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1 Executive Summary

1.1 Purpose of this document

The goal of this document is to help improve communications by adding more lines of communication. Such for getting document from employers, Introducing Zoom to have another form of communications for recruits and employers. A business Email & a business cellphone or land line. As well a simple database to hold contact information more efficiently and a CRM model. This document will act as a guide when implementing all designs, software & hardware.

1.2 Identification

The software that will be used is as followed, Microsoft Access 2019, Version 17.0, Standard SQL. Microsoft Visio 2019, Diagramming software, Standard BPMN 2.0, UML 2.5 and IEEE. Zoom, Version 5.0 & Standards, HTTPS, SSL. Lucidchart, Version 1.163.3, Standards, SMTP, TLS 1.2, AES-256.

1.3 Scope


New business email address via Outline or Gmail

New business phone either land line or cell



Setting up network

Maintaining changes


1.4 Relationship to Other Plans

Describe this document’s relation to other plans, such as:

  • Ensure a good connect during zoom calls or email usage.
  • All software will use the latest versions & implemented properly.

1.5 Methodology, Tools, and Techniques

If any changes are made a document will be sent out to all members informing of the changes. All tasks will be broken up with all members and the customer of this project will be updated regularly as this process proceeds.

1.6 Policies, Directives and Procedures

All members working on this project will uphold professionalism and respect to the company that this document if for. IT morals and ethics will be used as a main guide when dealing with information that the company deems sensitive to them or their clients.

2 Design Overview

2.1 Background Information

The database design will greatly help the company by ensuring an easy access place for all contact information. The Business emails and phone lines will make communicating and finding important emails much quicker and more efficient. The CRM model will help with organization. The Zoom setup will also greatly help maintain a for professional line for employers.

2.2 System Evolution Description

All existing data can be transferred into the new database. Also having multiple lines of communication would improve current setup. Having the Zoom will help keep up to date with employers much easier by having monthly conference calls via zoom.

2.3 Current Process

Current form for data storage is inefficient using sticky notes, excel spreadsheet & another inefficient method such as memory. only one-way line of communication for recruiters and employers. no steady line of communication or monthly updates for employers.

2.4 Proposed Process

Creating a database to store information and opening multiple forms of communication to recruiters and employers and encouraging monthly zoom calls with employers to stay up to date going forward.

Currently company prefers simple software product such as Microsoft. all cost for product suggested and being used are irrelevant because company already owns all the products needed to complete this project. The Microsoft products also have cloud saving which is secure than most alternatives. It Also ensures that the data is well protected in case of the device failure

2.6 Design Trade-offs

The tradeoff of not using other alternative software other than Microsoft and zoom. is there freedom of creativity because their current software that is being used has limited freedom when creating complex designs compared to others that allow you to make very complex and large databases zoom in also is very simple. Also zoom security is questionable because of a few security leaks that happen during pandemic lockdowns.

2.7 User Characteristics

The user is a workaholic, and she has a firm understanding on how Microsoft products work but does not understand the background workings of the software such as protocols in short cut methods and other advanced IT knowledge.

2.7.1 User Problem Statement

Main problem expressed by the user is communication issues involving work.

2.7.2 User Objectives

Users main injective is improving communications work related does not have Wishlist and or any real objectives other than improving communications at an efficient level.

3 System Architecture

3.1 Hardware Architecture

All hardware is centralized to a single location. There are two workstations for a desktop and a laptop with a router in between as well as two cell phones that are mobile at the workplace. There are also miscellaneous devices connected to the router because they work from home these miscellaneous devices deemed not an issue so they will not be shown on diagram.

3.2 Software Architecture

Currently the software architecture is using an Excel sheet to obtain contact information then proceed to email or call contacts from the Excel spreadsheet. They also use LinkedIn as a main way to find potential recruits. They also have Gmail & Outlook on their mobile devices as well as their computers.

3.3 Communications Architecture

Communication Architecture Design is simple and straight forward when contacting recruit employers. The communication method for communicating with employees is also very simple mainly using phone lines in text messages.

4 Data Design

4.1 Database Management System Files

Layout will be as following. Two tables, first one housing contact information for recruits there will be two columns one with recruits that have potential of being hired by the companies and ones that are hesitant or have a high possibility of not being hired.

The second table will have contact information regarding the employers. There will be two columns here as well, one will have employers that the user is currently working for. the second will be past employers that they worked for. Also, locations will be added for all employers and recruits because some are out of state.

4.2 Non-Database Management System Files

  • Since it is two tables right as of right now. Employer will have the prime key and be connected to the recruiter table.
  • The sizes in the files and volume information as of right now is small.
  • The information in their recruiter table will be updated frequently and will increase in size as time goes on.

