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COIT20249 Professional Skills in Information Communication Technology-  Brain Mapping Neuromorphic


    Technology is a big part of the  modern life as without technology the daily life of the people a and daily business operation cannot be undertaken.  The main purpose of this presentation is to gain knowledge regarding various technologies that have emerged since last two years. 
      Technology refers to the collection of  techniques and the methods through which the progress can be achieved in the business.     Technology is invaded in the daily life of the people because of its rapid use. From the last two years improvement of the technology is noticeable. Some examples of new technologies are: Agricultural drone Ultra private smart phone  Brain mapping Neuromorphic chip Microscale 3-D printing 

Bring easiness in life: Technology makes the more easy.  However, form the past the people feel more comfortable in their daily life due to use of technology. Save time: Technology saves the time of the people by allowing people to complete the work quickly. In the recent years time constraint is the big issues of the people life as their life is so fast and people have to cope up with the time in their daily life.  
Useful for any field: Technology is useful for any field.  Educational field, business field and other fields are technology oriented in the recent years. Technology and business field: Technology is associated with the every aspect of the business.  However, without the technology business operation can be carried out properly in the  recent years. 
Agricultural Drone Drones have cameras adorned for the improving the treatment of the crops(Freeman &Freeland, 2015) Helps in exposing issues such as soil variation, irrigation treatment and also observe plants that are distressed at a cost that is much lower 
Encrypts not only file attachments, text messages but also voice calls The encryption prevents the potential eavesdroppers from listening to fine calls  and protects metadata (Parajuli & Masud, 2015 Helps in mapping of the brain that the neuroscientist have been working for decades (De Witt Hamer et al., 2012) The map is able to show details of the brain that is up to 20 micrometers in size.
These chips help in developing artificial intelligence system (Choudhary et al., 2012) These Chips can process sensory data through sound  and sight so as to respond in ways which are not explicitly programmed  3 D printing is used for printing intricate objects  and are chosen based on their mechanical properties , electrical conductivity and optical traits This printing technology will enable various functions including creation of artificial organ.
Technological advancement in Medical science and Health have saved many innocent lives(Kounina et al., 2013) Technological advancements in Communication have made relationships better where people are now adopting mobile phones instead of landlines Technological advancements in agriculture has led to increased production and abundance in food supply(Cuéllar-Franca and Azapagic, 2015) Technological advancements in Education have made the increasing use of tablets and mobile gadgets in education thereby making it easier 


    The presentation deals with the numerous technologies that have emerged over the years around the world. The presentation gives a brief description of about technology and the importance of technology in our day to day life. There are slides in the presentation that gives pictorial description of the major technological emergences in the past two years and how these advancement have in way had an impact on human life cycle.  


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