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COMM1380 Professional Writing Skills for Business

  1. You can choose the organization that you work for (and which uses at least 3 social mediaapplications).
  • You can select an organization that interests you: for example, business, government agency (municipality or government ministry), or a Non-Government Organization (NGO)
  1. Write an informal memo report to Carlton Pierre:
    1. review 3 social media applications used by the organization you have chosen
    2. explain what each social media apps is before describing how it is being used by the organization
    3. based on the feedback from Workshop 3, restate the key points from the article at the beginning of the report and use them as the basis for analysing how the company is using Social Media
    4. use the Social Media Project Sample Outline as a guideline for capturing and structuring information as you collect it
  2. Use a report structure and design strategies to organize your findings into the appropriate headings and sub-headings for each part of the report.
  3. Use 12 point Calibri or Arial font and 1.15 spacing for the text.
  4. Use block format (paragraphs flush left with a space between paragraphs)
  5. Use [email protected] to cite and reference your sources. (Cite secondary citations correctly.
  6. Submit a Word document to the Social Media Project Submission Folder.



Social media is that encourages the sharing of thoughts as well as information. Through the design, it is web-based and provides clients simple electronic correspondence of individuals and organizational data, for example, recordings and pictures. The web, and internet-based communication specifically, has an intense instrument for bringing issues to light for social causes and charity occasions (Imran, et al. 2015). The organization is a non-government organization have additionally adjusted to the computerized age and utilize innovation to speak with supporters

and givers. This is the period of informal communities, where most of the total population, in any event, has a Facebook account. Currently, informal organizations can work out as a daily paper, a virtual exchanging focus; and a stage for discovering occupations, advancing business, and completing a ton of inventive things. Internet-based life has turned into a worldwide wonder. Nongovernmental associations have received interpersonal communication locations, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram use at the authoritative level for correspondence, backing, raising money, online network building and different another capacity. To improve comprehension of how to utilize web-based social networking as a specialized device and its level of incorporation, this investigation looks at the web-based life nearness and the degree to which is coordinated to the general correspondence methodology of the association. The following is an illustration of how the organization is utilizing the social media platforms and the benefits gained through the implementation.


Facebook has been one of the best long-range social communication sites, since its launch in 2004. Today, it has more than 2 billion dynamic clients, making it the biggest informal community on the planet. The exceptional thing about the platform is its multifunctional interface  and dynamic aspect that unites day by day broadcast, business, as well as sharing mixed media content readily available. Facebook commands the market with its vital and incessant updates that keep it comparatively radical, with steady increases of cool new highlights like, area particular, cool status foundations, and sticker's store, hash-labeling, picture labeling, and substantially more.

Through Facebook, the organization is able to reach out to possible donors, social workers in addition to other stockholders, for example, every post the organization makes on a social media platform is an open access for viewers to comment and at the same time approach new clients, ongoing clients, and old clients, where the association can collaborate with every one of them. According to Zhang, (2017), any ticket, video, image, or remark shared is a platform for individuals to reply, and each response could prompt a webpage visit, and in the end a change. For instance, new projects the organization intends to implement or projects in progress.

In addition, Facebook rises website traffic, in addition the platform is a major plausible cause of traffic generator for the organization’s actual site. For instance, shared blog posts, recordings and other substance from the site, the group of onlooker’s gets motivation to navigate and visit the site. Subsequently, the association builds up the chance to rouse guests to make a move by welcoming them to agree to accept to a mailing rundown or call to plan a free conference, which increase the organization's popularity and brand name as well.


Instagram is a person to person communication application committed to sharing photographs as well as recordings. It was beforehand an Apple application, accessible just on iOS, yet then widened its accessibility, to android, windows and add a site. It is an important asset for picture advancement for organizations, particularly Instagram Influencers. The organization uses the integrated platform to share its results, to its wider follows. Such as relief food donated to the needy, as a result of the stockholders, develop confidence towards the organization the platform. On the other hand, Instagram helps the organization showcase their eventful activities such as legislative or legal documentation, forms and also receipts form projects that the organization is working on. The sharing aspect helps the organization build trust and also stockholder value through its operations.


Wukich, (2015) argues that the platform is the best communication media after Facebook. In the present day, open twits break news faster than the media. Customers can share photos, GIF, chronicles and connects overhaul, interactive media substance can be shared. Twitter is likewise a vital asset for Digital Marketing for organizations. The organization uses this platform to communicate with its customers, Dorner, as well as the outside world on a real-time event such as Dorner projects being unveiled. On the other hand, the platform is used by the organization in conducting surveys that act as the main factors in the decision-making process of the organization.


Wukich, C. (2015). Social media use in emergency management. Journal of Emergency Management, 13(4), 281-294.

Imran, M., Castillo, C., Diaz, F., & Vieweg, S. (2015). Processing social media messages in mass emergency: A survey. ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), 47(4), 67.

Zhang, N. (2017, November). Social media use and environmentalism in China: a study of Chinese environmental NGOs’ Weibo use behavior. In 8th Honours Symposium for Asian PhD students in Communication Research.

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