5 Detailed Design

5.1 Hardware Detailed Design

Hardware design is very simple, as much of the overall design will be software & application. The main “hardware” bit that will be setup is a land line office phone which the user could do them self. But for professional reasons we can do it. If the users have the budget adding an additional router and link all work devices to it will be done as well. As of right now the users work from home and family and non-work devices are on the same router using up space. Hardware requirements are all meet with users existing machines and are all up to date using latest Windows 10 & Google Chrome OS.

  • Printer, Laptop, and iPhone will use Wi-fi.
  • Normal size office monitor will be used for the desktop. Which is Dell 22 monitor – SE2222H
  • Dell 22 Monitor details, 21.5” Full HD (1080p) 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz, 12ms response time.
  • Hard drive for desktop is a Samsung SSD 1TB
  • Processor & Ram for desktop is 16GBs ram and a I5 Intel.
  • Laptop is a Google Pixel book
  • Laptop hard drive is a 512GB internal storge
  • Other laptop specs are 16GB of ram, 7th gen intel core, 10.3mm thin with a 4-in-1 design.

5.2 Software Detailed Design

Most of the software that are going to be used does not need and programming to develop. The software can be download and use the installation wizard to install on machines. The following software that will need to be downloaded are the following. Microsoft Access, Zoom, Microsoft Office (if it is not already on the machines). Other software that does not need to be downloaded but is needed. Gmail & or outlook, once these emails are setup with Users prefer guidance.

They must be linked to Windows 10 Mail so that they get verifications on our home screen for added efficiency. It should also be added to the Google Chrome laptop mail which will be easier because they are both google products outlook may have to be downloaded from the google play store via the search bar. Also, the create of an account for Indeed is needed and will need to be set up to add more options to find recruits.

  • Most of the software’s logic and processing is simple because none of the products are complex and are straight forward. Indeed, and Zoom both main use a third party that deals with most of its functions.
  • Data elements, record structures, and file structures associated with module input and output. Microsoft Access file structure is a .accdt and is the default structure. Zoom file structure is M94 (Video), M4A (Audio) & txt (chat/text). Indeed, is a 3rd party platform that uses most common file structures for resumes and uses text base files only.
  • All software is third party and has their own servers that will be used using basic HTTPS, Cloud, and security features that the owner of the products uses.
  • Security software on the work machines will be default security software. Example Windows defender because all information for operations is public knowledge and is not sensitive information.

5.2.1 Processing

The User will access either their laptop or Desktop, which will access the business Router via Wi-fi or Ethernet depending on which devices selected for work. Then the router will access either Microsoft cloud which will link to the Access database. Processing

Or the router will connect to one of the two servers through the Internet that will link the work devices to Zoom servers which will grant E2EE public key cryptography for the machines to connect in a secure video call. Local data structures

Local data from Zoom will mainly be housed on the OS. The data from indeed will me housed by a third-party server. The database will be housed on the OS for easy access as a file saved in a folder but there will be a copy saved in Microsoft cloud as well.

5.3 Communications Detailed Design

The communication for building this design is very simple. As most of the systems are done by signing up and creating accounts. The only systems that will need real work is add the devices to the work router and creating the database. The database will need to be broken up and most information that will be copied over is on an excel spreadsheet which will make the process much faster.

There is some information and data that will be put in manual because it is on sticky notes or in a notebook. Having the second router will increase data flow because as mentioned previous they are working from home and current router is being flooded with other family devices which is causing a bottleneck for information. Which in return is causing one of the communications problems for the business.

6 External Interface Design

6.1 Interface Architecture

All machines will connect to the router which will then connect to the modem. Then the modem to the internet which will either connect to the cloud for the database or to a server for one of the software applications & or to establish an encrypted video conference our line of communication. All gateways will be ISP gateways and firewalls as well as third part encrypted communication lines between system and software applications.

6.2 Interface Detailed Design

  • Data format requirements for the database will be Microsoft Access ACCDB file format. All new information will be placed on an Excel sheet then uploaded into the database.
  • Information obtained will be uploaded to an Excel as soon as possible than to the database. All errors will be documented to prevent making the same mistake again.
  • The database information should contain the location of the recruits and employers as well the date and time that the employers need recruits sent to them. First & Last name should be added as well of the job they are qualify for. Example Employer wants an electric engineer, recruit is found using Indeed who is an electric engineer. Name of and job qualification.

Describe the individual data elements that the interfacing entity(s):

1) Names/identifiers for database

Data Element Name, Contact information

Data Length, 100 words.

Data Type, Text, Yes/No, Date/time & Number

2) Range or enumeration of possible values is 10?

