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COM4462 Video Reflection 1 Conflict Resolution

Video Reflection 1 – Conflict Resolution

When people hear the word conflict, their mind automatically thinks of larger scale conflict like war, and gun violence. Conflict can be as big a warfare in other countries, but as low-scale as an argument between a mother and daughter over whether she is allowed to wear makeup or not. In order to resolve conflict, you must first understand its definition, which leads to the pathway to the resolution of conflict. . The video defines conflict as when one person has a need of another, and that need isn’t being met. Ideally, when resolving conflict you would express the need that is not being met, and then find out if that need can or cannot be met. These are the first two steps to conflict resolution. If the need CAN be met, then that means a resolution has been met. If it cannot be met, then you try and negotiate with the other person, and this is when you enter the management of conflict phase. If the conflict is too big for either person to come up with a viable solution, then it is advisable to get a mediator to assist.

Unfortunately, most people will skip the first two steps of conflict resolution and jump right in the management phase. If you don’t express the need to the other person, how will they even know what need they are to meet? This is what leads to prolonged conflict. Another common problem with the resolution of conflict is denial. Most people refuse to accept responsibility for their role in the conflict. If no one is prepared to accept responsibility, you cannot move towards a resolution. Finally, another hindrance in conflict resolution is avoidance. People will go through extreme measures to avoid direct conflict, but this often leads to the underlying issue ever being resolved, and that can foster feelings of frustration.

Resolving conflict is as simple as communicating with the person you have an issue with. Simply let the other individual know what need it was they didn’t meet, and how that made you feel. Together you can reach a resolution that makes you both happy.

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