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COM223 Writing for Strategic Communication: Online Gambling

Letter Writing

Answer the following question

The Singapore Government’s recent decision to make online betting legal, by allowing Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club to operate online betting services, has made news.

The issue has been debated in parliament, and lead to concerns being raised by religious bodies and individuals alike. Many feel that allowing online betting, albeit under strict conditions, could potentially result in more, especially younger, people getting hooked on online gambling.

Youth problem gambling has always been a contentious issue for concerned Singaporeans, with many letters exchanged on this topic in the local press. An example is the following letter by Francis Cheng Choon Fei, published in the Voices section of TODAYonline on 11 February 2015.


Assume that you are a reader of TODAYonline and wish to add your perspective on this hotly-contested issue. Formulate your arguments, and apply the concepts and techniques of rhetoric and persuasion to demonstrate your competence in persuasive writing.

Write a letter to the Voices section of TODAYonline that lays out your stance on this issue. Accordingly, in your letter, you need to discuss the issues and identify your stand either for or against the argument that tackling the problem of youth gambling starts with parents’ responsibility.

E-mail Writing

Answer the following question.

You are the Communications Manager for St. Anne’s Junior College, a newly established educational facility in Singapore which aims to provide specialised post-secondary education to students aspiring a career in teaching, with a special focus on the use of digital technology for enhancing the learning experience of students in the digital age. The college is scheduled to open in January 2018.

St. Anne’s newly appointed Principal, Associate Professor Yew Sing Tong, recently attended a conference organised by the American Educational Research Association, where he networked with leading academics in the field of e-learning and digital literacy. Upon his return, he decided that publishing an online textbook of scholarly articles on this topic would be an excellent medium for promoting the college’s specialist educational aims, and at the same time attract high -calibre professionals to the college’s recruitment drive. He has put you in charge of finding a reputable publisher and procuring state-of-the-art articles on e-learning and digital literacy from renowned academics and educators in this field.

Coincidentally, you had just come across a call for papers from Educational Research in Multimedia (ERM) Publications, circulated via e-mail. You contacted the chief editor and managed to secure a contract for an edited volume of papers on digital literacy, to be published before the start of college registrations later this year. You have also been in contact with twenty leading international academics who have entered into an agreement with St. Anne’s to contribute a scholarly article on digital literacy to the proposed volume. They have meanwhile submitted their manuscripts, which have been proofed and are ready for publication. Two of these academics have also been appointed to join St. Anne’s academic advisory board. News about the forthcoming volume of the online textbook have also been published on St. Anne’s website.

This morning, your Principal called you to his office to inform you that he received a phone call from one of these academics, Professor Barry White, to alert him that he will be withdrawing his manuscript from the planned volume, as the publisher’s name has recently been added to a list of “predatory” online publishers ( Professor White strongly advised your Principal to reconsider publishing with ERM, as this could potentially tarnish St. Anne’s reputation and impact the tenure and promotional prospects of academics whose names will be associated with the textbook.

After discussing the matter with your Principal, it was decided to renege the contract with ERM, and find another reputable publisher instead. Unfortunately, this will delay the publication process, and may entail editing, or even re-writing, to keep in line with the new publisher’s requirements.

Your Principal has asked you to draft an e-mail to be sent by him to the affected academics to inform them of the developments. You need to deliver the news with transparency and tact, bearing in mind the sensitivities.


For this TMA, you are required to apply the concepts and techniques of organisational writing to demonstrate your ability to write a professionally written e-mail to convey the difficult news.

Identify and include any additional information that will help you develop the format of a professionally written e-mail.

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