements incorporated whose income helps to cover the cost of publishing. The programs used by the president of the club to produce the newsletters have

the following shortcomings.

- It cannot support mailing of the newsletters to club members as most have preferred the soft copies.

- Associated with the late publishing of newsletters.

- Difficulties in accessing information efficiency

- Complicated procedures of filtering content by use of spreadsheets

- Wastage of a lot of time

- The resources accompanied reduce the club’s profits.

The Selected Approach of System Development

The predictive method of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology will be employed to develop the ASCIS.  The strategy will cover the entire process of planning, building, deploying and using the information system. The final process will be providing support services to the users or the system. Later improvements of the system will use the adaptive approach to adjust new developments.

The proposed Allsports Sports Club Information System has to do away with the challenges associated with using the current system as identified earlier. Business requirements are highly flexible (Wibowo, 2016).

  • Using of emails to deliver digital copies of newsletters to the members of the Allsports Sports Club will be efficient in saving the resources of time, labour, and finance.
  • The system will enable sorting of data to produce reports of emails, members, articles, advertisements, members who have done editing and members without email addresses that will be sent with the hard copies.

Primary functional requirements

Based on the case study, the system operational requirements are listed below.

  • Registration

The system should include a capacity to register club members with their full names, mobile numbers, the sport they play and their email addresses.

  • Filters

It should be fixed with functionality to sort the members into categories with and without email addresses.

  • Storage

Information about the advertisers should include names, addresses and contact details.

  • Newsletter support

The titles of articles accepted to be included in the newsletters.

  • Feedback

Members, the public, and advertisers should be given an interface to send messages to the club administration concerning their views, complaints, and suggestions.

  • Article submission

Members portals will enable submission of article files and their names.

  • The system should publish a quick review of the article that will be written in the following week.
  • Advertisers’ portal

The portal shall enable advertisers to submit advertising proposals, information on their payment accounts and date on which their advertised properties will be published.

  • Corporate emails

The system will create a corporate email address for the members to facilitate communications with the club (Sugumaran, 2017).

  • The system will be automated to be selecting the club member to edit the newsletter and informing the member of the selection.
  • Email correspondent

The information system will initiate sending of newsletters on the morning of each Wednesday.

Non-functional requirements 

-User-friendly interface.

- Compatibility.

- Faster processing.

- Adaptability to the needs of the project.

- Minimization of modelling activities.

-Verifying user bugs

- Availability.

4. Project Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost-Benefit analysis enables selection of the best decision through comparison of costs that are incurred to develop and maintain an information system to the benefits expected to be reaped from its use. The cost and benefit analysis will reveal whether the project is viable or not. A good project should have a net present value (NPV) of expected cash flows that is more than the total costs incurred to develop it together with the net present value of maintenance costs (Leidner, 2017). The picture will show the economic viability of a project. The costs are measured in financial terms whereas benefits include an increase in revenue, profits, greater efficiency and an enhanced public image of the Allsports Sports Club.

Allsports Sports Club will reap a benefit that is higher than the costs.

Returns on investments will be realized and the payback period commendably short.


Budget= $60,000

Discount rate= 6%

Discount/Saving= 6/100*$60,000= $3600

Cost= $60,000-$3,600= $56,400

Saved staffing costs per month               $2,000

(add) Increase in income per month        $1,000   $3,000

(less) Maintenance costs per month                      $1,200

Total                                                                       $1,800

(add) Discount                                                        $3,600

Total                                                                      $5,400

In a year total gains will be:

$5400*12= $64,800

Payback Period (PBP)

$56,400/$64,800= 0.8304 years

The project will have recovered its costs within the first year of development, therefore the project should be undertaken.

Project Schedule

The project schedule outlines a breakdown of all the activities that will need to be undertaken in the process of development of the information system for the club. The tasks are objectively divided into subtasks (McAfee, 2017). The performance will begin from top to bottom and left to right. A full branch is finished before going to the next one.

The initial planning phase will involve planning the work, a plan for risks and the feasibility test. The next step will be an analysis of the requirements including one for business, hardware, and software (Minear, 2017). The design phase will develop the user interface, a database, and design for the project (Pearson, 2017). The software codes will be written by experts who will then test for its performance. The implementation phase is done when performance test has approved the software. Deployment and installation will be done succeeded by an intensive training of the users. After all these, the user and system documentation is done to facilitate maintenance (Dennis, 2017).


  • Members
  • The president of the club
  • The Owner
  • Employees of the club
  • Advertisers
  • The publics
  • The staff of HighVoltage Information Services consultants.

 Investigation Techniques

The primary research procedures in this project were selected as follows (Seletkov, 2017).

  • Use of questionnaires
  • Conducting of interviews
  • Document analysis
  1. Questionnaires

I was able to administer surveys with both open ended and closed questions to a total of 90 stake holders selected randomly.

The questionnaires proved very useful because of the large coverage which could be analysed to give a better representation.

  1. Interviews

The process was done on a selected date communicated to the parties to be interviewed to schedule their plans for the activity at the preparation stage. Communication enabled me to plan for an appropriate number of respondents. The interview process involved the following respondents: 7 selected club members, 3 regular advertisers, 4 employees of the society. The final process of the interview was follow-ups to get any other arising information and as a vote of thanks for people who participated (Frantasov, 2017).

The process was useful because firsthand information on face-to-face communication had the highest level of honesty. The interviewees were stakeholders who freely expressed their views about the planned system (Khalfan, 2017).

  1. Document analysis

It was the analysis phase of research. The questionnaires and interview notes were reviewed using a stratified method. 97% of the respondents had a positive view and welcomed the idea of the development of the Allsports Sports Club Information System. 2.5% of the remaining were worried about cyber related threats like malware attacks, cyber theft, and loss of data (Soja, 2017). The analysing indicated a 99.5 level of honesty.


Allsports Sports Club has found its way into the world of an information system.Club members will have an increase in satisfaction levels offered, and the result will be an attraction of more members increasing the club revenues. Some challenges that will be associated with this information system will be cyber securities issues and calls for further investments to counter this threat.

In conclusion, the report has covered a project of developing an information system for Allsports Sports Club. The requirement of a new IS was necessitated by new needs of the club. The report has identified the drawbacks in the previous system and developed a development approach. The system requirements have been discussed followed by a feasibility analysis. A Gantt Chart broke down the project into smaller tasks for easier development. Finally, the necessary information elements of the system have been identified the get everything ready for implementation.


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Ziyu, W. (2017). Robust regression for anomaly detection. Communications, 1-93.

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