The communication methods that the interfacing entity(s):

1) Wi-fi frequency will be 2.4 Ghz, Desktop will be a cat 6 with 250 MHz

2) Message formatting will be basic and default (at this time).

3) Flow control will be PFC.

4) Data transfer rate for both devices is 5800 Kbps.

5) Routing see diagram at 6.1.

6) Transmission services is TCP/IP.

7) Security is IPS firewall and firewalls on the machines.

Describe characteristics of the protocols that the interfacing entity(s):


2) Everything will be from legal certified vendors.

4) Recovery options are system snapshot and cloud saving.

4) Synchronization is not an issue because there are two devices better connecting to the cloud.

7 Human-Machine Interface

7.1 Interface Design Rules

The rulers are to make the database interface and easy to understand and all entries should be in alphabetic order and the dates should also be an order from oldest to newest.

7.2 Inputs

The messages associated with operator inputs, including the following:

  • Data entry to database via notes or information given.
  • Security input will be passwords to log into the machine.
  • Reports that must be put into the database.

7.3 Outputs

System outputs include reports, data display screens, query results, etc.

  • All data display should be data that was added to the database.
  • Other Output should show contact information for the employer and recruits and where they are in the world.
  • Should have the option to file a report incase the User needs one.
  • A query should be added for employers who are in high demand for recruits.

7.4 Navigation Hierarchy

7.4.1 Screen [x.1]

Following diagram is the chain of command and general ideas of the steps of the innerworkings.

7.4.2 Screen [x.2]

Following diagram is a CRM navigation hierarchy.

7.4.3 Screen [x.3]

The following diagram is a basic concept for the database and database tables. Employee table will have locations, date when found and position they want at a company, or they are interesting. Employer tab what have employer information regarding what kind of recruit or employee they point at their location and then we'll have a date in time of a deadline the final person to fill that position. This is a general idea for the database.

8 Appendix A

8.1 Packaging and Installation

All software must come from a certified vendor and all software must be the latest version and be installed correctly on all devices.

8.2 Design Metrics

All software metrics have been researched and double check to ensure security and quality of the software being used in this project.

8.3 Glossary of Terms

Identify all terms that establish meaning within the context of the plan.




Customer Relationship Management


Wi-Fi Protected Access 2


Domain Name System


Quality of Service


Wireless Distribution System

Table — Glossary of Terms


9.1 STROBE Report

After looking over their current setup they have the technology to improve their communications. But they do not have the right software to do so, they mainly rely on phone calls, text messages (from phones) and emails. They also have a poor Internet provider for their area and poor bandwidth for their current internet. Which is affecting their devices they use for work. Because they work from home, they share the internet with their family. The bandwidth size is 100GB. The devices they have are the following. 2 iPhone a google chrome laptop, A semi high-end office desktop, a good Wi-Fi router and a land line phone.

When they are trying to find a recruit for one of their employers, they use the desktop and mainly use LinkedIn. When they are communicating with their employers, they use the laptop or phones. They also use phones to try and get into contact with a potential recruit. They do not have an office for work it is a makeshift office in a bedroom and they take calls outside or on the back porch. But only if the family is home because they have kids. Phone numbers are on sticky notes as well as emails or saved into the email section of the computer or in their phones. They use their personal emails and phone for work.

The boss in charge her name is Devon she acts as a middleman for the recruit and the company she is trying to get them to work at. She helps the recruit through the process to apply and set up an interview with HR at the company. While at the same time she talks to the company and updating them on the recruit process. Sometimes the company does everything and she only needs to pass the recruits contact information to the company.

They also dress causal and be motivated posters around where they work. They have a feel books about business, one I saw was called the “art of Talking”. After looking over their person items around their office it is clear they are very hard workers, and they try and find a positive side of things. Which seems to help when they talk to recruiters.

10 Interview Q&A

10.1 Interview Transcript

Interview Questions & Answers:

