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COIT20248 Information System Analysis and Design-Business Analyst thro


                                                                           Stakeholder Map

Interest of Stakeholders







Business Analyst

Internal Operational



Identification and fulfillment of needs and requirements of ‘Telehealth’ will be cared by the business analyst including the marketing and advertisement for the awareness of the consumers  

Business analyst will be responsible for the development of cases for the involved stakeholders

Telehealth authorities

Internal Executive



Authorities will be taking all the higher authority’s decision-making including the budget, and other responsible decision-makings

The overall project will be delivered by the manager and authorities will be taking all the decision-making for important and vital actions within the project


Internal Operational



Manager will be delivering the project successfully and managing to complete every milestone within the expected time and efficiently deliver the project according to the budget and schedule plan

Deliver all the objectives with responsibility and indulging all the team members within the project towards the expected goals

Team Members

Internal Operational



They will contribute in the successful deployment of these systems and establishment of necessary components

Delivery of the project along with the quality is the responsibility of these individuals

Finance team

Internal Executive



Maintaining the suppliers, requirements, and budget will be maintained by the finance team along with the contingency plan for the system

Plan the budget of the project in an efficient and effective manner

Additional Staffs

Internal Operational



Additional staffs will be helpful in maintain the data or information uploaded into the system along with the backup of those information and security of the system

The system is not affected by any unauthorized user and it does not stops due to certain bugs and glitches

Marketing Teams

Internal Executive



Advertisement and attracting donors will be done by marketing teams

Everyone is well introduced with the system


External Executive



Involve in the project and make it successful through availing the services

Follow the prescribed medications suggested by the doctors

Medical specialist

External Operational



Interact with each patient and provide them needed support through proper medications and suggestions

Every patient will get suggestions and medications as per the need

Australian Community

External Executive



The expenses will be decreased, every time availability of the doctors despite of any obstacle

Support the project and make it successful

Private Donors

External Executive



Donate financial help to the Telehealth

Provide sufficient money to boos the productivity and support for the Australian community

Questionnaire for the Patients

Dear Australian Civilians

This is a questionnaire regarding the services and facilities that is about to be implemented in the Telehealth system for your convenience and comfort. Your valuable answers will help us in determining the problems you are facing or other patients might face within this system. Your point of view will help in enhancing these services as we have developed this system for you; you are the one, who will judge how the system should go. This questionnaire will help us in modifying the system that could be much efficient. Please provide us your valuable thought.

  1. Let us know about your age group, please select one of the following options.
  • Below 20 years
  • Between 20 and 30 years
  • Between 30 and 40 years
  • Above 40 years
  1. Do you have any health problems or is there someone you know who is suffering from certain health problems, please select one of the options.
  • Yes
  • No

Please let us know about the details of the problems and identifiable information (name, address, and contact details), please fill details in the provided space.

  1. Please provide your point of view on this system, do you think it will be proper solution for the population living in rural areas, please let us know.
  • Yes
  • No
  1. How much you think the system will be efficient in getting medical treatments and saving money (percentage).
  • 0 - 15
  • 15 - 30
  • 30 - 50
  • 50 – 80
  • 80- 100
  1. What are the problems you think the system might face after the execution or during execution, please let us know to make it better.
  2. Your expectations will be fulfilled with this system and this system will be helpful in curing or providing medical assistance to the needed ones.
  • Yes
  • No

If No, let us know what will be lagging factors

  1. Do you think the medical specialists or doctors will be able to provide proper medications as per the medical individual’s condition, please let us know about your thought
  • Yes
  • No
Medical suggestions will always be available for you (24x7) and medical specialist will always provide you medical assistance according to your medical conditions
  • Yes
  • No
  1. Video conferencing is the solution, rural people were wanted for the medical suggestions and they will be benefitted with this system, please provide your valuable thought
  • Strongly disagree
  • Disagree
  • Neutral
  • Agree
  • Strongly Agree
  1. Rural people will be able to get medical facilities without any cost and the barrier of time, distance, and cost will be nothing for them after the implementation of this system. Please provide what you think about this statement
  • Strongly disagree
  • Disagree
  • Neutral
  • Agree
  • Strongly Agree

Description: Patients and doctors will have to created user ID in the system to access the information system and personal information related to both the individuals will be feed into the system. Patient will be able to feed personal medical information into the system and doctor will be able to access that information through unique IDs.Description: Patients will be feeding the current medical condition including the premedical conditions, and current medications if any in manner to get the proper medical suggestions from the doctors.

Medical Suggestions (Via text)

Description: Doctor will be able to access the information saved by the user including all the information related to the medical condition. The doctors will collect data; thereafter the report will be created using those data. Medical suggestion will be fed into the system and the patient will be able to receive those suggestions on the screen.  

Video Conferencing

Description: Doctor will decide after accessing and providing details related to the medical condition and suggestion that whether the patient needs the video conferencing contact or not. Doctor will select one of the three options and the contact will be made to the patient or system will terminate.  

Fully Developed Use Case (Medical Suggestions)

Use Case Name:

Video Conferencing

Use Case Id:


Primary Actor:


Secondary Actors:


Other Stakeholders:

Additional medical staff, Donors, Government

Business Goal:

Provide medical assistance to rural area’s population via video conferencing


Doctors and patients should have created User ID and entered personal details including contact information

Success Condition

Doctor will be able to contact the patient face to face and patients will be able to get assistance face to face

Main Paths

1. Used ID Created

2. Medical condition accessed


3. Medical report created

4. Medical specialist decides whether there is need for  video conferencing or not


5. If NO the system will be triggered

6. If yes the individual will be contacted


If the medical specialist selects option ‘no’ for video conferencing, the system will be triggered


The patient will be able to receive medical suggestions and/or face to face conversation with the medical specialist


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