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COIT 20268 Responsive Web Design |Information About Specific Cards


1.Use your design sketches from Portfolio 1 and start to build wireframe page mock-ups for the different page levels of your site. Your website should adopt a flexible design. Using the skills you learned in this chapter, build and submit page layouts for the different levels of information your site will contain. For example, you need to build a home page mock-up, an article page mock-up, and a section page mock-up. Remember to test your page mock-ups with some text content and at different browser sizes and screen resolutions as specified in the details for Practical.
2.Gather the graphics to use on the different pages of your site. This is provided in the PRORESOURCE.ZIP folder. For other graphics that are not included, please exercise your creativity to create graphics that you will use in the project. These include banner, navigation, section, or identifying graphics. Add these graphics to the test pages of your site. Test the images in multiple browsers to make sure they are displayed properly. Think about the different color requirements for your content, and decide how you canenhance the legibility of the content. Can color help communicate the structure of your information?Determine the color choices for your web site. Pick the colors for text, table.
backgrounds,and page backgrounds.Establish graphics standards for your web site, including but not limited to the following:

•Decide whether you will use a standard amount of white space around each graphic.
•Determine exactly which img attributes should be included in all <img>tags.
•Formulate a standard for all alt and title attributes.
•Formulate a basic set of image standards for your site. Use this as the display standard for testing your graphics.
•Determine colors of links and visited links.
•Write a short standards document that can be provided to anyone who contributes to the site.
3.Examine the flowchart you created for your web site. Consider the requirements of both internal and external navigation. Create a revised flowchart that shows the variety of navigation options you are planning for the web site. Using your HTML editor, mark up examples of navigation bars for your content. Make sure your filenames are intact before you start coding. Save the various navigation bars as separate HTML5 files for later inclusion in your web pages. Plan the types of navigation graphics you want to create.  Use graphics from Portfolio 2.2 for your page banners, navigation buttons, and related graphics.

Do not include the HTML5 script files in your portfolio. Include only a selection of examples of the work you have carried out at this stage. It is assumed that the HTML5 script files will subsequently be improved and expanded and becomes part of your final project for Practical

4.Examine the content of BUSINESS_HOURS.TXT provided in the PRORESOURCE.ZIP. Design and implement the data contained in this file to be appropriately displayed.

5.Design and include forms in the project website. The forms will be used to gather contact details of visitors to the website. (Note: For the purpose of this project, the form need not have a backend server nor functionality. No actual record will be saved.) Include the following fields:
•Country of Origin
•Personal Interest

6.Finalise your project web site by testing the finished design in multiple browsers and devices (simulators) and making any necessary adjustments or changes to support compatibility. If possible, enlist three to five people to review your web site. Ask for their recommendation. Compile the feedback and analyse the results the test. What do the results indicate about the effectiveness of your design. Point out the areas that you feel could benefit from user recommendations. List any assumptions you made about the web site and how users either confirmed or denied theseassumptions.

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