  1. What are your current internet speeds (Download/Upload) and how much does the service cost?
  2. We work from my home, so we have a bandwidth of a 100Mbps do not know upload or download speed. Last, I check the price it was around 30$ish.
  3. What is an ideal budget for internet if an upgrade in speeds was recommended?
  4. Anything under $100.
  5. How many devices are connected to internet through Wi-Fi and how many through Ethernet?
  6. Wi-fi since we work for home, 15. Ethernet 1.
  7. How many devices are being used on the network during business hours on average?
  8. at least 5-8.
  9. What security measures are in place if any?
  10. We use Windows Defender, because most of our information is public and when there is something “sensitive” the company we work with handles it for us.
  11. Do we use personal phones/laptops to conduct business, or do we have phones/laptops designated for work?
  12. We use personal as of right now, but we have a landline phone we just got for work.
  13. What are your thoughts on using an excel spreadsheet to store contact information?
  14. Never thought about it, we normally just use sticky notes or write it down somewhere and put it in our phones later.
  15. What task that requires internet are being run (email, downloading files, uploading files, etc.)?
  16. Email and searching for recruiters using LinkedIn.
  17. How many emails are sent and received per day on average?
  18. Depends on the day and I never really counted I just did it. I say between 5-10 on a normal day maybe.
  19. How many phone calls are made/taken per day on average?
  20. That also depends on the day, I would say a normal day 5. A bad day maybe 10-15
  21. What is the current method used to track interviews that are scheduled (physical calendar/digital calendar)?
  22. Physical calendar, and memory or note pads.
  23. What is the current system used to track information that needs to be relayed to companies?
  24. LinkedIn.
  25. Where are any potential notes stored, such as reminders, memos, or other bits of information relevant to specific companies?

11 Executive Summary

11.1 Summary

The Jocyes are a team of corporation recruiters that have contracts with a few industrial sector companies. What happens is that a company they work for will come to them via Email or phone call. Telling them what they want for a position that is about to open or is open currently. For example, a power plant came to them a few months ago and asked for an electric engineer with 10 years of experience and have knowledge of a certain fuse and tools regarding the job.

They would then be given a deadline to go and find the person with those qualifications for the position. If not, then the company will mark down that they have failed and if they get to many marks the contract won’t be renewed. If they find the individuals were friendly given down line, then the opposite would happen. If they found someone who is above the qualifications and had more experience for the positions.

The company would then give them a bonus and benefits regard their company if they chose to accept. Sometimes they will require a list from one of the companies with multiple jobs opening that need to be filled. The companies they work for are based mainly in Florida, Georgia, New York & Alabama. These industrial companies are mainly. A sawmill, powerplant, papermill, airfield & repair airfield.

They also do short temporarily work for small business that need help recruiting. Most of the small business will not be in the database of this project because those job requests are low and can be down without the need of a database. Those work will be mainly on there excel and they didn’t want us to worry about it, so we will not focus on those tasks.

The main problems they have brought up was communications which is the focus of this document. They express having a hard time finding recruits and having more opinions to communicate with them. Right now, they have poor internet only two ways of communication with employers and recruiters which they deemed not efficient and distant enough.

The only forms they use is a personal Email and a personal smart phone. Which the personal Email was in use before the job started. So, the Email is flooded with spam and other miscellany and information that has nothing to do with the job or work at hand. Which important Emails regarding work have a high chance of getting buried and miss. Especially as time passes more and more spam in this lightning information will continue to flood the personal email. The personal smart phone does not have the same faith, but the smart phone has the same emails on it in use, so it is just as inefficient is the personal email.

They do not hold regularly Updates with the companies they have contracts with. Nor do they have a steady line of communications with their contactors. Which holds problems in the image of the company regarding professionalism. They also are working from home because of Covid which their router is also being used for play by the family. There is estimated to have 15 devices connected to one router this is problematic because there is a bottleneck of data flow to the router which causes lag and freezes and slow down time for work.

They also mainly use one way to find recruiters which is LinkedIn, which is a good way to find people. But only having one is not efficient and not reliable because there is only one way. They also keep all their information on an Excel spreadsheet, sticky notes & notebooks. Which is an issue because the sticky notes can be lost easily, and notebooks have limits and handwriting can be hard to read for different people.

The solutions to these problems are to build a database and transfer all data from the excel spreadsheet, sticky notes & notebooks. Also, to setup the database where entering information can be simple and easy going forward so their operations will be more professional and efficient. The database will be Microsoft access, because they use Microsoft products and can utilize the features to save in the cloud. This works out because Access database is one of the simplest databases to use which will make the transition easier.

We will also be adding Zoom and helping to setup the ability to have monthly meets with the contractors. Also, to talk face to face with recruits in other states. Which will help to show that they are professionals in this line of work and know what they're doing. Which will be a massive boost for the business going forward. It will also help stay up to date and know what is going on with their contractors.

The other solution is to setup a work Email and phone line. Having a work Email will help isolate important business emails and help clean up the spamming. A personal phone will also help either an office landline or a separate cell phone which will help indicate important calls because using personal phone most calls could be for work relatives or friends and important calls can be missed regarding work.

The final solutions would address the Internet issue as stated a bottleneck has formed from working from home with data flow a single router. adding an additional router and moving all work devices to it will increase data flow to the modem into the ISP. Which in return well increase Internet speed when working causing zoom calls to be smooth, emails send much faster and using LinkedIn. On the subject on LinkedIn, we are going to add an indeed account to add more areas to find recruits and possibility Glassdoor if they agree.

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